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Chicago Teachers Union says CPS needs stronger Covid protocols; Cites staff death as example
Dec 7, 6:04 AM: The Chicago Teachers Union is once again raising concerns about a rise in Covid-19 cases in Chicago Public School classrooms.
Schools are back in person, but quarantines, health concerns have students missing more class
Dec 2, 6:00 AM:
Northbrook teachers begin organizing one of state’s remaining nonunion public school districts
Nov 23, 9:25 AM: Educators at one the state’s few remaining nonunion public school districts said Monday they have begun labor organizing and hope to join one of the state’s largest teachers unions.
‘Microschool’ approach of St. Edward, Chillicothe, shared in national magazine
Nov 18, 10:23 AM: In the article, Domico talks about the process that led him and Father Matthew Deptula, pastor, to move from traditional classroom instruction — one grade per classroom — to a multiage format and how they introduced that >
Chicago Teacher See Firsthand What Union Values: It Isn't Students
Nov 18, 6:44 AM: The Chicago Teachers Union has been the prime example of abusing strike powers. The 2019 strike cost students 11 days of classes. It was projected to cost residents an average of $80 a year in higher property taxes. The >
Illinois schools look to bridge widening achievement gap for low-income students during the pandemic
Nov 15, 9:35 AM: When it came time for annual statewide academic assessments this past spring, half of the students at Elgin-based Unit School District 46 were still learning remotely online.
CPS cancels all classes Nov. 12 for ‘Vaccine Awareness Day’
Nov 5, 5:15 AM: The district gave parents just over a week’s notice of the day off that officials hope will lead more students to get vaccinated.
What unions aren't telling Illinois teachers: Your pension is in trouble
Nov 2, 8:27 AM: Barring reforms, the Teachers’ Retirement System could eventually run out of money and be unable to pay promised benefits to retirees, all while making it more expensive for teachers to live in Illinois. >
CPS enrollment continues to plummet: ‘I would have never imagined seeing this steep of a decline’
Oct 28, 8:21 AM: Chicago Public Schools enrollment has dropped again, this time to 330,411 students, about 10,000 fewer kids than last year, according to numbers the district released Wednesday.
CTU blasts CPS COVID safety plan over failure to test unvaccinated students
Oct 26, 6:40 AM: The Chicago Teachers’ Union says Chicago Public Schools administrators are failing to provide the promised weekly Covid testing of unvaccinated students.
Amendment 1 will cement teacher strikes in Illinois Constitution
Oct 22, 5:09 AM: Voters will decide in November 2022 whether teachers’ unions will have a permanent right to walk out on students.
Making Illinois' tax credit scholarships permanent will let more students excel
Oct 19, 8:03 AM: Illinois state lawmakers can give low-income students the security of an education that best fits their needs by making the Tax Credit Scholarship a permanent fixture.
An unexpected blessing for the Archdiocese of Chicago: More students
Oct 11, 8:37 AM: Amid a slew of financial setbacks, including a bond downgrade to junk status, parochial schools are bringing in more students and tuition dollars.
Beyond COVID-19, there’s another crisis emerging in Chicago-area schools: A critical shortage of workers
Oct 11, 7:33 AM:

A critical shortage of essential school employees in Illinois and across the U.S. this fall — including a scarcity of substitute teachers, school nurses, bus drivers and food service workers — has hit a tipping point >

Chicago had a long list of disengaged students. Did efforts to reel them in pay off?
Oct 7, 8:20 AM: The school’s campaign was part of a broader push by Chicago Public Schools to re-engage tens of thousands of students who either tuned out remote learning last year or logged on only intermittently. The district flagged >
Emerald South, Comcast initiative to bring Wi-Fi across the South Side
Oct 5, 9:41 AM: The South Side Connectivity Collaborative will place 11 Comcast “Lift Zones” around the South Side to provide “high capacity” internet access in four neighborhoods within the next two months. >
New CPS CEO says he’ll explore remote learning options but makes no promises
Oct 1, 9:14 AM: In his first comments as the leader of Chicago Public Schools, new CEO Pedro Martinez committed Thursday to exploring the possibility of expanding remote learning options for parents who don’t yet feel comfortable sending >
National teachers union president joins CTU to lay out COVID safety demands
Sep 30, 8:02 AM: The crowd continued to demand more testing, vaccines and more staffing for all CPS schools. They say along with more COVID protocols, the extra staff members will help keep children safer.
CPS Enrollment Nosedives Again
Sep 27, 9:19 AM: Chicago Public Schools enrollment is down by at least 10,000 students this fall. It has dropped by more than 24,000 since the pandemic began.
Nearly 40 cents of every education dollar in Illinois goes to pensions
Sep 23, 8:46 AM: Rapidly rising pension costs compete with classroom spending, reducing resources for teachers and students while driving up property taxes.



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