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New State Rules Offer Road Map for Regulating Private Hasidic Schools
Sep 14, 5:17 AM:

The State Board of Regents on Tuesday enacted regulations aimed at holding New York private schools to minimum academic standards.

Statewide Data Points To Improvement
Sep 27, 1:56 PM:

The Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress, also known as K-PREP. Kentucky, one of the first states in the country to adopt the Common Core standards in reading and math, has shown improvement in high school scores >

Commitee Urged to Find Real Solutions
May 15, 2:41 PM: In an effort to equalize the grading scale, a FL committee proposed to set 50 as the lowest grade a student could achieve, and eliminate the 0 grade. Parents and teachers shot down the idea saying it would lower standards and water >
Standards And Progress
Sep 30, 5:00 AM:

PA moves AYP benchmark higher, but fewer students reach it even though their performance on statewide exams improved. In Philly, 46% of city's traditionals and charters met standards. But since there are fewer charter schools, >

National Standards At Work
Sep 29, 11:39 AM:

Common core has come to Montgomery County, MD, currently K-2.  Said to be a way to build critical thinking.  Need to make sure basics are taught, too, that allow for problem solving to occur.

Common Core Curriculum
Sep 29, 5:27 AM:

Supports common core curriculum, which WA has adopted along with 39 other states. Makes logical connection that nation needs consistency, due to mobility, and also high standards for achievement. But, are they high enough?

Changing Expectations
Sep 14, 3:23 PM:

MI educators begin prepping parents for lower test scores expected after state board adopts tougher standards for MEAP exams. Decision reveals how low expectations were for students and why NCLB waivers need to avoid sanctions. >

Raising Standards, Changing Expectations
Sep 8, 11:51 AM:

Tougher standards in store for MI students. Could mean more schools are labeled as "failing." Students will also have to answer twice as many questions and answer more correctly. What are these schools doing to prepare for this >

School Meet And Miss Standards Simultaneously
Sep 1, 5:36 AM:

Disconnect between more CA schools meeting state's academic standards, but failing to achieve NCLB targets. Budget shortfalls have led to staff cuts and elimination of summer school program, so educators say they are encouraged >

State Introduces Letter Grades For Schools
Aug 31, 1:42 PM:

IN schools received own letter grades as yearly accountability reports are released. Under new plan, schools receiving an F will be required to hold meetings considering a variety of intervention measures, including a state >

Standards Need An Update
Aug 31, 8:58 AM:

ME commissioner says teachers are working with "antiquated" education system designed for a very different world. In the past, students were left behind if they couldn't keep up. Prevailing belief was that only a select number of >

Growth Model Could Replace NCLB
Aug 29, 7:29 AM:

NV schools look to "growth scores," which measure student progress against other students in state, for signs of improvement instead of NCLB targets. Places emphasis on improvement rather than specific grade-level goals. State >

Can States Keep Up With Fed Targets?
Aug 11, 1:35 PM:

State standards severely lag behind federal requirements. MA is only state currently meeting targets, but most parents don't realize trend because of varying standards. Duncan points to overhauling NCLB as one solution. “Low >

Disappointing Scores, Time For Reform?
Aug 9, 2:32 PM:

Woeful English and math scores in NY district as AYP reports are released. Officials were particularly disappointed with English scores, although they noted that the state made the tests more rigorous as it prepares for coming >

One District On Target
Aug 9, 11:36 AM:

AL district met AYP targets, landing in the minority. Only one school did not meet 100% of its goal. For that school, district plans to develop strategies to address gaps in math and reading scores that have persisted.

Districts Await News Of Sanctions
Aug 5, 2:28 PM:

Rising TX standards resulted in more of district's schools missing accountability measures. Remember: "Missing the mark in any one subgroup means failure to make AYP." Awaiting word if district will face any sanctions for >

More To Be Done After Scores Improve
Aug 5, 12:44 PM:

Educators happy with improved MS test scores. Some notable achievements: for the first time, more than 50 percent of elementary and middle school students passed in reading and math. High schoolers also saw gains. State plans to >

District Pleased With Progress
Aug 5, 10:59 AM:

TX district improves its rank following AYP reports. Superintendent contributes success to "the hard work of our staff and students." Ratings consider student performance on state tests along with annual dropout rates and >

Schools See Raw Success Under New Standards
Aug 3, 1:40 PM:

TX district narrowly misses earning distinction in annual rankings. Schools saw improvement across most subgroups and generally, but standards were hiked in anticipation of approaching NCLB deadline. Officials stressed the raw >

New Standards Reshape Landscape
Aug 2, 12:36 PM:

Houston schools see fewer schools exceling, more struggling in latest report. Officials, though, say new standards might obstruct progress being made. Schools that invested in special programs, such as tutoring sessions and >



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