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Apr 15, 12:00 AM

Students gear up for FCAT | fifth, took, principal - Crestview News Bulletin

If there were three lessons Northwood Elementary School Principal Jacqueline Craig and her faculty hope the gym full of third, fourth and fifth graders took with them after Friday's Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) rally, they are: · Go to bed early the night before · Eat a good breakfast the day of the test, and · Be on time. Some 1.8 million Florida public school students will take the test. Scores are used to help determine a school's success, teacher quality and whether students can advance a grade or receive a diploma. This year, the reading exams and most math exams have been rewritten to meet new academic standards. Most FCAT exams are still administered on paper, but this year some high school students will take the math exams online.

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