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Test Scores Redeem MHS
Aug 17, 3:48 PM:

WV high school meets and exceeds state proficiency averages in nearly every subject. Redeemed from negative audit report in March. School was already working toward improving scores prior to audit. Principal says data >

Union President Says Instructional Requirement Does Not Matter
Jul 19, 12:02 PM:

WV teachers union leader takes, "it is what it is" attitude toward instructional requirement, saying mandate for 180 days won't be met because not priority for students to attend. What?!?!  Follow-up non-existent here. >

Gilmer County Schools has 2 superintendents?
Jun 30, 8:59 AM:

Is there room for two superintendents in WV district? We'll soon find out. State-appointed and board-selected candidates plan to report to work on first day. Should have sought a clearer answer on where district goes >

Putnam gets money for Winfield Elementary work
Jun 28, 12:10 PM:

WV county awarded construction money from state. Goal to eliminate portable classrooms because of safety, but specifics left out. Overall budget perspective given. Go further and illuminate what rest of budget actually >

WV-based school takes all learning online
Jun 10, 10:53 AM:

WV online school conceived in early 1990s is now a statewide charter catering to over 1000 students. Case studies of students illustrate benefits of alternative to one-size-fits-all approach. More details of school's >

Students model program that melds learning, technology
Jun 2, 8:10 AM:

Program for WV students blends technology and learning. Excellent anecdotal examples of the unique learning opportunities offered, but story could use some wider perspective. How does this fit into the growing effort to >

Rockefeller advocates for rural education
Jun 1, 3:40 PM:

WV Senator Rockefeller pushing legislation providing more support of rural schools. Details and stats on growing numbers of students attending classes in rural areas and issues they face. Nothing here on chances of >

Educators debate letting children sleep later
May 31, 3:13 PM:

Preston County pushes start time back 30 minutes. Hopes students will be more alert, thus increasing achievement. Teachers get more planning time, but this isn't proven to help an ineffective teacher become better. Any >

Manual-West Virginia targets gap between education, available jobs
May 2, 9:00 AM:

WV's community and technical colleges commit to producing 16,000 more grads by 2015 to help state compete for skilled jobs. Good stats defining problem. Unclear how to encourage students to continue ed and study in areas >

Manual-New Education Standards Being Developed for West Virginia Public Schools
Apr 27, 1:08 PM:

State board prepares to hear from educators developing new standards for math, English and language arts that will be in line with national Common Core. Tell us if these are only courses changing and when new standards >

Some schools closing the book on laptops
Apr 12, 12:46 PM:

Many WV schools no longer provide students with laptops, a decade after initiative began. Problems include budget shortfall and lack of bandwidth. Disappointing news, but could do with data on project's effectiveness. >

W.Va. gets D in history
Mar 2, 10:32 AM:

WVa. gets a "D" and falls within national average on U.S. history assessment standards in a Fordham report. Only the one report cited and its criteria don't jibe with the the state's view of viable standards. The  bigger >

Teachers against evaluation based on student achievement
Feb 25, 9:03 AM:

Teacher union survey asks and finds widespread opposition to reforms that are sweeping rest of country. Union leaders announce to press that they oppose efforts to use performance in evaluations and charter schools. >

Group promotes charter schools
Feb 7, 10:13 AM:

An anemic piece on charter schools that wanders around to an un-conclusion. The ennui in the article is made more evident by the enthusiasm of supporter Tim McClung, who has to make his point the hard way.

180 days: Students deserve more
Jan 31, 10:20 AM:

Notes one reason U.S. academic performance is weaker than other nations: shorter school years. Having longer years may be dismissed due to budgets. What alternatives exist for a longer school year (i.e. virtual)?

West Virginia enters the fold?
Jan 4, 5:43 PM:

How has a state this close to the nation's captal remained so much on the fringes of reform? Perhaps times are changing, but tell us, oh Wheeling Intelligencer -- who calls the shots in WVA?



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