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New Charter School in Mills to Emphasize Patriotism in their Curriculum
Dec 1, 9:18 AM: Following an approval process, the teaching materials used for the charter school will be taken from Hillsdale College, a small university in Michigan, which covers a variety of math, science, and history topics. >
New ‘Wyoming Classical Academy’ public charter school proposed to serve Casper and Mills
Nov 30, 8:54 AM: City of Mills Community Development Director Sabrina Kemper on Monday shared information about an u-coming open house for a proposed charter school that would aim to serve students from Mills and Casper.
Virtual education in Wyoming grew more than 300% between 2020 and 2021
Jul 20, 2:14 PM: Before the coronavirus pandemic reached Wyoming in March 2020, just over 1,000 students statewide were enrolled in a virtual education program. Three districts had statewide virtual programs — meaning students from >
Bill allowing charter schools to circumvent districts becomes law without Gordon's signature
Apr 26, 5:56 AM: A bill that allows applications to create charter schools in Wyoming to circumvent school districts has passed into law without Gov. Mark Gordon’s signature.
House Education Committee kills tuition-reimbursement bill
Mar 18, 7:36 AM: The House Education Committee voted 7-2 Wednesday afternoon to kill House Bill 106. The bill would have created a program called the Wyoming Education Options Act, which proposed to reimburse parents for tuition or other >
Tuition reimbursement bill would expand school choice in Wyoming
Mar 1, 6:34 AM: School choice expansion could become one of the lasting legacies of the COVID-19 pandemic in Wyoming. Right now, Wyoming schoolchildren looking for an alternative to traditional public schools can attend private schools if >
Virtual education sees a dramatic increase in enrollment
Oct 5, 5:17 AM: Wyoming Connections Academy had tripled its enrollment in the 2020 school year. Averaging an enrollment of 400 students last year, the statewide online learning outfit that resides in Big Horn School District No. 1 now has >
Column: Wyoming school choice
Jul 17, 6:30 AM: To decisively reduce government’s monopoly power, to give families real choice, and to spur improvement in all schools with real competition requires giving control over some or all school funds to families and not to >
Wyoming's top educator: Schools will likely only open in 'limited capacity' in coming weeks
Apr 24, 6:15 AM: Wyoming’s top educator suggested schools may only open to “special populations” for the duration of this school year and that any openings wouldn’t come until after May 15, just a few weeks before districts will wrap up >
Opening charter schools in Wyoming is a "difficult process"
Jan 27, 6:34 AM: ;U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education Mitchell Zais paid a visit to one of Wyoming’s four charter schools Friday.
Senior federal education official to visit private and charter schools in Cheyenne
Jan 24, 7:15 AM: On Friday, Mitchell Zais, the deputy secretary of the Education Department, will visit Cheyenne’s Poder Academy Secondary School, one of Wyoming’s few charter schools. Zais will also visit St. Mary’s, a private Catholic >
Denton: In Wyoming, school choice is in our DNA
Jan 22, 7:54 AM: Wyoming is a unique state, with its wide-open spaces, small population, and vast geographical footprint. Our landscape requires us to be both practical and creative in arranging our communities, businesses, and our >
Charter schools achieve big scores with small classes
Oct 31, 7:55 AM: A focused curriculum, targeted tutoring and behavioral adjustments all contribute to the above-average statewide education testing scores posted by two Wyoming charter schools, according to their officials.
Pathways students can now earn childhood development certificate at in-house preschool
Aug 21, 5:45 AM: Starting this academic year, set to start in two weeks, students at Pathways can take “a series of courses geared towards early childhood education,” a district spokeswoman said Tuesday in an email to the Star-Tribune. The >
Board approves charter school funding after 3rd vote
Jul 19, 7:35 AM: Wyoming’s first charter school had originally requested $264,000 in May from an account set up to pay for maintenance of Snowy Range Academy’s building, which is housed in the old Wal-Mart building on Grand Avenue. >
Narrow vote kills charter school funding proposal
Jun 17, 6:12 AM: After a discussion lasting nearly an hour at Albany County School District No. 1’s Wednesday school board, board members failed a second time to approve $264,000 from a reserve account to fund an expansion of Snowy Range >
Legislature looking to fix double-paying charter schools
Jun 14, 6:50 AM: The state Legislature is contemplating a permanent fix to the law that double-pays charter schools for routine maintenance and utility costs. The move would save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for a state >
Wyoming lawmakers consider costs for charter school upkeep
Jun 14, 6:46 AM: Wyoming legislators are considering changes to prevent double payments for maintenance and utility costs at charter schools.
Editorial: University of Wyoming wise to restart technical education program
May 29, 6:15 AM: Not all students are destined for a traditional college education. Some will thrive in vocational careers like welding, auto repair or carpentry. That’s especially the case in Wyoming, where the energy industry offers many >
How Wyoming manages to keep its rural schools open
May 28, 5:18 AM: The one-room schoolhouse may seem like a distant memory from U.S. history, but about 200 of them still exist today, including Wyoming’s tiny Valley Elementary School. It has only six students, but in Wyoming, education >



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