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Edgecombe charter school earns high state ranking
Sep 14, 4:54 AM:

North East Carolina Prep School scored in the top 3 percent of the 2,523 schools in North Carolina, according to the state Department of Public Instruction’s 2021-22 Performance and Growth Report released on Sept. 1.

Virginia’s Sears says charter school expansion could yield college diversity
May 31, 8:17 AM:

Lab schools would be public K-12 schools run by a university or other higher education institution, which would focus on testing different education models and studying how various models affect students.

School Advocates Rally at White House Against Biden’s ‘Attack’ on Charter Schools
May 16, 9:17 AM:

Charter school advocates protested what they see as an increasingly hostile effort by Democrats – and the Biden administration, in particular – to prevent the sector from expanding.

Charter school moves ahead on new standards
Oct 4, 8:11 AM: The state’s push for educational excellence is bringing curriculum changes to Florida schools, and The Villages Charter Elementary School is leading the charge.
Merit Academy founders submit 475-page application for proposed Woodland Park charter school
Oct 13, 8:18 AM: The proposed Merit Academy moved a step closer this month to opening a K-10 charter school in Woodland Park next year.
5 things one Syracuse charter school learned from bringing students back to class
Oct 2, 7:53 AM: The high school students at OnTECH Charter High School on the city’s West Side have been back at school for weeks.
Innovative teaching, flexibility, compensation encouraged veteran educator to ‘jump’ to EPIC
Apr 19, 6:22 AM: Before Oklahoma City-area teacher Regina Bell took the leap and became an EPIC Charter School teacher, her day used to be pretty standard-issue for an educator – arriving early, staying late and adhering to the same, strict >
Charter school advocates call for equal treatment
Sep 27, 4:52 AM: Charter schools want to be treated like traditional public schools, said Craig Hulse, vice president of ReadyCO, a conservative Colorado organization that supports school choice. Hulse testified at the interim study probing >
Chattanooga Preparatory School recruits first class of boys, mentors for fall opening
Mar 30, 7:49 AM: More than 60 boys have been selected to join the new public charter school when it opens its doors, administrators and staff have been hired, even uniforms have been ordered.
White paper’ challenges plans for Elite Charter School
Dec 13, 8:15 AM: Ambitious enrollment claims by backers of the proposed Elite Charter School come despite declines in the number of students attending Vallejo public schools when Ramona Bishop, lead petitioner for Elite, was superintendent there, >
Are Charter Schools Overrated? (CER in the news)
Mar 3, 8:06 AM: Are charter schools overrated? Four education experts debated the question before an audience in New York City Wednesday night and most people agreed after hearing arguments that the charter school movement needs work.
Ross Valley school board votes to provide space at White Hill to charter
Jan 26, 5:53 AM: The Ross Valley School District board voted unanimously to provide space at White Hill Middle School to the Ross Valley Charter School in the 2017-18 school year.
Rio Valley Charter School expands into new location in Bella Terra Plaza
Dec 1, 7:27 AM: At Rio Valley Charter School, you will not find students seated in rows for several hours a day, five days a week. Instead, the school day is a bit more flexible. Rio Valley is a school that offers a different method of delivering >
Charter school critics in Louisiana form new coalition, draw fire for secrecy
Nov 22, 6:29 AM: Having spent years on the defensive, the opponents of Louisiana’s strategy for improving public schools have been quietly organizing a new effort to curb the growth of charter schools around the state and promote an approach known >
Sun Valley military charter school struggles to stay open amid financial woes
Nov 22, 6:00 AM: A public military school in Sun Valley with a significant special-needs population is at risk of closing its doors in June if it doesn’t raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, school officials said Monday.
Kannapolis Charter Academy offers area students a choice
Aug 31, 4:45 AM: Only breaking ground about six months ago, Kannapolis Charter Academy opened its doors to almost 600 students on Monday, with the majority of them coming from Rowan County and Kannapolis.
Proposed Montclair charter school still faces opposition
Aug 5, 6:36 AM: The educational group Montclair Cares About Schools has collected more than 1,670 signatures on an online letter, as of this past Tuesday, Aug. 2, opposing the Fulbright Academy Charter School of Montclair (now known as Montclair >
Elgin charter school proponents looking to restart
Jul 29, 6:48 AM: When the Illinois State Charter School Commission denied a proposed Elgin Math and Science Academy charter school in 2014, the board urged a rewrite of the original proposal and suggested organizers try again.
Nashville schools delays rules directed at charters
Jul 22, 6:20 AM: It's unclear what will happen to the rules Metro Schools adopted last year directed at charter schools after the school board recently asked its new director to review the policy.
Charter Schools First Day
Jul 27, 6:59 AM:

According to school administrators, there were 334 enrollment forms received and 90% were from parents in the center city. The school conducted a lottery to fill the 120 spaces, 60 kindergartners and 60 first graders, for >



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