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Oregon students’ math, reading skills plummet post-pandemic - Los Angeles Times
Sep 23, 7:42 AM:

Testing from spring 2022 shows students who were already behind before the pandemic had the most learning loss but all children overall lost ground when compared with spring 2019 test scores, Oregon Department of Education >

Montgomery students are meeting literacy expectations but are behind in math
Sep 23, 7:34 AM:

Montgomery County students met the school system’s performance target in reading but fell short of goals in math for the last school year, according to academic data shared with the school board Thursday.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kalus pledges to revamp education testing in R.I.
Sep 22, 9:11 AM:

During the 2020-2021 school year, only 33 percent of students in grades three through eight were considered proficient in English language arts and 20 percent were doing math at grade level. Results for the last school year are >

State report cards show impact of pandemic
Sep 21, 10:27 AM:

While 100% of students were promoted to the fourth grade, 63.3% were proficient in third grade reading and 24.3% saw improvement in K-3 literacy.

Missouri changes enrollment, funding and testing rules for full-time virtual learners
Sep 15, 7:00 AM:

Students no longer have to seek approval from their "home" district to enroll full-time with Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program — or MOCAP — providers hosted by higher education institutions or school districts, >

Coalition says education achievement gap has widened
Sep 15, 6:49 AM:

Three years after the Student Opportunity Act was signed to address educational inequity, pledging $1.5 billion to the public education system by 2027, low-income and minority students are falling even farther behind their peers >

Parents Can Leave the Failing Public School System
Sep 14, 5:19 AM:

It was cruel COVID-era policies – implemented by teachers’ unions, education bureaucrats, and negligent school boards – that caused test scores to plummet.

Montana education officials release math, reading scores
Sep 14, 5:09 AM:

Scores were released for the federally mandated math and reading assessment tests from Montana's 2021-2022 academic year.

The required assessment measures math and reading or English language arts proficiency for students from >

Edgecombe charter school earns high state ranking
Sep 14, 4:54 AM:

North East Carolina Prep School scored in the top 3 percent of the 2,523 schools in North Carolina, according to the state Department of Public Instruction’s 2021-22 Performance and Growth Report released on Sept. 1.

See how Northwest Indiana students did on third-grade reading assessment
Aug 12, 9:19 AM:

Most third-grade students attending schools in Northwest Indiana last year were reading at about the same level, or better, than their peers across the Hoosier State.

The results from the 2021-22 Indiana Reading Evaluation and >

Seaside School Inc. ranked No. 1 combination charter school in Florida. Details on the scores
Aug 9, 8:53 AM:

SANTA ROSA BEACH — With the opening of the new 2022-23 school year, The Seaside School Inc. (TSS) continues to earn top academic rankings by claiming the No. 1-ranked combination charter school in Florida for the 2021-22 school >

Study: Maryland public school systems rank 5th best in U.S.
Jul 26, 9:12 AM:

Maryland ranks fifth overall in best public school systems in the country, according to a new study.

The personal-finance website WalletHub conducted the study and found that Maryland topped the nation with the existence of a >

Report ranks Tennessee’s public schools mid-pack in terms of quality and safety
Jul 26, 8:49 AM:

The Volunteer State was ranked 28th overall with a score of 49.18 out of 100, behind Kentucky (21st) but ahead of neighboring states Mississippi (43rd), Alabama (42nd), Georgia (36th), Missouri (35th), Arkansas (32nd) and North >

Eighth-graders at Success Academy pass majority of Regents
Jul 19, 7:56 AM: The roughly 1,000 students at Success Academy middle schools took and aced four of the five Regent exams required for a high school diploma in New York, The Post has learned.
UT Parents Opt Out
Apr 7, 6:56 AM:

With new state standardized testing being administered, schools and teachers may suffer consequences from students who have opted out to take new state test, SAGE. It is clear how student opt outs impact UT’s education system but >

Grades Are In For Schools
Aug 14, 5:33 AM:

Grades went out for AZ schools. District reported on maintained it A grade, as did it's charter.  School were grade dropped is reviewing its curriculum and other factors that may contribute to its loosing ground.

Fewer Meet Higher Bar
Jul 17, 7:16 AM:

Big drop in number of Chicago kids meeting bar on state exam. Since benchmark was raised, other districts also are expected to have scores drop. Mayor says his extended day proposal can save the day. Little growth in charters, >

NAEP’s Minority Report
Jun 28, 5:17 AM:

Nation's Report Card shows narrowing of achievement gap. Black and Hispanic students, who comprise 1/3 of gap, have made "substantial" gains since '70s, at all ages. Also, more struggling students are staying in school. >

Persistently Not Ready For College
Jun 25, 7:10 AM:

Although scores on ACT are improving for MI students, only 10% are deemed ready for college. Only 1 district had more than half prepared and Detroit only 2%. Achievement gap has widened since 2012.

What Do The Scores Mean?
May 24, 2:12 PM: Although the results of Florida's standardized testing has been released, it is unclear if students are learning. The constant tweaking of tests and scoring leave teachers, parents and students wondering if students have made any >



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