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With COVID Aid Pouring in, School Funding Ballot Initiatives Scarce This Year
Sep 22, 9:21 AM:

Education issues may determine who wins top political offices in November. But we're not seeing the usual raft of school-related ballot initiatives

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kalus pledges to revamp education testing in R.I.
Sep 22, 9:11 AM:

During the 2020-2021 school year, only 33 percent of students in grades three through eight were considered proficient in English language arts and 20 percent were doing math at grade level. Results for the last school year are >

In union-stronghold Pennsylvania, Democratic nominee supports school choice
Sep 21, 10:12 AM:

Support for more education funding isn’t a rarity among Democrats nationally, but a Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee is standing out for his support of school choice.

Other states have passed school choice programs. Could Louisiana be next under a new governor?
Aug 3, 7:54 AM:

Across the country, a growing number of states are setting up state-funded education savings accounts, or ESAs, to give more students education opportunities outside of public schools. This year, Louisiana would have joined them >

After Decades of Dominating the Issue, Democrats Losing Voters’ Trust on Education Policy
Jul 25, 10:30 AM:

A handful of new polls suggest that voters, after more than two years of pandemic-related policies and debate over school curricula, trust Republicans more than they do Democrats when it comes to educating their children.


Pro-School Choice Candidates Outperform During Primaries: American Federation for Children
Jul 22, 10:36 AM:

Candidates that get behind school choice are outperforming during the primaries, according to Corey DeAnglis, senior fellow at the American Federation for Children.

Democrats Cede ‘Party of Education’ Label to GOP: Poll
Jul 21, 8:00 AM:

Democrats are losing the trust of voters on K-12 education issues, and in battleground states there are signs they’ve ceded that trust altogether to the GOP – a historic reversal that comes just months ahead of midterm elections >

GOP Leads on Handling Education in Poll from Randi Weingarten’s Teachers’ Union
Jul 14, 9:44 AM: Voters believe that the GOP is better equipped than the Democratic Party to handle education issues, according to a poll from one of the largest and most progressive teachers’ unions in the country.
Biden’s Parent Council is a joke
Jul 7, 6:06 AM: The Biden administration sees the writing on the wall when it comes to parents who are dissatisfied, concerned, and even angry about the state of their children’s education.
Education emerging as key election issue, poll shows
Jun 30, 1:53 PM: A new poll from a national charter school group indicates that many parents could become single-issue voters on the topic of education.
Why parents could be the new swing voters
Jun 22, 8:45 AM: The state of American education is a growing concern for voting parents this year, and that offers a potential edge to candidates hoping to appeal across partisan lines in November.
Boston Public Schools moves forward in finding a new leader. Meet the two finalists
Jun 22, 8:33 AM:

Dr. Tommy Welch, Region 1 school superintendent (K-12), Boston Public Schools, and Mary Skipper, superintendent of Somerville Public Schools, were announced as finalists for the position of BPS superintendent Tuesday.

Harris Poll: Education Political Driver for Parents Ahead of Midterm Elections
Jun 21, 9:31 AM:

A survey of more than 5,000 parents released today found education ranks high among their concerns ahead of the critical midterm elections — and that 82% would vote for someone outside their party if the candidate’s education >

Parents Wanted School Choice — and They Voted
Jun 2, 8:30 AM: School choice emerged as a litmus-test issue for Republican primary voters.
Fixing the L.A Public School System: A Top Priority for Voters in November Mayoral Race, Poll Finds
Mar 29, 9:59 AM: More than half of Los Angeles voters believe the quality of education in the Los Angeles Unified School District is worse than it was before the pandemic, according to a new poll.
Texas governor race: Beto O’Rourke makes push for education reform at town hall in El Paso
Mar 29, 6:21 AM: Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke discussed his vision for education reform Sunday at a town hall meeting at the El Paso Community Foundation as part of his ongoing “People of Texas” state tour.
Opinion: Why Are We Letting Republicans Win the School Wars?
Mar 21, 9:39 AM: The warning signs are everywhere. For 30 years, polls showed that Americans trusted Democrats over Republicans to invest in public education and strengthen schools. Within the past year, however, Republicans have closed the gap; a >
L.A. school board election field is set, includes pivotal race to replace Monica Garcia
Mar 17, 8:37 AM: For more than 15 years, Monica Garcia has been a force on the Los Angeles Board of Education. But term limits have opened up her seat this year to four hopefuls, who plan either to build on her legacy or to push the district in a >
Why School Choice is Roiling the GOP
Mar 8, 10:59 AM: Voters aggrieved by pandemic restrictions and a host of culture war issues are embracing school choice as a means to address their indignation. But that’s sparking a fight within the GOP.
Beto O’Rourke pledges to increase school funding, fight vouchers during Dallas campaign stop
Mar 8, 9:38 AM: O’Rourke pledged support for teacher pay increases and more money for public schools while pushing back on the renewal of voucher efforts in the state as he gave a sweeping overview of his policy ambitions.



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