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Private Equity Firms Eye Education
Apr 5, 4:55 AM:

Intro to world of private-equity-backed firms buying private schools; example from Manhattan. Left out is why high-priced private failed. Checklist: Quality teachers? Rigorous curriculum? Safe environment?

FL’s Montessori Mashup
Mar 28, 11:40 AM:

Key West private Montessori's upset that it could lose kindergarteners to a public Montessori charter. Claims it affects the "three-year cycle of learning," but reporting hints that money's the main matter here.


Push beyond >

Disgruntled Parents
Mar 15, 4:55 AM:

Mother sues independent preschool for failing to sufficiently prepare daughter for intelligence test required for entry into NYC private schools. Lawsuit doesn't mention if child even took the test, and neither does reporting. >

More Credit For Private Tuition
Mar 9, 8:09 AM:

AZ Senate votes to boost by 50% taxpayer credits for donations to scholarships that help send kids to private schools -- while declining a family income cap for recipients. One senator claims the policy will save on state aid to >

Best Practice For Kids With Learning Differences?
Feb 11, 8:40 AM:

Start-up of new, private middle school in Greater Boston devoted to students with learning differences & developmental delays. Founder  & parent says even top public school is too limited to address such diverse needs. >

Private School Turned Charter?
Feb 10, 12:57 PM:

Scranton school seeks charter status. No info on why school applying-- reporting makes it seem only reason is to shirk tuition. No sense of state's charter climate either.

Fl. Voucher Expansion
Feb 7, 2:05 PM:

Florida is promoting their new voucher program to low-income students. The plan is to market to a different group of students that need more help. While informative, statistics seem conflicting in the article about how this will >

The Right Questions
Jan 31, 2:43 PM:

A good, practical step-by-step guide to finding a private school. The article suggests to parents the questions to ask in finding a school that will meet their wants and needs.



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