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Transfers, Football And Failing Schools
Aug 13, 5:17 AM:

Muddled account of kids in St. Louis County who seek to transfer due to failing-school label of their current school.  Interview with 1 parent, who is elected official, saying kids only wanted to transfer because of football. >

Faculty Overhaul
Apr 25, 9:14 AM:

After third ‘D’ rating, a FL school is firing the whole staff to turn the school around. Parents and teachers unions say the school needs more time. Staff will be required to reapply for their jobs and may be able to work >

Adams 12 Conversion Choice
Sep 26, 5:45 AM:

Underperforming CO middle school reopens as STEM magnet. No charter conversion because district's other magnet seeing success. Wary of incorrect implication that charters have admissions requirements -- they accept students by >

Tutoring Error Fails At-Risk Kids
Sep 7, 6:43 AM:

Columbus fails to spend $5.7M fed dollars on tutoring for needy kids. Audit also reveals 570 students were tutored by "ineffective" groups, with some falsifying records or failing to complete background checks. "Flabbergasted" OH >

Extra Money Welcomed, For Now
Sep 2, 6:49 AM:

Low-performing DE schools picked for Partnership Zone program happy about getting extra money and assistance. Schools in previous years weren't so happy. Race to the Top money allows more schools to participate in state's >

Fed Funds Fuel Partnership Program
Sep 1, 5:38 AM:

DE's lowest-performing schools get transformed via Partnership Zone. State promised to restructure 10 schools in Race to the Top application and won funding. Schools will use money to undergo changes, like revamped curriculums, >

Behind Underperforming Schools
Aug 26, 1:09 PM:

MI releases list of 98 schools that have to submit reform plans because of inadequate performance. Two Muskegon area schools on the list, including a charter. Explanation of federal formula for identifying underperforming schools >

Should They Stay Or Should They Go?
Aug 2, 6:53 AM:

2 under-performing FL schools inform parents of transfer options -- but encourage them to stay. Duval Co. has waiver to maintain control of intervene schools for another year. But they must offer families choice, incl. charter, >

Federal Funds Find Failing Schools
Jul 28, 6:33 AM:

Nearly $50 million federal grant intended to aid NJ's struggling schools. Briefly explains different turnaround models. Big question looms: Will turnaround approach truly tap quality teachers, or will Newark's "dance of lemons" >

Bottom Of The Class
Jul 25, 1:17 PM:

Palm Beach African-centered charter is 1 of 27 FL schools to get F grade. State and district will now intervene. School faces closure if it doesn't improve. Charter caters to poorer kids, or those who've struggled in other >

Fixing Subpar Schools Can’t Wait
Jul 22, 6:49 AM:

Star columnist pushes for stronger IN intervention law. Uses Bennett's announcement of failing schools slated for state takeover as opportunity to discuss accountability for Indianapolis district. Only complaint is that there's >

Takeover For Failing Schools
Jul 22, 6:48 AM:

IN looks set to take over 6 struggling Indy schools, and hand them over to private/nonprofit management. Awaiting test scores for final decision. Detailed look at process, with parents' views. Most conclude something needs to be >

Kids Still Waiting In Failing Schools
Jul 19, 6:22 AM:

FL Super grants 6 failing Miami-Dade and Duval schools extra year to turn around. Conditions include showcasing transfer options, hiring independent management and RTTT participation. Sounds like too little, too late. District >

Why Are Schools Failing?
Jul 15, 10:33 AM:

Very technical report on the dismal test results for Baltimore's schools on yearly state tests. Nearly 90 percent of city's schools failed to make progress. Ouch. But story focuses on how scores are produced and impact of NCLB, >

School’s Failing, Now What?
Jul 15, 8:49 AM:

Underperforming schools difficult to shut down because of lack of communication with parents and community. Parents thinking school is better than numbers indicate plays role, too. Probably because of ways schools notify parents >

Parents Oppose Takeover
Jul 14, 10:58 AM:

Bridgeport mayor, Super and board all support CT takeover of failing schools. But parents' group object, filing injunction. While their complaint about lack of input may be valid, results show clear need for action. Ask parents >

Low Performers, No Help This Year
Jul 12, 10:48 AM:

Good exclusive story about failing Providence, RI schools needing intervention not on "refreshed list" of those to take part in fed Ed. Dept. school-reform models. Lots of details, and article seeks answers from state ed >

Reversing Decades Of Failure
Jul 8, 2:40 PM:

Op-ed laments apathy over state takeover of Indy schools, while doling up common-sense advice. Clearly action is needed, but kids often start struggling as early as kindergarten. Research on value of early ed would support views, >

Special Needs, Falling Through The Cracks
Jul 7, 7:32 AM:

Principal of high-achieving high school upset that school will get grade of C because it didn't produce for only one of student sub-groups -- kids with special needs.  So, these kids don't count? Probe to see why these kids >

Struggling Students Need Spotlight
Jul 5, 12:08 PM:

Showcases top students at NY school deemed failing. Admits students are an exception to trend. Uses students' demographics as excuse for low achievement. Too bad there are schools throughout the nation with proven track record of >



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