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Local school improvement focus of summit
Feb 4, 11:02 AM:

A schedule of breakout sessions and speakers at a Ky Education Summit, called preparing Our Children for the Future, prepares no one for what is at stake in education.  Report on outcomes and meaningful reform at hand >

Bill promotes Ky. school innovation
Feb 2, 2:07 PM:

A bill introduced in the Ky. Senate as an alternative to charter school laws. Are the “new approaches” mentioned tried out in other states? Could freeing schools from state requirements mean less accountability?

Key House lawmaker pushing alternative to charter schools
Feb 2, 11:53 AM:

We're missing background on the sponsor of legislation for a charter school alternative. Has he been an opponent of charter schools?  Does his action mean that charter school legislation is dead this session?

Key House lawmaker pushing alternative to charter schools
Feb 2, 11:22 AM:

Charter schools aren't just a different name slapped on the status quo. Removing a few rules won't fix the system. How do charters work? This would be a great place to let people know.

WZTV FOX17 :: Newsroom - Kentucky News
Feb 2, 10:26 AM:

Short piece on bill that would grant funding & scheduling flexibility to opt-in Kentucky school districts. Reader left wondering how, if at all, this flexibility will improve student achievement.

School budget fine, for now
Jan 31, 1:29 PM:

Detailed accounting of fiscal pressures facing a school system. While efficiencies made by school district are noted, how does this district compare with others in state are handling reduced budgets?

District aim is improvement | | The Madison County Herald
Jan 18, 12:06 PM:

Mississippi schools are facing many of the same problems being experienced by schools systems throughout the country. Many states have found answers lying within the the curricula of the charter school program. The >



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