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Editorial: Ready to re-imagine schools? Again? Charleston plan worth pursuing.
Dec 21, 6:50 AM: It does, after all, have a bit of a “Here we go again” feel: Just two years after the Charleston County School District approved parts of its Mission Critical plan to improve education at low-performing schools while also >
Commentary: Police Reform Wasn’t the Only Big Change in Camden
Jul 20, 8:16 AM: While word has gotten out about Camden’s successful police reforms, its similarly successful school reforms have received considerably less attention in the mainstream media.
Small Successes Not Enough
Jun 24, 4:46 AM:

New principal at one VA school moving mountains to improve ed achievement and is beginning to see success.  State takeover looms, though, because school didn't gain accreditation. Some lawmakers trying to change law. >

Eye On State Intervention
Jun 7, 6:24 AM:

Bill to remove 2-year waiting period for state to intervene in unaccredited district -- meant for Kansas City schools -- passed. All await release of new test scores to see if district improved before state moves in.

School Tries to Get Back On Track
May 14, 3:38 PM: After a FL charter earned an F grade, officials tried to turn it around by adding instruction time. Teachers were not paid, indicating financial trouble. Due to low enrollment, the school likely won't get a grade this year, but its >
Teacher Turnaround Taps Charter Model
Jun 11, 6:36 AM:

PA turnaround unique for being teacher led. Goal to be 90% each minority/low-income/high achieving. Rich context, but more on charter being used as model and  parent concern that seniority lets go top teachers. >

Steady Improvement Mystery
Oct 5, 5:30 AM:

TN school partly managed by state already could be fully taken over or managed by charter next year. School has showed signs of improvement, but no word how they got there. If takeover helped, might not be a bad thing if new >

Turning Around Detroit
Turning Around Detroit
Photo by yellowlinephoto
Sep 29, 5:50 AM:

Covington's visit to city schools is opportunity to reveal plans to manage Education Achievement System, district comprised of Detroit's worst schools. Differentiated instruction to the max -- no grades, move at own pace. His >

Chaos Of Making Change
Sep 27, 5:24 AM:

A teacher walks out over "chaos" at turnaround school run by LA's Promise. Promise Founder, former teacher, shrugs, saying it's what happens when trying to "rectify long-standing inequities." He has a point. >

Raising Expectations
Sep 19, 1:27 PM:

Moss Point, MS, schools make changes after being rated "at risk of failing."  Plan includes focus on teacher training, extra tutoring and clear goals. Quarterly tests will identify kids falling behind. After several years of >

Turninng Round TN Schools
Sep 14, 5:35 AM:

British consulting firm wins $6M fed contract to turn around struggling TN schools. Leader, a former high school principal, meets teachers and school staff to outline plan. They'll gather data on schools' strengths and weaknesses >

New Start For Struggling Schools
Sep 6, 2:09 PM:

3 schools in Benton Harbor, MI, are under state supervision, as kids head back to class. 2 traditional high schools and 1 charter failed to make adequate progress. Major change, inc. teacher training, evaluations, and extended >

Day 1 Of Toledo Turnaround
Aug 30, 1:56 PM:

OH school ranks last in district. Officials get federal turnaround money to improve school performance. Strategy includes replacing principal, who will hire at least 50% new staff. "Cream of crop" chosen to educate students, but >

Turnaround Schools Welcome New Principals
Aug 23, 3:02 PM:

Two major happenings in CT district 8 days before opening. Numerous layoffs won't play out and principals are promoted. Two principals at turnaround schools will now serve in leadership roles for district after uplifting >

Jump-Start On School Turnaround
Aug 16, 1:01 PM:

New principal starts year with reform plan for struggling CA school. After 6 years of failing federal goals, it could be in line for takeover by nonprofit group or charter. But principal plans a head start, adding extra hour to >

New Life To Subpar Schools
Aug 15, 5:51 AM:

Four Philly high schools pick charter conversion for turnaround option. Not most popular method to uplift underperforming schools due to controversy surrounding hiring autonomy. Independence part of what helps charters succeed in >

Re-Staffing Puzzle
Aug 10, 1:28 PM:

KY district schools choose staff overhaul as turnaround method. Must now prove state/federal rules followed before getting any more federal grant money. Concern that too many new teachers are brought on board to work in troubled >

Stimulating Toledo Turnarounds
Aug 10, 9:09 AM:

OH district gets federal grant money to improve 4 underperforming, high-poverty schools. Turnaround strategies include replacing staff and overhauling programs. Schools held accountable because future money depends on performance >

New Chief In Town
Aug 4, 6:10 AM:

Former charter chief takes over 10 troubled TN schools. Supporters call him "true innovator" with "great deal of promise." But some are concerned he was only candidate and lacks exposure to schools' problems. As charter leader, >

Scoop On Charter Companies Lacking
Jul 25, 1:20 PM:

Showcases the 3 companies slated to take over failing IN schools. Highly focused on difficulties organizations faced with low-income, minority populations. Fine to have critical eye, but have to assume there are examples of >



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