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Commentary: When all public schools thrive, our communities will, too
May 25, 8:29 AM: Before adjourning for the year, Missouri lawmakers missed an important opportunity to right a wrong that has significant consequences on thousands of public school students.
Seven Kansas City charter schools losing sponsorship after UCM ends program
May 17, 8:28 AM: The University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg has partnered with the charter schools for years and is now ending the program, leaving schools scrambling.
Editorial: Missouri voucher bill will hurt public education. Does that help low-income kids?
May 17, 7:13 AM: Just when Kansas City Public Schools seemed ready to reclaim full state accreditation, Missouri lawmakers made reaching that goal harder by passing a bill that will divert students and dollars away from the system. >
UCM to end sponsorships of all Kansas City-area charter schools
May 14, 7:15 AM: The University of Central Missouri is moving away from sponsoring charter schools, which will affect seven schools in the Kansas City area.
Lawmakers cut tax credit program to fund school choice in half
May 14, 5:30 AM: Less than a week after an education savings account program was sent to the governor — a major victory for school choice advocates more than a decade in the making — the House voted Tuesday to cut the program in half. >
Private school bill viewed as choice for parents by some, cover for bad actors by others
May 13, 1:47 PM: A bill that indirectly provides state funding for private schools and home schools is viewed as a victory for parent choice by some and potential cover for bad actors by others.
Missouri Legislature passes tax credits to fund private school scholarships
May 12, 6:13 AM: The state Legislature has passed a proposal that would let donors provide scholarships to students to attend a private Missouri K-12 school. In return, they would get state tax credits. The measure would also allow parents >
Missouri lawmakers send school choice bill funded by tax credits to Gov. Parson’s desk
May 7, 5:38 AM: Missouri lawmakers on Thursday sent a bill creating a voucher-like program for private school scholarships to Gov. Mike Parson’s desk, a victory for advocates who banked on parental frustrations with public schools during >
School choice bills still await approval in Missouri Legislature
May 6, 6:01 AM: From school choice proposals to new teacher certification requirements, the Missouri House and Senate introduced a slew of education bills this session.
School choice bills still awaiting approval, opponents still fighting
May 5, 5:04 AM: When it comes to school choice, some lawmakers proposed legislation aimed at giving families more options, while others say it shouldn’t be at the expense of pulling funding from public schools. K-12 officials responded to >
Editorial: Montana is set to drain public dollars for private education
May 3, 5:12 AM: As they rushed to wrap up the session last week, legislators pushed through a slew of bills that will reshape Montana for years to come — even if many of those proposals are eventually overturned in court. >
Missing students: Kansas City, Missouri, school leaders notice sustained drop in enrollment
Apr 28, 6:32 AM: There's a common bond between school administrators working in the public school system in Kansas City, Missouri and the city's charter schools: a puzzling drop in student enrollment.
Opening doors: The 'Paxton Pod' educates at home during the pandemic
Apr 23, 5:29 AM: Up on the second floor of Colleen Lamond's home, two second graders toil away in their learning pods. In the basement, two kindergartners learn how to read from their teachers over Zoom. Throughout it all, Lamond moves >
Editorial: State money shouldn't flow to private entity using questionable tactics
Apr 23, 5:12 AM: The Missouri Senate was right to reduce funding for an education initiative that would shovel public money to a private organization mired in controversy over charter schools in the troubled Normandy school district and >
What did parents find out about their kids and learning during the pandemic? A lot
Apr 22, 7:19 AM: Over the past year, Victor Bell and many other parents like him got a taste of what it was like to be on the front lines of their children’s education. Dining rooms became classrooms, and parents became teachers. >
Many Schools, Few Kids: St. Louis Plagued By Too Much Unused Building Space
Apr 21, 7:31 AM: St. Louis Public Schools has an average of 308 students in each of its 71 schools currently, according to the analysis. Include the city’s 36 charter schools, and it’s 313 children spread across 107 schools. Twenty-six >
Home-school students could participate in public school activities under proposal in Missouri House
Apr 21, 5:32 AM: Home-schoolers could find it easier to join public school activities under a proposal given initial approval in the Missouri House on Tuesday.
Missouri charter school, school choice expansions set for Senate vote
Apr 20, 6:00 AM: The Missouri Senate Appropriations Committee begins daily hearings this week on the $34.1 billion state Fiscal Year 2022 budget approved by the House last week.
Local superintendent voices concern over school choice bill heading to Missouri Senate
Apr 20, 5:33 AM: You could soon have more control over which school district your student attends. A bill making its way through the Missouri legislature would allow you to enroll you kids in other school districts.
$2 million in Missouri budget could flow to nonprofit funder of charter schools
Apr 19, 5:25 AM: As the Missouri Senate starts work on its version of the state budget this week, St. Louis Public Schools leaders are trying to zero-out $2 million in the previously approved House plan that could flow to a nonprofit >



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