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Bills advance to increase WV teacher pool
Feb 14, 7:37 AM:

WV House passes bills allowing alternative certification to "curb shortage of teachers." Union says low pay is real reason. Related to both, but unaddressed, is performance pay and evaluation.

School Reform Plan Must Be Better Idea
Feb 13, 11:51 AM:

Editorial thinks NCLB was "complete failure" and says WV students' scores haven't improved since. Told waiver proposal in progress, but how these are improvements/will boost learning isn't clear. No nod to accountability >

Putnam superintendent gets 13 percent raise
Feb 7, 2:03 PM:

Putnam Co. (WV) leader gets 13 percent salary boost. School board says local teachers among highest paid in state, and super should be as well. Specific amount of raise listed here, but missed opportunity to compare >

Mercer to improve English learner program
Feb 2, 1:34 PM:

Mercer Co. (WV) district and DOJ reach settlement of case regarding how it teaches students with limited English proficiency. Background issues covered. System found not to have provided appropriate services. Some >

Group gives W.Va. D+ for teacher quality laws
Feb 1, 12:21 PM:

WV doesn't fare well in NCTQ report on teacher policies. Reasons why are all here, along with insight on why bad policies are bad for both the profession AND student achievement. Even given a "what might happen next" >

More RIF suggestions approved
Jan 24, 5:57 PM:

Jefferson Co. (WV) board approves termination of ten more teachers and staff. System has more than $5.4M less in funding than last year. Article deals with hearings laid off workers entitled to. Unclear how schools to >

Grant boosts school
Jan 23, 12:31 PM:

New effort at North Marion (WV) High to lower drop-out rate uses state grant to get local businesses and organizations to partner with school and give students learning opportunities outside classroom. Examples of >

Teacher evaluations, new type of school flexibility emerging from Tomblin agenda
Jan 20, 12:55 PM:

Gov Tomblin pushing teacher evals based on student performance, using his State of State address to ask lawmakers to take up issue during session. Also wants them to fund effort to improve struggling McDowell Co. >

Seniority can make for ridiculous results
Jan 18, 12:01 PM:

Editorial uses example of newly hired WV teacher being replaced by another teacher simply because they've been in system longer. Only gripe here is that there could've been attempt to answer why legislators preserve such >

W.Va. unranked in charter schools report
Jan 17, 7:00 AM:

No charter law means no ranking on nonprofit's report card. More attention could've been given to opposition instead of explaining neighboring OH's ranking.

Unions concerned about Tomblin's plans for teacher evaluations, no pay raise
Jan 12, 8:02 AM:

Sate of state gets WV talking about quest to recruit/retain quality teachers. Union voice heard. But, puts in context sad state of affairs - one of weakest evals in nation with virtually no ability to fire incompetnent >

Teachers union leads effort that aims to turn around West Virginia school system
Dec 16, 5:49 AM:

AFT trying to turnaround poverty plagued WV district. Feel good story about union. AFT finds partners to offer "wraparound" services. Paper says Harlem Children's Zone is model. Fails to mention it's a charter. Also, >

Principals, teachers blast state's plan to limit student suspensions
Nov 9, 7:11 AM:

State Board meeting hears union pleas to suspend kids even with minor behavior infractions. Better bet is to create school environment that discourages such behavior. State also encouraged to welcome charters, especially >

Unions say state schools would benefit from jobs bill
Oct 18, 6:30 AM:

WV teachers union leaders and others in organized labor say measure would provide state's schools money to improve ed infrastructure and technology and hire more teachers. Though it failed Senate, unions say they hope ed >

LAUSD unveiling its school-by-school reports
Oct 13, 2:37 PM:

City of Angels releases school-by-school data and soon will make public comparison data of schools with similar demographics. Devil in details, though, with value-added calculations still controversial, especially with >

Former state superintendent puts policy to print
Oct 5, 11:39 AM:

Former WV state Super co-authors policy paper calling for districts to create "culture of success." He did it by raising expectations of teachers and parents as well as students and getting all to invest in school. >

Improving Our Schools
Sep 26, 6:23 AM:

Editorial calls for WV and OH to seek waivers from NCLB, keep parts of law that work, and trash the rest. Law forced much-needed accountability, a good thing. Challenge now is keeping accountability as states receive >

Local school named one of nation’s best
Sep 22, 1:38 PM:

Principal thrilled at winning U.S. Dept. of Ed Blue Ribbon honors, with 2 other WV schools also receiving the honor. Innovation and caring about kids led to the award, says principal. Probably quality staff, high >

Marion County Schools Rank No. 3 In The State - WBOY-TV - WBOY.com
Sep 20, 11:39 AM:

Website that collects and combines stats from three sources is out with listing of how counties rate in terms of student achievement. Marion is third in state, just behind Putnam and Ohio counties. Ranking based on >

Scholarship pageant coming up
Sep 13, 12:58 PM:

K-12 girls from Berkeley Co., WV, can compete for prizes and college scholarships in annual pageant. Despite insistence it's about promoting "education and community service," it's still outdated and sexist. But with >



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