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US education secretary weighs in on Christina
Apr 26, 7:07 AM:

Duncan backs DE's decision to withhold Race To The Top funds from district deciding to "retain and retrain" 19 teachers. Coverage forgets to tell us what retraining entails. Scratches surface of union control over >

University of Delaware track attracts federal review
Apr 25, 8:04 AM:

University of Delaware's men's varsity cross country, track and field teams to be club sports. Compliance with Title IX cited.  Male members filed objections as similar women's teams retained.


Emphasis that Title >

State puts Pencader Charter on review
Apr 25, 5:59 AM:

DE Board places business and finance charter on review, ironically becuase of "financial concerns." Process could lead to closure. No info here on problems, previous infractions, education quality or proposals for change >

Manual-Delaware schools: Christina School District reverses reform plan
Apr 21, 12:24 PM:

Christina District may lose $11 million in fed Race to the Top dollars because it's backing out of decision to remove educators from low-performing schools. Depiction of state vs. local district fight gives ammunition to >

Manual-Delaware schools: Newark Charter won't take over Reach Academy
Apr 20, 4:20 PM:

Newark Charter won't take over troubled Reach Academy because of pending legal matters and lack of support of Reach trustees. School's future now uncertain as is the fate of 200 students. Dispute rehashed here, but what >

Court asked to intervene in struggle at school
Apr 12, 5:59 AM:

Troubles for one DE charter instigate intervention from state Dept. of Ed. Not all alternative schools triumph, but strong laws up charters' chances of success. First State's law isn't No. 1 -- nonexistent facilities >

Delaware schools: Board's dispute puts Reach Academy's future in limbo
Apr 8, 4:44 PM:

Reach Academy for Girls faces threat of closure because of enrollment and leadership issues. What are those exactly?


Board members split into factions. Clear battle lines drawn and evident as is parent frustration. >

Delaware schools: State gets mixed grades early in 'Race to the Top'
Apr 1, 6:20 AM:

DE issues a report on progress of Race to the Top goals after winning 1st round last year. As expected, not much progress in the more controversial areas of student funding and teacher evaluation reform. Why not?


Michelle Rhee's necessary toughness on education reform
Jan 28, 10:45 AM:

Well written. Speaks to the fact Michelle Rhee's biggest "fault" was her refusal to accept mediocrity. Is mediocrity better than nothing?  Is there time to find out?

Legislators weigh in on Sussex Tech concerns
Jan 20, 10:49 AM:

Is this really a question of funding sources, admission procedures or vocational school capacity?  Sussex Tech offers vocational training and also graduates students who go on to higher education--the best of both >

We told you so?
Jan 4, 5:15 PM:

Some suggested that R2TT was more about smoke than substance. Turns out they may have been right.



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