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Seattle teachers approve new contract following strike
Sep 21, 10:34 AM:

Teachers in Seattle have approved a new, three-year contract following a strike that delayed the start of the school year in Washington state’s largest district.

School to start Wednesday in Seattle after weeklong strike
Sep 14, 5:21 AM:

Classes will begin Wednesday in Seattle following a weeklong teachers strike that delayed the start of the new school year.

Seattle teacher strike persists, no classes Monday
Sep 12, 10:32 AM:

Students in Seattle on Monday will miss a fourth day of school as teachers strike over pay and classroom support.

The school district Sunday afternoon announced the cancellation of Monday classes and said negotiations with the >

Editorial: Want to know the wrong way to close schools? Just look to Oakland
Feb 10, 10:13 AM: If California school district officials need a lesson on how not to deal with declining enrollments, they can look to Oakland.
Political Vulnerability Of School Closings
May 30, 4:28 AM:

Chicago Mayor's approval rating has sunk since he pushed for closings. Lawsuits filed by parents and teachers to keep schools open. But budget concerns are for real, says expert. Question is was it too many, too soon.

Behind Dwindling Enrollment
Sep 20, 1:32 PM:

Memphis Board suggests Super continue to research potential closing of 3 under-enrolled city schools. Will recommend action to unified board resulting from Shelby-Memphis merger. Biggest question is why there's such a decrease at >

Relentless Resolve To Consolidate
Sep 2, 10:03 AM:

CA district Super plans to close and consolidate schools over next 3 years. Current "glut" of schools "drains district coffers and fails to meet the needs of too many Oakland students." Closing schools met resistance in past >

Shuttering School In Steel City
Sep 1, 1:36 PM:

Pittsburgh is closing some Accelerated Learning Academies, schools with longer days/year to help struggling students. Not surprising to hear that some liked the program, others didn't. Unclear why these schools are being closed, >

Closure Complicates Busing In New Year
Aug 25, 2:33 PM:

School closure in CA district forces some parents into difficult transportation situation. Principal pledges to improve busing schedule. No elaboration, though, on why school was closed or what's attracting parents to new school >

School Closure Rumors Exaggerated
Aug 24, 2:31 PM:

Chester Upland, PA, district orders charter to stop running enrollment ad claiming another public school is closing. Acting Super says Village School's future is still being discussed. Parents were concerned by lease notice on >

School Saved From Certain Closure
Aug 18, 9:50 AM:

PA elementary/middle school, the outlook of which was formerly in limbo, seems safe for foreseeable future. Board rehired teachers and other staff in anticipation of move. Also restored extended days and added enrichment programs >

Cash Cuts Could Shutter Schools
Aug 5, 6:18 AM:

7 Pittsburgh schools could close due to $25M cut and falling enrollment. Super's plan would include new K-8 school and expanding elementary. Board Prez agrees on need to cut costs, but laments neighborhoods will lose schools. >

Should We “Save Our Schools”?
Aug 3, 12:46 PM:

Parents and students rally against closing SC schools. They point to "one hundred years of history" and schools' integration with community. Task force recommended closure, which would allow the district to save money and >

Why Save Failing Schools?
Jul 12, 7:24 AM:

Parents, students rally to save struggling FL schools from takeover. Leaves readers to wonder why a takeover wouldn't be beneficial to the students involved. Poor explanation of schools' predicament. Neglects to tell us why >

What Next For Empty Schools?
Jul 7, 8:56 AM:

Norwich city council, CT, votes not to demolish 2 unused school buildings, but future use still uncertain. Charter school idea sounds interesting, but no details given. Is there demand for a charter here? Many charters struggle >

Parents Brave Weather To Protest Closures
Jun 23, 10:10 AM:

Story chronicles complaints of citizens who opposed closing schools in AL district where demographics are shifting. Dutifully reports their largely legitimate questions, but fails to delve into the issues raised. Much is at stake >

Too Many Classrooms, Too Few Students
Jun 22, 12:55 PM:

Seminole Co., FL has more schools than children to fill them. Focus here on overbuilding based on flawed state growth data. Good details about under-capacity schools and possibility of more closures. Would like to know more about >

Schools Work, So Why Close Them?
Jun 17, 8:50 AM:

Philly may close 13 accelerated schools to save cash. Case studies of at-risk students helped by privately run schools. Mayor says nationally recognized network gets results; district says programs would be cheaper in-house. Tell >

Hard To Say Good-bye
Jun 15, 10:17 AM:

Salem-Keizer district in OR closing three elementary schools. Focus here on student/teacher farewells, but would like to know whether teachers reassigned or laid-off, what happens to buildings, and where other money's coming from >

Carefully Considered Pittsburgh Closures
Jun 15, 8:49 AM:

PA district preparing to close some schools as enrollment declines. Details rubric for selecting schools for closures and efficiently explores enrollment situation. Would be helpful to explain why students are leaving district. >



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