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Statewide testing shows in-person learning better; increase in chronic absenteeism
Dec 7, 6:26 AM: Statewide testing numbers for Nebraska schools are out for the 2020-2021 school year and show Lincoln schools scoring above the state average in a variety of assessments. Numbers also show a statewide increase in chronic >
Petition drive aims to eliminate Nebraska Board of Education, give governor K-12 oversight
Nov 23, 9:38 AM: The sponsors aim to replace the Nebraska State Board of Education, education commissioner and Nebraska Department of Education with a new Office of Education accountable to the governor.
You feel more connected’: LPS’ virtual school draws together students from across Lincoln
Sep 7, 3:49 PM: The $3 million virtual school, paid for with federal coronavirus relief dollars, was established for the 2021-22 school year in response to the still-ongoing pandemic and as a solution to last year's hybrid learning >
LPS has $61.4 million in federal relief money to spend. Here’s how the district plans to use it.
Aug 31, 3:12 PM: Lincoln Public Schools would extend the school day for some students, add more therapists and update curriculum, among other proposals for its massive influx of federal coronavirus relief dollars.
More Omaha parents looking for alternative options as new school year approaches
Aug 16, 4:00 PM: Many kids in the metro will be heading back to school on Monday, but national statistics show thousands of parents are looking for other options when it comes to schooling.
Parents choose to homeschool kids as districts make masks optional, offer no remote learning
Aug 11, 4:56 PM: Immunocompromised families are finding themselves in a tough position right now as a majority of metro school districts are making masks optional without offering a remote learning program.
Opinion: Legislature assaults rights of parents
Jul 30, 9:17 AM: Led by Florida’s successful example, many state legislatures have expanded parental choice in their children’s education. Nebraska has not, going back to the sad episode in the early 1980s when a minister at a church-run >
North Platte Public Schools considers allowing part-time students to take electives
Jul 22, 11:03 AM: In the interest of providing an education for all local youths, the North Platte Public Schools are considering allowing part-time students to take advantage of opportunities previously unavailable to them.
Brewer: It's not the Legislature's money
Jun 8, 6:05 AM: I was very disappointed to see senators who have their own children enrolled in private schools voting against this bill. It showed their hypocrisy.
Enrollment option program helps local school districts grow
May 25, 7:18 AM: Parents have the option to choose what school they want to send their kids to thanks to the enrollment option program that was implemented into Nebraska’s legislature back in the ‘90’s.
LPS will not offer remote learning to high school students this fall
May 20, 5:53 AM: In a move signaling schools are closer to putting the pandemic in the past, Lincoln Public Schools is telling high school students to plan to be in the classroom this fall.
LPS reevaluating dedicated remote learning program for middle and high school students
May 12, 6:16 AM: Lincoln Public Schools is reevaluating the need for a dedicated remote learning program for middle and high school students amid growing access to vaccines and staffing challenges.
Opinion: School choice foes already have choice
May 3, 5:21 AM: During the debate, my colleague Sen. Justin Wayne from Omaha said, “The only people who are opposing school choice today are the same people who have choice. And many of them exercise that choice.” He absolutely nailed it >
Private school tax credit proposal stalls in Nebraska
Apr 29, 6:06 AM: A proposal to indirectly subsidize private K-12 schools in Nebraska by offering tax credits to scholarship donors stalled on Wednesday after opponents blocked the measure with a filibuster.
Opinion: Nebraska needs opportunity scholarships
Apr 28, 5:26 AM: On Wednesday, the Nebraska Legislature will have the opportunity to show their commitment to expanding parents’ options and investing in the future of our state by passing LB364.
Nebraska school choice advocates hopeful of legislation allowing tax credits for scholarship donations
Apr 19, 5:21 AM: A bill introduced in the Nebraska Legislature would give tax credits to those who donate money for scholarships to private schools and parochial schools.
Fewer students than anticipated sign up for LPS dedicated remote learning program next year
Feb 23, 6:17 AM: Just 785 Lincoln Public Schools students will comprise the district’s one-year dedicated remote school next year — considerably fewer than had indicated an interest in a survey, which officials say reflects improving >
Nebraska districts beefing up summer school, credit-recovery efforts to help kids catch up
Feb 16, 6:38 AM: Nebraska school districts will use tutors, expanded summer school sessions, night school and even a spring break “boot camp” to catch kids up from learning loss caused by COVID-19 disruptions.
Commentary: School choice can be a big plus for Nebraska children
Feb 15, 7:35 AM: Omaha special education advocate Clarice Jackson fights for school choice every year, but 2021 could be big. Legislatures in more than half the states, including Nebraska, will debate proposals that would make private >
School choice bill sparks passionate debate in Lincoln
Jan 29, 6:52 AM: Nebraska is currently one of the few states that do not give any financial benefit to those that support private schools. A bill in the legislature aims to change that, a bit.



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