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Best Of The Tests
Sep 6, 10:06 AM:

Kansas City, KS, schools may opt out of state assessment tests in favor of revamped system. District officials prefer MAP and ACT tests, saying they prepare kids better for college. Super says adopting rigorous, meaningful tests >

Find Success, Then Replicate
Sep 6, 9:36 AM:

Tension in Pittsburgh over how much emphasis is placed on PA state test and the tenacity of the achievement gap. One inner city charter, though, is knocking scores out of the ballpark. Magnet schools doing well, too. Time to >

Why Are ACT Scores Rising?
Sep 2, 11:48 AM:

Departing students in IL district recorded highest scores ever on ACT tests. Average score of 26 far exceeded by state and national averages. What educators are doing to encourage such impressive improvement, though, remains >

Struggling Schools Catching Up
Sep 1, 11:01 AM:

Sacramento's worst performing schools are moving in right direction, with jump in test scores. Last year, Super launched major overhaul of 6 "priority" schools. Now teacher training and added flexibility are getting results. >

Top Of The Class
Sep 1, 10:43 AM:

Shasta Co. schools show growth in CA tests, with Millville Elementary leading the pack. "Proud" Super plans campus celebration. Record 49% of public schools statewide met or surpassed target. Shasta was slightly ahead with 51% on >

Tests Ruin Vacation Plans
Aug 31, 2:40 PM:

Schools in Jefferson and Lewis counties will have to shift spring break, after WI Ed Dept moves testing dates. Super criticizes state for lack of consultation, saying change will disrupt families' vacation plans. Another >

Tests To Follow Spring Break
Aug 31, 12:53 PM:

NY state department moves standardized testing dates, which means tests will be administrated the week after most schools take spring break. Educators are naturally worried that change will have a negative effect on achievement. >

Nebraska Numbers Need Explanation
Aug 30, 11:53 AM:

NE district's test scores generally fall below state averages. District official wants to make sure standards and curriculum are aligned, since this was first year of statewide math assessment. Parents will be getting reports on >

Honesty In Scoring Tests
Honesty In Scoring Tests
Photo by Jason Seliskar
Aug 29, 4:43 AM:

Offers suggestions to a new NY task force whose charge is to improve the integrity of the state's testing system. No brainer recommendation: don't allow school and certainly not test-takers' teacher to grade tests. Use neutral >

Making The Grade
Aug 25, 2:14 PM:

CA exam results show public high school students made academic progress despite spending cuts and larger class sizes. 94.6% passed by senior year, while 82.4% sophomores passed on 1st attempt. Orcutt Academy charter was best in >

Students Overcome Budget Cuts
Aug 25, 12:46 PM:

CA district's populace, including special-education, English language learners and low-income students, outpaced statewide counterparts on math and English standardized tests. Eductators commend students and teachers for enduring >

Still Room For Improvement
Aug 25, 8:19 AM:

Santa Cruz sophomores improved math and English results. But English-learners and poorer students still trail CA average. Associate Super says results show steady growth, and points out many non-native speakers are now classified >

What’s Behind Tweaks, Improvements?
Aug 25, 6:46 AM:

New Orleans' Recovery School District sees biggest jump in ACT scores. But, problematic to compare to previous years since state changed how it reports scores. Unfortunately, cut scores still about 4 points below state average, >

Barresi Bemoans Testing Blunder
Aug 24, 9:41 AM:

Company that processes OK state testing makes errors. Districts must wait on critical performance data which indicate if they made AYP or not. Important because info school transfers based on preliminary data might not be >

Grades Don’t Tell Whole Story
Aug 19, 1:41 PM:

Principal of 1 of 8 D or F-rated Hillsborough Co. schools calls grading system unfair. Says most of them have students enrolling with below-average scores, and they''re working hard to help them catch up. Good argument for using >

Traditional Schools Outperform Charters
Aug 19, 1:30 PM:

Surprising CA test results: struggling L.A. district schools make greater progress than those taken over by mayor or charter groups. L.A. Times analyzed results from lowest-performing 20% schools in 2008. Traditional schools >

STAR Improvement
Aug 19, 10:49 AM:

Despite this year’s budget cuts, CA has seen largest proportion of students scoring proficient or higher on Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program exams. Elementary scores have increased significantly, but those of >

A Testing Dilemma
Aug 19, 8:29 AM:

WY schools consider new possibilities for testing format as current contract expires in 2012. Key feature will be inclusion of Common Core standards as part of new system. Some debate over whether to keep current provider and >

Need For ACTion
Aug 17, 2:08 PM:

TN students lag behind in ACT results, scoring an average 19.5 compared to 21.1 nationwide. New report shows only 15% of 2011 grads hit 4 benchmarks for college/career readiness. Also big achievement gap. Unlike other states, TN >

“Depressing” Achievement Gap
Aug 17, 1:07 PM:

Op-ed bemoans continuing achievement gap between low-income Rochester kids and wealthier suburban families. While tests aren't everything, only 6.5% of kids reading at grade level is clearly unacceptable. Ignoring this problem >



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