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Score Gap
Sep 28, 12:43 PM:

Two MA elementary schools in same district have very different test results. Concern that students with lower scores not prepared for joint middle school and those with higher marks not challenged enough. Also worries income >

Motivating Performance
Sep 27, 2:21 PM:

Teachers at one Jackson (TN) school teach test-taking strategies they hope help students perform better on statewide exams. Improving scores is priority in district that saw declining achievement test results in middle school.

Testing’s Bad Rep
Sep 26, 11:04 AM:

CA parent starts school where students have no worksheets, homework, or tests. Problem is testing unfairly vilified here. Whole point of testing is to identify underserved students and get them help.

Science Scores Low
Sep 22, 11:03 AM:

Connects sub-par science test scores in NH with lack of national standards for the state to follow. Certainly test must align with curricula to get meaningful results, but it is possible for states to do that on their own



Charter’s Teething Troubles
Sep 22, 5:36 AM:

After chaotic 1st year, Gloucester, MA, charter's test results raise red flags. Only 6% of 4th graders proficient in math, 24% in English. Director notes this is "starting point" and many students struggled in previous schools. >

Hurt Feelings Explain Union Actions
Sep 21, 1:20 PM:

WI union holds "listening session" on measuring schools. More like standardized test bashing session. Gov Walker invited union to come up with new accountability benchmarks for NCLB waiver, but union refuses because they're still >

Preparing For SAT
Sep 20, 2:09 PM:

Dover, NH, schools see average or improved SAT scores this year. Guidance director says good prep often makes difference. In that case, it's disappointing few schools offer SAT classes, putting lower-income kids at disadvantage.

CT Disappointing Performance
Sep 20, 1:37 PM:

West Haven district fails to meet AYP based on statewide test results. However, school officials say they'll "Stay the Course" and continue with reforms and goals they've been following the past couple of years. Results don't >

WV School Rankings
Sep 20, 11:39 AM:

Website that collects and combines stats from three sources is out with listing of how counties rate in terms of student achievement. Marion is third in state, just behind Putnam and Ohio counties. Ranking based on statewide test >

Innocent Testing Blunder?
Sep 20, 9:28 AM:

CA teacher brakes rules by reminding students of test-taking tips during exam. Official API rating withheld, but scores still not enough to get school out of INOI status. Pressure of tests unmentioned. Unclear if teacher fully >

Ann Arbor Wants More Testing
Sep 20, 9:02 AM:

MI district shells out money to have students tested 3X year. Adaptive tests taken on computers will help teachers assess students and adjust accordingly. Goal: eliminate achievement gap. Far cry from those saying testing focus >

No Way Around Testing
Sep 19, 12:54 PM:

Testing takes on greater role as MI Gov calls for performance-based system. Columnist thinks measuring tool should change to avoid "teaching to the test." No thought given to quality of tests. Thought-provoking exams that align >

Acing State Tests
Sep 19, 11:21 AM:

GA charter's juniors pass all four sections of mandatory high school exit exam with highest average scores statewide. Time now to replicate what Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Tech does right to help all students >

Achievement Stats, Nothing More
Sep 19, 10:24 AM:

Performance numbers revealed for CA county schools. Most scored above state's target API. Unfortunately, it's a mystery why some schools did so well and others didn't. School with 81 point drop in performance deserves examples of >

MS Improving Results
Sep 15, 1:24 PM:

Three out of four Natchez-Adams schools scored better on state accountability tests but overall, district remains "low-performing." State changed label, but,  schools still considered "at risk of failing." Seems change in term >

SAT Scores Saga
SAT Scores Saga
Photo by -Marlith-
Sep 15, 4:31 AM:

Average SAT scores decline. Reasons given focus on greater economic diversity of test takers. Percent of kids earning top scores (over 700), however, has risen. Could be the thousands of dollars spent on test prep. >

District AIMS High
Sep 9, 1:15 PM:

Public school students in Chandler start scoring ahead of AZ average in sophomore year. District 10th graders ranked 1st  in state writing, math and reading tests. Despite strong results, board says there's still room for >

Making Tests Fairer
Sep 9, 4:39 AM:

NY teachers could be banned from administering and grading their own students' standardized tests. A sensible move -- stakes are higher than ever, and scores will be used in teacher evaluations. Analysis of 2009 Regents results >

OK Scores OK
Sep 7, 1:58 PM:

State's average ACT score  of 20.7 is close to national average, 21.1. Results vary from an average 31.4 at top school, to 13.7 at alternative school for at-risk kids. Some insight into secrets of success -- practice, practice, >

Failing The Tests
Sep 6, 10:29 AM:

OK's track record with testing companies has been marred by errors and delays. Super requests review of $16.7M contract with Pearson Education Inc., after mistakes in 3rd-8th grade exams. FairTest, a think tank opposed to >



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