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Public Schools Have No One But Themselves To Blame For Enrollment Drops
Aug 9, 8:57 AM:

All over the country, public schools are experiencing a noticeable decline in enrollment due to serious problems that aren’t being fixed.

Cities face crisis as fewer kids enroll and schools shrink
Aug 8, 10:54 AM:

 Across the U.S., COVID-19 relief money is helping to subsidize growing numbers of big-city schools with small numbers of students

Enrollment levels impact funding for area schools
Aug 3, 8:12 AM:

The pandemic hit school districts hard in 2020, with Wisconsin schools losing 25 thousand students, and statewide, it hasn't quite bounced back.

Charter schools keep expanding in North Carolina
Aug 3, 8:09 AM:

Charter schools — publicly funded schools that are independently run — continue to expand across the state, with 207 charter schools statewide heading into the upcoming school year. Mecklenburg County has 34.

Cities across the U.S. face crisis as fewer kids enroll in public schools
Aug 2, 10:33 AM:
A state law prohibits Chicago from closing or consolidating schools until 2025. And across the U.S., COVID-19 relief money is helping subsidize shrinking schools. But when the money runs out in a few years, officials will face a >
In new school year, some Indianapolis charter schools grow
Aug 2, 10:25 AM:
Since opening its first Englewood campus in 2017, Purdue Polytechnic has grown from just 140 freshmen to over 600 students on that campus alone, Executive Director Scott Bess said. The north campus at Broad Ripple High School, >
California schools have seen huge enrollment declines. Where are all the students?
Jul 27, 8:10 AM:

California's K-12 enrollment decline of more than 270,000 students since the pandemic began is largely attributable to people leaving the state, not enrolling children in transitional kindergarten or kindergarten, or deciding to >

Analysts: Teacher ranks have increased while enrollment has dropped
Jul 22, 10:37 AM:

While research centers and public agencies have widely reported a statewide educator shortage of over 1,000 this year, teacher ranks have actually gone up, analysts for the Legislative Finance and Legislative Education Study >

D.C.’s changing public school enrollment: Trends by race and grade band
Jul 22, 10:14 AM:

To better understand the underlying factors that lead to these shifts, we examine changes in birth trends and changes in enrollment preferences by race.

Enrollment down in traditional NYC public schools, as charters grow
Jul 21, 7:41 AM:

While traditional public schools continue to “hemorrhage” students, New York City charter schools have seen increases in enrollment, a new study has found.

Operation Education: What schools are families choosing?
Jul 19, 8:16 AM: Families can choose to send their children to public schools or charter schools of their choice. Parents can also chose most private schools in the state and many are eligible to receive financial help through the Indiana Choice >
Report shows enrollment in DC schools is down and projected to continue to decline
Jul 19, 8:00 AM: A report by the DC Policy Center shows enrollment growth stalled in D.C. schools during the pandemic and if the trend continues, an enrollment that currently stands at 87,000 could decline to 81,000 by 2026.
Here’s what charter enrollment numbers tell about Black students
Jul 19, 7:53 AM: During the pandemic, we’ve seen an exodus of teachers from public schools, but it turns out educators aren’t the only ones ditching traditional K-12 education institutions.
Teaching college enrollment has plummeted. The NC Teaching Fellows program is fueling limited growth
Jul 18, 7:59 AM: Education majors fell since the recession, classroom vacancies are now soaring
The U.S. student population is more diverse, but schools are still highly segregated
Jul 14, 9:55 AM: The U.S. student body is more diverse than ever before. Nevertheless, public schools remain highly segregated along racial, ethnic and socioeconomic lines.
D.C. school enrollment expected to drop after years of increases
Jul 14, 9:17 AM: The shift is driven by declining birthrates and people leaving the city or changing schools during the pandemic, study finds
Developing Career Clarity In High School
Jul 13, 7:47 AM: The more dynamic the job market and the more expensive college gets, the more important career education becomes. However, most US students don’t get the chance to match their strengths and interests to emerging career >
D.C. public school enrollment slows
Jul 13, 7:21 AM: D.C. public schools’ enrollment growth slowed to a crawl during the pandemic. And it’s not likely to substantially increase in the near future, according to a D.C. Policy Center report released today.
Albany Leadership Charter School for Girls to expand
Jul 8, 8:52 AM: A big expansion is on the way for Albany Leadership Charter School for Girls. The school has acquired the building that’s been home to Bishop Maginn High School.
Tucson Unified sees second year of high demand for summer courses
Jun 27, 7:54 AM: Tucson Unified School District saw one of its highest summer school enrollment numbers this year, with more than 11,000 students in grades K-12 taking classes during June.



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