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HS’s Achievement Decline
Feb 15, 10:00 AM:

A sentimental tale about MN's North High school, known for its basketball dominance, but lowest achieving school in state. Widespread public school choice means most parents won't choose this school. Officials recommend closure >

Why Did Gov Back Down?
Feb 14, 12:39 PM:

Fla's Scott ditched his plan for school choice expansion in the face of organized opposition. Touches on his alternative solutions. Needed: Closer examination of the opposition to his original ideas.

CA Dropout Rate Surge
Feb 14, 12:07 PM:

High dropout rate is driven in part by illegal immigration; could create permanent uneducated underclass. Hope seen rate may have stabilized, but no information on efforts or proposals to stem dropout epidemic. 

Full Docket of NH Ed Bills
Feb 11, 11:22 AM:

Plenty of decisions for Granite State legislators, one big theme: state vs. local. Without details of where the system's failing, it's unclear what needs fixing. 

NH Home Schooling Divide
Feb 9, 1:34 PM:

Hearings on home school regs divide parents over state interference. Missing info: achievement rates for home schooled kids and what will intervention look like.

Vouchers Possible In Penn.

Feb 7, 5:51 PM:

Chance for parents to move students to school that better meets needs. Reporting forgets to mention if there are other choices for stuck students though.

Ohio Parents’ Options

Feb 7, 4:03 PM:

District disallows school transfer so grandmother can supervise kids after dismissal. School choice efforts deserve examination.

Ind. Charter Waits Too Long?
Feb 7, 3:19 PM:

Many more applications than schools can currently handle. Data on waiting lists, but only anecdotes on claimed performance gaps between charters and trad, public schools.

Pa. Bill’s Choice Parameters
Feb 7, 2:49 PM:

Vouchers for low-income students to leave worst schools -- later any school. Criteria set out for low income but not school performance, and you might want to know about advantages of school aid without an income test.

Parents Still Face Tough Choice
Feb 7, 2:26 PM:

Parent search for out-of-boundary high schools is staggering.  Left unsaid is why many parents forced to go outside their zone and what's being done to improve in-district choices or facilitate private school options. >

Choice Doesn’t Mean More of Same
Feb 7, 2:11 PM:

Traditional public school boundaries give way in SC,  giving students more "choice."  More of the same, with just new school title, isn't choice.  Describe how learning is improved at new schools.

Miss. Misses Point
Feb 7, 1:58 PM:

Worries about new charter deflecting funds from district. Problem is what these schools aren't doing to meet students' educational needs.

Voucher Debate
Feb 7, 12:57 PM:

NC taxes could fund private school tuition. You don't explain state's other school choice options.

Transformation Trigger
Feb 4, 2:45 PM:

Wants Nevada lawmakers' sights on unfolding of Parent Trigger Bill since state trails in school choice. Would be nice to actually have details on choices though -- along with student achievement data.

New Jersey Pushes Forward

Feb 4, 2:34 PM:

Innovative NJ program allows businesses to provide tuition vouchers so students can leave low-performing public schools. Balanced reporting but no background on any similar measures in other states. Has it worked before? >

Different States Of School Choice
Feb 4, 12:18 PM:

A nice contrast between Ohio --where a mother faces jail time for sending her child to an unassigned school -- and Colorado, where parents can freely send their children to 
almost any school they choose.

Bay County Open Enrollment
Feb 4, 12:09 PM:

Fla. parents apply for choice school, but face difficulties if out of zone or desired school at capacity. You could explain other options- or lack of- to illuminate bigger picture of educational options.

Vouchers Approved in Jersey
Feb 4, 11:30 AM:

Unanimous vote allows students in failing schools to attend private schools. Bigger picture of what state is doing to improve education is missing.

Gold Star For Texas’ Gold Seal Program
Feb 3, 11:18 AM:

Lonestar State creates opportunities with Gold Seal program in light of budget deficit by realigning resources. Background on Gold Seal program would discern if program is as successful as it sounds.

Opportunity for N.J. Scholars
Feb 3, 10:31 AM:

N.J. Assembly might increase education choices with opportunity scholarships- aka vouchers. Idea isn't new-  we'd like to know how vouchers have worked elsewhere, but information absent.



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