Measuring Up Moffett Case

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Philadelphia Inquirer

Mar 11, 1:00 AM

Philadelphia teachers union files suit to block firing of outspoken Audenreid teacher

The Philadelphia School District on Thursday agreed to delay disciplinary proceedings against outspoken English teacher Hope Moffett, pending the outcome of a hearing in U.S. District Court. The decision came after the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers filed suit in federal court earlier in the day seeking to prevent the district from moving to fire Moffett - a move expected to come on Monday. "The suit is being filed on behalf of PFT members to protect their right to speak freely, without fear of retaliation or intimidation by the district," said Jerry T. Jordan, PFT president. Moffett will continue to collect her salary but be assigned to what teachers call "the rubber room" while her case is heard in federal court. Moffett, who has criticized the district's plans to turn Audenried High School over to Kenny Gamble's Universal Cos. Inc. to convert it into a charter school, was removed from her classroom at the school three weeks ago.

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