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Gary district canceling contracts for 370 teachers
May 25, 2:47 PM:

Nearly half of KY district's teachers likely to be laid off. Sounds like a drastic cut, but some say district hasn't accounted for declines in enrollment. But AP report neglects to follow up on that claim.


Another >

Kindergarten readiness program launched in Fayette County
May 24, 3:42 PM:

KY district enacting kindergarten preparation program for incoming youngsters. Tell us more about what these programs will do to prepare youth for school. What was the genesis of the idea and how was the curriculum >

Auditors call for removing Knight Middle principal, disbanding school council
May 24, 9:01 AM:

State auditors call for ouster of Jefferson County's Knight Middle School principal and council, saying they lack skills/leadership to raise chronically low test scores. Unclear here why system super is "surprised" audit >

Boyle County school system passes lean budget for 2011-12
May 20, 2:30 PM:

KY county approves preliminary budget after analyzing, checking, and double-checking costs to reduce deficit. Super says, "there are no wasted resources in Boyle County schools." Bigger question, though, is if those >

Professional development workshops free for teachers
May 20, 2:28 PM:

KY Farm Bureau holds free professional development workshop for teachers. Goal is to "enable educators to incorporate agricultural concepts in the classroom." But aren't themes better left to charter schools? State >

Manual-At least 14 in running for Fayette school superintendent
May 18, 12:58 PM:

Fayette Co. schools searching for new leader. Article notes strong interest in job but doesn't detail what kind of leader system is looking for, nor whether support of school choice or charter schools is important. Focus >

New program aims at getting kids to finish high school
May 16, 11:17 AM:

New KY program aimed at getting foster children to stay in foster care while finishing high school. There's more to story. Give specifics on what's being done to encourage those in system to complete their education -- >

'Something very special' North Middle saluted as School to Watch during its annual Heritage Day program
May 13, 10:10 AM:

Thumbs up for KY middle schools named one of 14 to watch. But it’d be nice to know what school did to earn distinction. Only ambiguous press-release material in story. School is supposed to serve as a model for others; >

Fayette school board could hire superintendent next month
May 11, 9:52 AM:

Reveals KY county board's process for picking new chief. Outlines qualities Super should possess. Wouldn't know if desired characteristics are similar to those of previous leader because reporting mentions nothing of his >

Manual-State says 'confusion' lingers over Jefferson school turnaround plan
May 2, 10:00 AM:

State Ed Dept. says there's still 'confusion' about Jefferson Co.'s plan to overhaul lowest-performing schools. Article lists concerns, but unclear what's being done to clarify inexperienced teacher and collective >

Manual-State OKs Kentucky school corrective plan
Apr 27, 1:00 PM:

State Ed Dept. approves Jefferson Co. plan to fix failing schools. Plan needed because system didn't make 'adequate yearly progress' under NCLB. Even with details here, few specifics on exactly what strategies will do to >

Two Ky. schools send teams to science bowl
Apr 27, 9:50 AM:

Two KY schools heading to National Science Bowl. Top teams represent top-notch schools, but what about students stuck in less than stellar schools? Reforms help guarantee same quality education to all students. Great to >

State auditor criticizes board that oversees for-profit education
Apr 20, 12:06 PM:

KY auditor slams oversight of for-profit colleges. Some disturbing trends found; however, clings to generalizations in terms of student impact. Their success (or failure) should be focus of any reforms.


What are >

More Fayette schools sign up for Singapore math program
Mar 29, 3:54 PM:

More Fayette Co., KY, schools to teach Singapore math program that's aligned with tougher common core standards. Spotlight on success in closing achievement gap. Unclear what ed board doing to encourage still more >

Ready or not, new state education standards are coming to classrooms
Mar 21, 8:12 AM:

The state's beginning to implement new education standards, but some teachers and school officials are afraid to-tight timeline is forcing too-minimal preparation, guidance, and funding. Why is state pressing to change >

Longer school days on horizon
Mar 8, 11:27 AM:

Bill passed Friday could permit rural KY district to extend school hours to make up for snow days rather than add days onto year. Creative approach is useless if kids are just getting more crummy schooling. Wouldn't be >

Stumbo: 'We are not going to cut education'
Mar 4, 5:38 PM:

GOP-controlled Senate wants to decrease education funding to fix Medicaid shortfalls. Democratic-controlled House won't support any cuts to education, believes cuts elsewhere deserve more attention. Do they think >

Education task force makes 35 recommendations
Feb 22, 1:12 PM:

A 34-member KY task force took 15 months to come up with 35 recommendations to improve schools and student achievement.  Oookay.  Asking if the wheel was reinvented here may be appropriate.  Question whether anyone is >

Proposal would mandate Pledge of Allegiance in Kentucky schools
Feb 17, 9:56 AM:

KY Senate Education panel considers bill requiring a daily recitation of Pledge of Allegiance. Students could opt to remain silent. Instilling good citizenship a traditional key role of schools, along with providing >

iPads come to classrooms
Feb 7, 9:39 AM:

An innovative program that is using the latest technology to add to students understanding and excitement about education. Charter-less Kentucky has a moment. Thorough and instructive.



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