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As SCUSD teacher strike continues, concern grows for students with individualized education programs
Mar 31, 8:59 AM: As Sacramento City Unified teachers, staff and union organizers continue to strike, concern from parents whose students need extra help in the classroom is growing.
Oakland Unified to lease additional space to area charter schools
Mar 31, 8:46 AM: The new charter school agreements come just one month after Oakland announced the closure of seven public schools in the next year. Critics say accommodating new charter students could strain schools already planning to >
Nearly half of LAUSD students have been chronically absent this year, data show
Mar 31, 8:19 AM: Nearly half of Los Angeles Unified students — more than 200,000 children — have been chronically absent this school year, meaning they have missed at least 9% of the academic year, according to data provided to The Times >
Column: This teachers’ strike is not just about money. It’s about respect for public education
Mar 30, 8:42 AM: From school closure protests in Oakland to Sacramento’s all-in strike, those who work in our schools are telling us they cannot do this job under the conditions we are imposing.
Fixing the L.A Public School System: A Top Priority for Voters in November Mayoral Race, Poll Finds
Mar 29, 9:59 AM: More than half of Los Angeles voters believe the quality of education in the Los Angeles Unified School District is worse than it was before the pandemic, according to a new poll.
Will there be enough teachers for California’s ambitious plans for its youngest students?
Mar 29, 9:20 AM: California needs tens of thousands of teachers and assistants to expand public school to all 4-year-olds. Private and nonprofit preschools worry they’ll lose their staff.
Opinion: Memo to LAUSD’s new chief: Focus on results for students, families
Mar 29, 6:25 AM: Alberto Carvalho, the new Los Angeles schools chief, will soon announce bold reforms to lift children and families. Hopes run high as schools return to a taste of pre-pandemic normalcy after two years of shuttered >
Column: Big urban school districts can improve, but it’s complicated and messy
Mar 28, 9:05 AM: Why did Los Angeles get better? Scholars say it’s because factions cooperated, sort of.
As Monday looms, no resolution in Sacramento teacher strike
Mar 28, 8:46 AM: Sacramento City Unified School District officials continued twin talks with bargainers from the teachers and classified staff unions Sunday as negotiations on a new labor pact ground through the weekend.
EDITORIAL: SF schools embrace lower standards, increase racial achievement gap
Mar 28, 8:40 AM: Lowering high standards doesn’t boost student achievement. That sounds like common sense unless you’re a member of the woke education bureaucracy.
Striking Sacramento teachers union slams district for rejecting invite from state superintendent
Mar 28, 8:32 AM: A day after Sacramento City Unified superintendent rejected State Superintendent Tony Thurmond’s offer to bring district and union officials together to resume negotiations, union leaders sent a scathing email criticizing >
Opinion: All California Families Deserve School Choice for Their Children
Mar 28, 5:25 AM: I’ve heard firsthand how parents think schools should be run to better help their children. But schools aren’t listening.
Parents bring children to work since strike sparks Sacramento school closures
Mar 25, 7:26 AM: Parents bring children to work since strike sparks Sacramento school closures.
'I feel sad' | The consequences of school closures
Mar 24, 7:17 AM: Sacramento City Unified School District closed all schools on Wednesday due to a districtwide teacher's strike. The school district serves more than 40,000 students on 75 campuses. When schools close, everyone is impacted. >
Families juggle having children at home during teachers strike. Organizations step in to help
Mar 24, 7:13 AM: "We are pulling together a family resource center staff and whether we can offer a couple of hours of homework assistance or just a safe place where kids can come and recreate for a few hours," said Rachel Rios, the >
Masks can now come off inside L.A. Unified classrooms
Mar 23, 6:25 AM: Teachers and students on Wednesday will be able to see an unaccustomed sight inside Los Angeles school district classrooms: smiles.<
'Who suffers? Our babies' | Closing California's student achievement gap
Mar 23, 5:56 AM: Black students have one of the lowest graduation rates in California. During the 2020-21 school year, graduation rates for Black students statewide dropped by 4%.
California school enrollment over two decades: gains and losses by region with pandemic year drops
Mar 23, 5:51 AM: For two decades, K-12 enrollment in California was stable, hovering between 6.1 million and 6.2 million students. But within the state, there was movement: sharp enrollment declines in coastal counties – the rural north >
Sacramento families scramble to find where to leave their kids ahead of teachers strike
Mar 23, 5:32 AM: With Sacramento City Unified School District teachers and other staff members officially going on strike starting Wednesday, thousands of parents across Sacramento have had to scramble to make arrangements for where to >
73% of voters in L.A. Unified do not believe every neighborhood has a good school, poll says
Mar 22, 8:46 AM: Seven in 10 voters do not believe that every neighborhood in Los Angeles Unified School District has a good school — and an even higher number believes that a digital divide is holding back students from access to full >



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