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Arizona’s education system is the gold standard for choice
Jul 22, 10:45 AM:

In a historic move, Arizona expanded its ESA program to universal eligibility. Now, all Arizona children will have access to a wide range of educational options.

Other states must catch up.

Pro-School Choice Candidates Outperform During Primaries: American Federation for Children
Jul 22, 10:36 AM:

Candidates that get behind school choice are outperforming during the primaries, according to Corey DeAnglis, senior fellow at the American Federation for Children.

Tennessee launches education savings account program in Davidson, Shelby counties
Jul 22, 10:19 AM:

Tennessee has launched its Educational Savings Account program, which applies to students in both Memphis and Nashville schools.

(Opinion) School choice winning but teachers union empire striking back
Jul 21, 8:05 AM:

The school choice movement is winning like never before, but government school defenders are doing all they can to protect their monopoly.

First charter school in St. Tammany, for students with dyslexia, prepares to open next month
Jul 21, 7:48 AM:

Operated by LKA Baton Rouge, which is entering into its ninth year, the school for dyslexic students will open its doors at a new location near the intersection of U.S 190 and North Collins Boulevard in Covington on Aug. 11, >

Gov. Lee addresses charter schools, education in Tennessee
Jul 21, 7:38 AM:

“There’s a lot of conversation about other people’s words,” Governor Lee said. “There are a lot of folks who actually don’t want choice for families and for parents, and there’s a lot of pushback on that.” >

After court rulings, Tennessee governor wastes no time rolling out private school voucher program
Jul 21, 7:25 AM:

Less than a week after judges allowed Tennessee to resume work on its long-stalled private school voucher program, the program’s website roared back to life, and forms are available online for families and private schools in >

Virginia’s scholarship tax credits are an educational beacon of hope
Jul 19, 8:35 AM: Long before the creation of EISTCP a decade ago, the Congress understood the public benefit provided by religious schools, authorizing public funding and tax benefits to support them. Examples include federal Title I and Title II >
Operation Education: What schools are families choosing?
Jul 19, 8:16 AM: Families can choose to send their children to public schools or charter schools of their choice. Parents can also chose most private schools in the state and many are eligible to receive financial help through the Indiana Choice >
Tennessee school voucher program sign-up begins Tuesday
Jul 19, 7:58 AM: It’s the new school voucher system the state named the Education Savings Account (ESA) Program. After being held up by court battles over the last three years, starting this school year, it allows parents in just two districts, >
Opinion | Co-Opting the Parents Revolt
Jul 18, 8:19 AM:

One political consequence of the pandemic has been a spontaneous uprising among parents across the U.S. against school lockdowns and woke curricula. Now the Biden Administration has decided to mobilize a political counter-force >

Opinion | Those destroying public schools don’t want you thinking about alternatives
Jul 18, 8:14 AM: Public schools are in a serious downward spiral. The options are fixing them, which hasn’t worked for decades, or letting parents get their kids out.
Opinion |  Pluralistic society best argument for school choice
Jul 14, 9:37 AM: It's time to fully acknowledge the differences that we have in society and find ways to alleviate endless cultural wars. School choice expansion can help us accomplish that goal.
Education savings account bills dead as Louisiana lawmakers decide not to reconvene for veto session
Jul 14, 9:28 AM: Louisiana legislative leaders have officially called off a veto override session for 2022, leaving in place the governor’s rejection of proposals to boost school choice, improve election integrity and protect religious liberty, >
How Arizona Has Made Great Education Accessible And Sustainable
Jul 13, 7:54 AM: The latest and most groundbreaking new law in Arizona allows 1.1 million public school parents to use their state tax dollars to choose the educational pathway they believe best meets the needs of their children.
Public, private, charter and more; school choices can be tough for families
Jul 13, 7:24 AM: Miami Valley families have many choices on where to send their kids to K-12 school. Making that choice between public school, charter school, private school, STEM school, or homeschool can be difficult, but there are tools >
How Democrats And Republicans Can Rally Behind An Education Freedom Bull Market
Jul 12, 9:03 AM: Given the tribal political divides in our country that seem to widen daily, this may seem like a crazy time to suggest that progressives and conservatives might actually rally behind this cause. But in fact, this is an ideal >
Arizona passes expansive school choice legislation
Jul 12, 8:54 AM: Participating families can receive over $6,500 per year per child for private school, homeschooling, micro-schools, tutoring or any other form of education provided outside of a traditional public school system.
Judge reviewing arguments over Ohio’s school voucher program
Jul 12, 8:36 AM: A Franklin County judge is reviewing the many arguments filed in a court case against Ohio’s school voucher system, known as EdChoice.
Opinion | Enough Excuses and Stagnation at Public School
Jul 11, 7:39 AM: States with robust money-follow-the-child programs, such as Florida and Arizona, register achievement gains far exceeding the national average.



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