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Raising The Bar
Aug 17, 11:07 AM:

NY standards have risen to meet federal goals, but fewer students meet them. Test scores show only 53% met English standards, compared to 77% in 2009. Tougher tests have seen 8th grade math proficiency fall from 86% to 62%. >

Accreditation Revamp Includes Testing Ramp Up
Aug 17, 10:50 AM:

MO state board approves plan boosting number of tests students must take before graduation. Rationale is that students need to have math and English skills necessary for future after high school. Critics worry tests will take >

Concerted Effort Yields Results
Aug 16, 11:31 AM:

CA district defies trends, sees substantial improvements on standardized test scores. Math and English, two areas targeted by educators, saw solid gains. With many English language learners, though, latter subject remains a >

STAR Performance
Aug 16, 11:29 AM:

CA achieves best ever STAR results, with 54% scoring proficient or higher in English, and 50% in math. Long Beach saw improvements across board, but lagged behind state average. Super says results show steady progress. New math >

Reaching For The STARs
Aug 16, 10:23 AM:

Inland Empire students made big strides in this year's CA tests, with 54% now proficient in English. San Bernardino Co. and Silver Valley saw improved results. State Super pays tribute to teachers and parents, who've helped kids >

Schools Raise Their Game
Aug 12, 1:11 PM:

Tulsa public schools have made significant academic improvements, according to initial reports.16/24 schools in need of improvement raised test scores. 7 made AYP, and will come off improvement list. Super commends teachers for >

Wavering Test Results
Aug 12, 10:47 AM:

Tulsa district announces “significant improvement” in API scores, although many schools scores' declined. State should be credited with raising test standards, which made it more difficult for students to reach proficiency in >

Students Want More Testing
Aug 12, 6:34 AM:

NY students express frustration over state cutting opportunities to take Regents exam. Example of students dropping out after failing tests once because they knew they couldn't take it again. "The higher the grades, the better >

Tension Over Testing
Aug 12, 5:11 AM:

Some Louisiana ed folks call for flexibility and to consider evaluating schools based on how they prepare students for college and career. Perhaps they should look at what it takes to get into college these days: SAT, subject >

State Testing Bar Lower Than NAEP
Aug 11, 2:03 PM:

The NCES arm of the Dept. of Ed finds that most state testing standards fall below national benchmarks in math and reading. These watered-down exam bars are said to be an outgrowth of NCLB's call for 100% proficiency rates for >

Teachers Fail To Make Grade
Aug 10, 7:24 AM:

Editorial argues NYC teachers failed to rise to challenge of tougher tests, with only miniscule gains. Higher pass marks and essays designed to prepare kids for college/work. 8th grade English scores fell, racial achievement gap >

Bloomberg’s Pat On The Back For Schools
Aug 9, 2:03 PM:

NYC mayor says students and teachers should be proud of test gains. 3rd-8th graders improved math and English scores, outpacing rest of NY. Says investment in schools and greater accountability are paying off. But city schools >

School Rating Raucous
Aug 8, 8:50 AM:

TX schools marked for missing NCLB benchmarks. Unfair for schools to be marked inadequate when some student groups making progress. No matter how you slice it, it's unfair that certain students aren't getting a quality, or even >

Most Schools On Target
Aug 5, 2:03 PM:

86% of Winston-Salem/Forsyth county schools showed at least expected growth in NC tests, with 37% exceeding targets. Super says students maintained overall proficiency. 7 elementaries gained highest ranking. Budget cuts blamed >

More Teaching, Less Testing
Aug 5, 10:02 AM:

TX Supers say focus on test-taking and accountability leaves less time for teaching. State/federal standards are too rigid and don't allow individualized approach. 3 local counties fail to make AYP, 2/3 judged "acceptable" in >

Schools Savor Perfect Scores
Aug 4, 12:22 PM:

Four of CO district's schools score perfectly in one subject in one grade. Three are charters. Staff are expectedly pleased with results. One school instigated "sequenced writing program" to boost scores. "We are demanding a lot >

Cincinnati Schools Make Strides
Aug 4, 8:58 AM:

Public schools made big gains on OH tests last year. All but 3 expected to come out of Academic Emergency. Higher results could have social/economic impact, making city more attractive to families and businesses. Improvement >

Need Proof Of Cheating
Aug 3, 7:06 AM:

Cautions that with release of NY test scores next week, where student achievement is expected to rise, claims of cheating should not be made unless there is strong proof. Spotlights anti-testing activists who team up with unions >

Fudging The Figures?
Aug 2, 1:57 PM:

La. school boards association alleges New Orleans Recovery School District fudged test scores, by screening out students who failed certain criteria. City schools have outperformed state, but 90% still have D or F grade. District >

Shock Over Accountability
Aug 2, 11:17 AM:

Researchers conclude that high-poverty schools in danger of losing teachers when they flee to high-income areas is an unintended consequence of raising bar on FL state test, labeling the trend as "accountability shock."  Bigger >



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