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Test Makers Learn a Lesson
May 20, 2:45 PM:

School officials in a FL county have taken steps to improve on end-of-year tests. In 2012, some questions were poorly written and printed with errors, resulting in scoring problems. This year, questions were re-evaluated and will >

Bugs In Online Testing
Apr 17, 5:14 PM:

Minnesota found itself in an embarassing situation this week when thousands of students were prevented from taking online standardized tests due to computer problems. Online tests are useful because they can provide instant >

Testing To Graduate?
Apr 17, 4:51 PM:

Minnesota's GRAD test, which high-schoolers must pass in order to graduate, is under fire from legislators and even the state's education commissioner. "Testing overload" is a key concern, but business leaders say the exams are >

Officials Struggle to Create Tests
Apr 17, 1:25 PM:

By 2014, FL school systems must develop standardized exams that will be used for teacher performance pay. Officials are having trouble developing and assessing questions by the deadline. Experts suggest districts pool their >

It’s Test Time, But Don’t Worry
Apr 15, 4:24 PM:

FL teachers try to create stress-free environments for students taking statewide standardized tests, partly by preparing adequately. FCAT scores will help determine funding, student advancement, teacher evaluation scores and >

Old Thinking On Testing
Jun 22, 8:17 AM:

End of standardized testing can't come soon enough and basis entire argument on Weddle's thinking. While some merit in noting change in economy, points are simply re-cast from 20 years ago. Weak.

All For Student Testing
All For Student Testing
Jun 22, 6:48 AM:

Demands OK districts keep student testing as measure of teacher performance. On-the-mark comparison to "liberal" CA where judge ruled in favor of testing. Ironic, blunt, effective.

Writing Assessment
Jun 11, 5:10 AM:

FL's writing test under scrutiny as scores plummet after standards tighten, with even one local board member failing the test. Somewhat fair appraisal, but leaves out the particular difficulty of assessing writing over reading >

Prepping for STAAR
Mar 12, 3:04 PM:

Highlights plans to ramp up remediation for students on new TX STAAR test. Teachers level of involvement in the planning and rule a plus. Briefly mentions new test benefits.


Questionable Results
Mar 9, 1:19 PM:

Spotlight on NV HS principal for using alternative tactics to meet AYP. Details disturbing look at school driven to succeed at any cost. Impact on teachers and students not mentioned.

WI Testing Missteps
Mar 9, 1:09 PM:

DOE dismisses test scores for Green Bay area school. Spotlight on school’s principal using practice test containing actual test questions. Avoiding future irregularities not mention. 


Class Size Doesn’t Matter
Mar 6, 11:41 AM:

One TX district manages to boost student performance despite rising class size. Super says quality teaching is why.  Could be.  Dig deeper to see what is key to success here.

ACT: Benefit or Burden
Mar 2, 2:45 PM:

NC district requires 11th-grade students to take ACT. District covering cost of test a plus. Tips for parents offered, but how about making the connection between this test and career-focused students. 

College & Job Readiness Testing
Feb 27, 8:43 PM:

Morristown (OH) board of ed briefly highlights 8th-grade college and job readiness test. Not clear on test relevance or plan to use testing data to guide instruction.


OK Law Pushes Reading
Feb 27, 7:53 PM:

New OK law ends social promotion; pushes reading proficiency assessment. Long-term goal is preventing dropouts. Problem is onus placed on kid, not on teacher who may not be tops in teaching reading.

Testing Switch
Oct 5, 12:13 PM:

NC students now required to take ACT. Test will help determine students' collegecareer readiness on national level, unlike state tests that only allow county comparisons. Only fixing quality of learning in high school though will >

Utica Test Results
Oct 5, 10:41 AM:

District officials concerned that several schools in area may make NY's "need improvement" list because of English Language Arts scores. List is part of state accountability system under NCLB.

Fighting Low-Performing Label
Oct 4, 2:31 PM:

For one MS principal, a culture change at the school is the best way to tackle failing-school label and improve the school,too. Starts with teachers, principal adds. And that's why reform of seniority and tenure rules is key, >

SAT Test Prep
Oct 4, 1:53 PM:

Students in one WA high school are preparing to take the PSAT in their junior year in order to gain experience with the test because students who take the PSAT score higher on SAT, says on district officials. Goal is to create >

A+ Performance
Sep 28, 1:50 PM:

CA's Liberty Elementary's fourth graders score 100% on statewide math test for second straight year, meaning they're 100% proficient according to NCLB standards. Emphasis on teachers working collaboratively. That it's >



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