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While Politics Consume School Board Meetings, a Very Different Crisis Festers
Dec 1, 9:55 AM: In a wealthy suburban Philadelphia district, schools are struggling with shortages of all sorts. Behavioral problems have mushroomed. “We are in triage mode,” one teacher said.
Former top Pa. education official testifies that school funding is a ‘root cause’ of achievement gaps
Dec 1, 7:18 AM:

Pennsylvania has wide achievement gaps between students that are directly linked to school funding, a former top state education official testified Tuesday during a historic trial over how the state pays for public >

Editorial: Reconcile charter school tuition costs
Nov 29, 8:52 AM: Experience is said to be the best teacher, at least for those who want to learn. So, the state Legislature should use hard experience to act on a lesson that the COVID-19 pandemic imposed on public education. >
Pittsburgh Public Schools to move students to virtual learning on Nov. 29 due to staffing shortages
Nov 22, 9:06 AM: Pittsburgh Public Schools announced Friday evening that students will move to virtual learning on Monday, Nov. 29. This means that instead of reporting to school, students will log in from home and complete assignments >
Op-Ed: Reform in Harrisburg could have averted teachers strike in Scranton
Nov 22, 7:30 AM: Teachers and administrators in Scranton may have differing positions on the contract negotiations, but there is one thing both sides can agree on: all of this could have been avoided had state leaders stepped in earlier to >
Teachers strike in Scranton drags on
Nov 15, 7:24 AM: The teachers union and the Scranton school board negotiated for several hours. The school board released a statement just before 1 a.m. on Monday.
A landmark case that could change school funding across Pa. is going to trial
Nov 12, 9:39 AM: At the heart of the case are wide gaps in resources between school districts — the product of a long-engrained funding system that relies more heavily on local taxes than all but six other states.
Pa. lawmakers have neglected their duty to quality education across the state | Opinion
Nov 12, 9:31 AM: For decades, Pennsylvania lawmakers have shunned their responsibilities when it comes to school funding, severely shortchanging many school district.
Striking Scranton teachers take their case to the Capitol
Nov 11, 9:26 AM: Striking teachers in the Scranton School District took their case to the state Capitol on Wednesday, holding a rally with labor leaders and Democratic office holders, appealing to Gov. Tom Wolf and the >
A cyber charter school bought the former Penn Skates building. Here are their plans
Nov 10, 9:40 AM: The largest virtual school in Pennsylvania purchased a former skating rink in Centre County for $1.5 million and plans to transform the building into a hub for students and teachers.
Lehigh Valley charter school makes case to Saucon Valley for $15.5M purchase
Nov 10, 9:37 AM: Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School CEO Susan Mauser told the Saucon Valley School Board on Tuesday night that a plan to purchase and relocate to a property in Bethlehem's Lehigh Valley Industrial Park would cost >
The Philadelphia School District is proposing a new media policy. It’s a ‘gag order,’ said one board member.
Nov 9, 8:55 AM: "Are they afraid to hear the truth of what’s going on in the school — how children are experiencing education, how our money is being spent?" said Kristin Luebbert, a Philadelphia teacher.
Scranton teacher strike continues today
Nov 8, 10:03 AM: Scranton schools are closed for a fourth day today, as teachers and paraprofessionals continue to strike.
Pennsylvania sits on billions in federal aid while Lehigh Valley region shoulders large property tax burden. Should part of that money go to lower taxes?
Nov 5, 8:08 AM: On Thursday, while state lawmakers contemplated more talk of how to spend billions of federal relief dollars, Crissa Sterner contemplated the fact her home county — Monroe — has by far the highest property tax burden in >
Students At Charter School In Pittsburgh Eat Lunch Outside In Tent To Help Mitigate Spread Of COVID-19
Nov 5, 7:47 AM: Students at Environmental Charter School on South Braddock Avenue are eating their lunches outside in tents as a way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, according to the primary school.
Teachers hit the picket line for second day in Scranton
Nov 5, 7:40 AM: Members of the school board say the contract the teacher's union is asking for is more than $13 million more than they can afford
Opinion: Erie’s diversity is the path to prosperity: tackling the teacher-to-student mismatch
Nov 5, 6:15 AM:

While Erie is becoming more diverse, the Erie School District has a long way to go in narrowing the racial mismatch between teachers and students.

Opinion: Fair charter school reform is necessary
Nov 3, 5:35 AM: We can all agree that the Charter School Law should be updated. However, with now almost 10% of Pennsylvania’s K-12 students attending a charter, to argue that the law should be “reformed” to the detriment of charters is >
School board meeting before scheduled strike
Nov 2, 6:09 AM: Members of the Scranton Federation of Teachers, parents, and students filled the auditorium at Scranton High School Monday night after negotiations with the school board prior to the meeting did not result in an agreement, >
Superintendent applicants can’t just agree with learning goals — they must have a plan to meet them | Opinion
Nov 1, 6:42 AM:

A former principal lists key questions to ask candidates about how they plan to double literacy among third graders in five years, among other objectives.



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