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OpEd: Dumbfounded by teacher union's ability to be their own worst enemy
Nov 22, 7:26 AM: AS SOMEONE who served on the Manchester Board of School Committee, I’m often dumfounded by the singular ability of teachers unions to be their own worst enemy.
Bill would expand school choice
Nov 22, 7:23 AM: For decades, “public education funding” has carried a simple connotation: money, raised by state and local taxpayers, going to local public schools. But Rep. Kevin Verville sees that as a flawed definition. And he’s >
Governor condemns tweet offering a ‘bounty’ on teachers
Nov 19, 9:41 AM: Republican Gov. Chris Sununu on Thursday denounced a conservative group’s offer to pay $500 to the first person who “catches” a public school teacher violating New Hampshire’s new limits on the discussion of systemic >
Union calls education department’s complaint form a ‘war on teachers’
Nov 15, 7:21 AM: The second largest teacher’s union in New Hampshire has called on state Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut to resign after the department created a webpage that makes it easier for parents and students to report >
Charter school in Pembroke continuing to grow amid success
Nov 12, 8:45 AM: McClure is proud. She says her school – which like all charters in the state resembles a hybrid model of both a public and private school – is delivering an education that students and parents prefer. >
Unexpected EFA Enrollment Surge Shows Program Needed, Supporters Say
Nov 12, 6:26 AM: More than 1,600 New Hampshire students have signed up for the Education Freedom Accounts, far exceeding initial estimates for the school choice program. More than half are from low-income families.
NH schools, parents raise concerns over state rules restricting remote learning
Nov 12, 6:17 AM: School administrators and teachers appeared before the State Board of Education on Wednesday to voice opposition to a proposed rule that would prevent school districts from imposing schoolwide remote learning due to >
State Ed. Board Hears Concerns About Proposed Rules on Vouchers and Remote Learning
Nov 11, 9:24 AM: The State Board of Education received many suggestions for changing proposed rules for the ”education freedom account” program and for reining in remote learning for extended periods of time.
State says over 1,600 students enrolled in new 'Education Savings Account' program
Nov 10, 9:36 AM: Approximately 1,600 students are now enrolled in New Hampshire’s new Education Savings Account program, a significantly higher amount than originally projected.
Test scores are in for Manchester schools, and they aren't good
Nov 1, 8:17 AM: Manchester schools recently received their test results. And, to be blunt, last year they failed. To be sure, there are some bright spots. But only one of four Manchester students reads at grade level. In math, only one in >
1,600 students approved for NH school voucher accounts
Oct 29, 5:47 AM: New Hampshire’s Department of Education has approved around 1,600 students to receive “education freedom accounts” this fall, Commissioner Frank Edelblut said Wednesday, indicating a demand for the voucher-like program >
Why some N.H. parents are homeschooling their kids for a second year
Oct 19, 8:21 AM: Many assumed this would be a temporary shift, but interest this year remains high. And as the homeschool community expands, the state is now giving it more support than ever before.
At conservative forum, Education Commissioner Edleblut lends support to parents fighting masks, other school policies
Oct 19, 5:27 AM: New Hampshire Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut has long taken a critical stance towards the public school system he oversees. Now, he’s lending his support to conservative activists who want to overturn school mask >
New Hampshire Department of Education proposal would do away with remote learning in most cases
Oct 5, 8:12 AM: As COVID-19 clusters force remote learning in some New Hampshire schools, the state’s Board of Education has faced pushback for a new proposal that would mandate in-person learning.
Charter school, Tech Village also battling over classroom space
Oct 1, 9:11 AM: The Mount Washington Valley’s Tech Village building is set up as a condominium with two owners, the Economic Council and Granite State College.
Department of Education moves to block school-wide remote learning related to COVID-19
Sep 29, 8:33 AM: The N.H. Department of Education is proposing to bar school districts from implementing remote learning due to COVID-19, a move that has drawn backlash from some districts.
'We’re just normal kids': Homeschooling sees rise in numbers during pandemic
Sep 28, 8:49 AM: For the past couple years homeschooling in the United States has taken off. Not coincidentally it mirrors the start of the pandemic when in-person schooling was in flux and many parents felt they had little choice but to >
Slow start to $6 million plan intended to combat learning loss
Sep 27, 9:17 AM: A program pitched as a way to help students catch up from pandemic learning loss has been slow to get off the ground after the governor approved a $6 million contract with an education company earlier this year. >
There’s a shortage of educators in New Hampshire – and COVID is only part of the reason
Sep 21, 8:47 AM: But the challenges are also structural. In an environment where every employer is competing for workers, school districts are sometimes at a disadvantage, Whaland said. Staff salaries can be locked in by hard-fought >
Opinion: Learning Pods Come to Londonderry
Sep 17, 8:26 AM: New Hampshire’s Department of Education is offering parents in the Londonderry School District a new option to help students recover lost ground caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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