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DELAWARE: School board meetings could soon be online
Jun 1, 1:11 PM:

DE bill aims to improve state school board accountability, by recording meetings and posting online. Would be nice to have more details of law, and support for it.  Do other states do this already, and how successful has >

$5.8M goes to four Delaware schools
May 27, 9:01 AM:

DE schools get federal grant money to uplift underperforming schools. Told what schools will get grants, but not told what they are going to do with them. Do your homework and figure out how money will be used for >

Delaware schools: Embattled Reach Academy for Girls board members step down
May 20, 10:58 AM:

Fresh faces on failing DE charter board, but what difference will it make? A disorderly story that neglects the key issues: how specifically has the school been mismanaged? What changes will be instituted to prevent its >

Delaware budget: Markell's plan for education approved
May 20, 8:47 AM:

While other states cut budgets, DE Gov's $22M plan will support early childhood services, language learning and college grants. Welcome news, but some allocations invite questions. Why reward teachers for further >

Delaware schools: Angry parents, staff give Reach Academy chief an earful
May 18, 2:25 PM:

Parents, teachers demand resignation of troubled charter leader. School clearly has serious management issues, but what about education? Ask why current board is writing turnaround plan -- school desperately needs new >

Jobs program gives at-risk kids a chance
May 18, 11:51 AM:

Heartwarming story about DE’s workforce training program for at-risk students. Example of innovative curriculum connecting with kids who otherwise fall outside traditional molds. A lot to feel good about here. Some more >

Math pilot program not adding up for some
May 17, 10:29 AM:

Brian Resnick provides balanced look at math program in DE school, presenting pros/cons of "inquiry-based learning." Parents, teachers, and experts have a say, but student reaction not in equation. Wondering if >

Reach Academy's ability to pay teachers is in question
May 17, 6:01 AM:

Teachers at Reach Academy may not get summer pay they've earned because of charter's financial woes. Nichole Dobo paints detailed picture of school's problems and includes teacher, parent and state ed reaction -- delving >

Delaware schools: Goal of math meet goes beyond winning
May 9, 11:53 AM:

Game show format aids DE students in preparing for state math tests. Inventive program, started by a group of charters, that makes learning accessible. Some figures on status of state and nation’s math deficiencies would >

Delaware schools: Black leaders upset with Christina board
May 4, 2:07 PM:

Some parents upset over DE board’s decision to release 19 teachers. Thinly veiled accusations of racism. Narrative fails to expand on why these teachers were to be let go in the first place. Ambiguously references >

Federal support given for local community and education projects
Apr 28, 2:49 PM:

Rural charter school wins fed grant to expand its facility to include library, multi-purpose room and more. Funds come from US Dept. of Agriculture's Rural Development Community Facilities Program. Background on these >

Delaware schools: Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker blasts Christina board
Apr 27, 5:53 AM:

Officials fuming over DE board’s decision to retain teachers at low-performing schools. Members failed students, they say. Seems so. Race To The Top funds frozen. Students caught in middle. No info how teachers to be >

US education secretary weighs in on Christina
Apr 26, 7:07 AM:

Duncan backs DE's decision to withhold Race To The Top funds from district deciding to "retain and retrain" 19 teachers. Coverage forgets to tell us what retraining entails. Scratches surface of union control over >

University of Delaware track attracts federal review
Apr 25, 8:04 AM:

University of Delaware's men's varsity cross country, track and field teams to be club sports. Compliance with Title IX cited.  Male members filed objections as similar women's teams retained.


Emphasis that Title >

State puts Pencader Charter on review
Apr 25, 5:59 AM:

DE Board places business and finance charter on review, ironically becuase of "financial concerns." Process could lead to closure. No info here on problems, previous infractions, education quality or proposals for change >

Manual-Delaware schools: Christina School District reverses reform plan
Apr 21, 12:24 PM:

Christina District may lose $11 million in fed Race to the Top dollars because it's backing out of decision to remove educators from low-performing schools. Depiction of state vs. local district fight gives ammunition to >

Manual-Delaware schools: Newark Charter won't take over Reach Academy
Apr 20, 4:20 PM:

Newark Charter won't take over troubled Reach Academy because of pending legal matters and lack of support of Reach trustees. School's future now uncertain as is the fate of 200 students. Dispute rehashed here, but what >

Court asked to intervene in struggle at school
Apr 12, 5:59 AM:

Troubles for one DE charter instigate intervention from state Dept. of Ed. Not all alternative schools triumph, but strong laws up charters' chances of success. First State's law isn't No. 1 -- nonexistent facilities >

Delaware schools: Board's dispute puts Reach Academy's future in limbo
Apr 8, 4:44 PM:

Reach Academy for Girls faces threat of closure because of enrollment and leadership issues. What are those exactly?


Board members split into factions. Clear battle lines drawn and evident as is parent frustration. >

Delaware schools: State gets mixed grades early in 'Race to the Top'
Apr 1, 6:20 AM:

DE issues a report on progress of Race to the Top goals after winning 1st round last year. As expected, not much progress in the more controversial areas of student funding and teacher evaluation reform. Why not?





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