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Voucher Question Goes Viral
Mar 11, 4:48 PM:

IN state test includes essay question interpreted by some to be pro-voucher. Teacher sees question, copies it down, and eventually it appears on Facebook! (Can Zuckerberg knock out an answer to this? No logarithms allowed.) State >

Tests That Make the Grade
Mar 10, 9:43 AM:

CA public high school promises one letter grade bump in a subject for a student who scores well on state test and already has a passing grade in that subject.  What happened at Grant High School, which is cited here for success >

Unmuddle Moffett Case
Mar 9, 9:53 AM:

Philly district in war of words with outspoken Audenreid HS teacher Hope Moffett over converting the school into a charter. Officials say school has not shown enough improvement and is chronically low-performing. Moffett defends, >

Moral Of Cheating Story
Mar 8, 11:17 AM:

Reflection on yesterday's USA Today article, hoping that high-stakes testing incidents will "inspire a new constituency demanding a hard look at very weird numbers". Yes, drastic changes deserve a second look, but the bigger >

Whither PA Testing?
Mar 8, 9:46 AM:

Acting education sec. says state's tests rollout delayed due to budget cuts and some districts not teaching test material. How long? It's left unclear when any of the exams will be ready for a first introduction, though passing >

Teaching Students, Not the Test

flickr, National Archives
Mar 8, 9:12 AM:

High-stakes state testing is not about a snapshot in time or teaching to the test as NCLB critics would have you believe. Thoughtful conversations with teachers and students in MO show that in order to do well, it takes a full >

Districtwide Testing Monitors
Mar 8, 5:58 AM:

High-stakes state exams brought out cheating at award-winning Baltimore school. Not this year. Brigade of test monitors marching into Baltimore schools to oversee this year's state assessment. Tells what happened to principal >

Connecting Tests To Teachers
Mar 7, 4:48 PM:

One NC school district connects creation of new K-12 tests to student learning and teacher effectiveness. That's nice, but how's that going to be done? Waiting to hear how tests are tied to what's being taught in the classroom >

Testing Gets Bad Rep
Mar 7, 4:07 PM:

Proficiency level on IL state tests upped from 77.5% to 85%. Details what's being done to help all kids meet goals, but coverage isn't enthusiastic about testing --  "schools and ultimately children are being harmed by it". Can >

Look Into Lying
Mar 7, 11:27 AM:

Nationwide survey found 34 schools in MI should be investigated for dramatic standardized test score anomolies. State's Education Dept. says it will do so. Much attention paid to the stress of tying test scores to teacher >

Give Public a Voice
Mar 4, 12:23 PM:

Website "shows" with traffic-light color coding that Valley PA schools are performing better. According to an analysis of test scores, 75% of Valley schools offering standardized tests exceeded state expectations.Tells nothing >

IN Test Questions Choice
Mar 4, 7:49 AM:

School choice opponents believe a question on IN's state student assessment is written to feel out support for the proposed voucher program. Gov and his team deny influence because questions are written and edited, without top >

Taking Exception To No Child Left Behind
Mar 3, 9:27 AM:

District in KS first in US to receive waiver from NCLB testing by creating their own system. Will use other tests, not state issued to analyze college and career readiness. Too much focus on everything NCLB has supposedly done >

Needed: History Lesson on Federal Policy
Mar 3, 5:48 AM:

By law, NCLB needs to be reauthorized, and such an 'event' is cause for some to weigh in with new ideas. But instead of digging into whether those ideas have merit or not, the media seems to take at face value that the biggest >

FL Raises Writing Bar
Mar 1, 12:37 PM:

Announcement that statewide writing test starts today. Students must score a 4 to be deemed proficient, which is up 0.5 points from last year. Schools nervous kids won't meet higher standard. Is increase that significant though? >

English as No Language
Feb 25, 11:38 AM:

State wide effort to allow native Spanish speakers to test in both languages so school test scores look better. The law expects schools to push students to learn English. Are there language exceptions for students who have yet to >

Cleveland Science Scores Cause for Concern
Feb 25, 10:31 AM:

Cleveland ranks near bottom of science test scores for 17 urban school districts in latest NAEP results. Quotes from Cleveland Schools' Chief Academic Officer express concern and promise of a strategy to raise scores in the >



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