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Opinion: Black families in Florida all in for education choice
Dec 10, 6:25 AM: A funny thing happened over the past 20 years while critics were condemning education choice in Florida as a right-wing plot: Hundreds of thousands of Black families flocked to embrace it.
Florida lawmakers seek stability for charter schools
Dec 2, 11:19 AM: A measure is moving through the Legislature to add guidelines to how charter schools may be renewed or terminated. It received rare bipartisan support in its first House committee stop.
Democratic lawmakers push for more accountability for Florida’s school vouchers
Nov 22, 8:59 AM: Unlike Florida’s public schools, private schools that take state scholarships can hire teachers without college degrees and can avoid publicly sharing their graduation rates and student test score data. >
Opinion: Greater school choice would help close the achievement gap
Nov 3, 6:19 AM: Much of the popular discussion involving public elementary and secondary education revolves around terms such as “social justice” and “systemic racism,” although these terms are not consistently defined or understood by >
Hillsborough County Public Schools Offers Tutoring For Quarantined Students
Nov 2, 8:06 AM: School district leaders in Hillsborough County have created a new virtual tool to help pre-K and elementary school students learn better and reduce learning loss while in quarantine. The program, which uses the Microsoft >
Growth in virtual schools has Rep. Fine talking about changes to K-12 funding
Nov 1, 5:44 AM: The COVID-19 pandemic prompted skyrocketing student enrollment in virtual education, putting a spotlight on competition among Florida providers and igniting a debate about whether lawmakers should change the way public >
Are you looking for a school in South Florida? These just made the best list
Oct 27, 7:49 AM: Two of the schools that ranked high were Somerset Academy at SoMi (South Miami campus) and Doral Academy of Technology. Both charter schools — Somerset in the elementary division and Doral in the middle school division — >
Better public education in Florida starts with a new education commissioner | Editorial
Oct 22, 8:27 AM: Florida needs a new education commissioner. The lowlights of Richard Corcoran's tenure have centered around endangering students and their families with the coronavirus, bullying pubic school administrators and school >
Red Hills Academy, Leon County's newest charter school, approved to open next year
Oct 21, 6:31 AM: Leon County School Board members had originally denied the school's application based on what they called budget and safety concerns at the time. The Florida Charter School Appeal Commission later overruled the board, >
Classical Education Meets Virtual Reality
Oct 19, 9:25 AM: In a school in development in Florida, old is meeting new. Optima Classical Academy, slated to open next school year, plans to use virtual reality and online learning to teach classical education.
Opinion: Visible Men Academy's new studies will boost reading skills
Oct 19, 8:34 AM: As a charter school in Manatee County that focuses on the education of boys in difficult financial circumstances, we have long placed an emphasis on character training for students and life coaching for parents and >
League of Women Voters Talk Details Probe into Florida's School Voucher Program
Oct 19, 5:40 AM: The League of Women Voters of Florida recently conducted a study of the state's School Voucher programs and that will be the subject of an upcoming talk to be held via Zoom Thursday.
‘Reckless’ words from teacher unions hurt recruiting, Florida leader says
Oct 18, 5:38 AM: The state’s K-12 Chancellor Jacob Oliva calls for a change in tone. Union leaders say they are “simply pointing out the truth.
First dual-language school in Sarasota teaches students both English and Spanish
Oct 14, 8:59 AM: Students at Dreamers Academy have a chance to learn in both in English and Spanish. It is something that’s now normal for students like Joseph Salguero-Mondragon.
Florida is short more than 5,000 teachers, education group says. The pandemic and low pay are to blame
Oct 12, 8:37 AM: Florida's teacher shortage has worsened since the start of the school year, with vacancies for teachers surging to more than 5,000, according to updated data from the Florida Education Association.
FL allows 16-year-olds to withdraw from school with parent permission but most other states don’t
Oct 12, 8:29 AM: In fact, 24 states and Washington, D.C., require students to attend school until the age of 18. And a handful more set that age to at least 17, according to data from the Education Commission of the States, a >
Florida's Plan for Federal School Relief Money Includes Pandemic Measures, Online Learning
Oct 8, 9:07 AM: The plan's submission came two days after the U.S. Department of Education shined the light on Florida as the only state that hadn't yet sent its agenda for the round of education funds, the AP reported. The state used >
Broward ‘bleeding’ money to charter school vouchers, legislative delegation hears
Oct 7, 8:00 AM: Broward lawmakers learned that $60 million in state funding that would otherwise go to the Broward County public schools will be going to charter schools instead.
Hillsborough schools are in a $60M hole. They might ask for a tax increase.
Oct 6, 9:14 AM: Hillsborough County public school leaders want to go the way of other Florida school districts and use a tax on real estate to plug persistent gaps in their budget.
Florida is only state not to submit school Covid-19 relief funding plan, US Education Department says
Oct 5, 9:51 AM: The U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) says Florida is the only state in the country leaving billions of dollars in education funding on the table.



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