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Charter Success Despite State Laws
Jan 31, 2:16 PM:

Conveys the difficulties for charter schools in NH and many other states.  While the advantage of some schools were explained, the success record of charters were not discussed, limiting the discussion surround laws.

Laws Creating Charter Difficulty In VA, MD
Jan 31, 1:43 PM:


Explains the difficulty charter school advocates have in Virginia and Maryland. Notes the difficult approval process for charters, lack of appeal and lack of autonomy for charters, leading to few charters.

A Win-Win For Students Faces Challenges
Jan 31, 1:11 PM:

Notes the battle vouchers have faced in D.C, even with research demonstrating the success of school choice. Attempts to provide a case against voucher critics that charter schools draw funds from traditional schools.

Eden Prairie Schools: Missing Something
Jan 31, 12:34 PM:

If the Eden Prairie school situation is as confusing as this article, it is no wonder they have problems. After careful reading, one finds a growing number of students are moving in growing n to charter schools.

Not Taking “No” For An Answer

Jan 31, 12:10 PM:

Sponsors of failed charter application will go back and rework a proposal to answer key questions.  Good report, but it would be useful to learn more about charter proponents and why they think their proposed school is needed.  >

Charters ‘Walking The Talk’ In Milwaukee
Jan 31, 12:09 PM:

Milwaukee charters are relishing the opportunity to show and prove that if you give students, from any background, schools that are held to high accoutability standards every expectation set will be met.  Well written and very >

Discussion Demands Strong Questions
Jan 31, 11:59 AM:

Brief report on desire to start a charter school.  What are the tough questions that should be asked? Will local school district exempt a new charter school from its rules? That can promote more innovation. 

More Choice For Parents
Jan 31, 11:56 AM:

Nice article highlighting the explosion of charters in DC.  Why do charters find DC so attractive?  Take a hint school boards; running away potential options for parents and students won't serve traditional public schools well >

Marathon City Runs Ahead

Jan 28, 12:23 PM:

New charters opening in WI. Emphasis placed on independence and accountability. But what prompted all of this? Article correctly states that charters outperform traditional schools but does not provide much data for support. >

Getting Priorities Straight

Jan 28, 12:00 PM:

A charter school athletic director with the right priorities  -- educating students to succeed in life.  

Charters vs Regular Public Schools Win Across The Field
Jan 28, 11:30 AM:

Charter schools are winning at sports. How are they doing academically? That would have made this a more complete--and educational--story. How is the school scoring against publics in the area?

Choice For Students Gaining Traction
Jan 28, 11:19 AM:

Provides good, albeit short, coverage of what charter schools can provide. Would be interesting to see discussion of charter school performance and public school performance.

South Carolina Ready for Change?

Jan 28, 10:22 AM:

Interesting article on GOP Candidate for School Chief Nelson's proposal for reform in SC. Some obvious statements --good education leads to higher income levels-- some good ideas, but no background to put it all in context. >

Montogmery County:  Behind the Times
Jan 26, 6:59 PM:

Say it ain't soo.  MoCo has no independently operated charter schools?  Inquiring minds want to know why not?

Montgomery County Denies Charters, Why?
Jan 26, 3:04 PM:

Gazette exposes school board's lack of transparency. If decisions are made without rationale, the public needs to know! Especially when it comes to students! 

Charters Beating Economic Trend
Jan 26, 2:58 PM:

An upbeat and unswerving story about the growth of charter schools across the country. Little to not like about this piece, except that is isn't longer. More facts about charter schools success rate? Plenty to tell.

Succeeding in Providing Real School Choice

Jan 26, 1:50 PM:

Arizona's success with choice shows the beef is there, but let's taste it.  Students from underserved populations, who have benefited from choice are worth looking at in more detail. 

Winter Haven Under The Spot Light

Jan 26, 12:59 PM:

Short article on the need for evaluation of Winter Haven's schools. Reporter mentions economic expansion but does not explain how it will influence schools or why this town in particular is selected by Chamber of Commerce. >

Doing it Right in South Carolina
Jan 26, 12:25 PM:

Gives a good appraisal of achievement scores at a charter school working as it should. Well written and factual. Could use more about how this relates to other South Carolina charter schools, as well as national figures.

Too Much Left Out In Charter Debate
Jan 26, 12:16 PM:

Do public schools in Florida close if they overspend? And do charter schools receive the same per-student funding that public schools do. The article does not provide the vital information needed for a public debate.



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