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State shutdown of Newark charter school leaves families in financial lurch
Jul 22, 10:26 AM:

The recent state closure of University Heights Charter School, a network of three Newark schools that enrolled about 600 students, upended short- and long-term plans for hundreds of families.

Gateway to College
Jun 3, 4:40 AM:

Charter celebrates nine graduates, finds niche helping kids get to college and fill in where traditional high school failed.  School provides flexibility, support and mix of online/classroom instruction to kids that are homeless, >

Nashville Charter Sues To Stay Open
Apr 17, 4:10 PM:

Smithson Craighead Academy Middle School is suing the Metro Nashville district as it tries to keep its doors open. School leaders say they were treated unfairly during the closure process, but the district says SCA is being >

Setting Up Students For Failure
Sep 29, 5:53 AM:

NAACP wary of FL district's unwillingness to work on corrective action plan for closing charter. Working with students to transition back into district doesn't sound promising. Kids left district schools in first place for >

Family Ties
Sep 22, 2:26 PM:

Albuquerque School Board revokes charter of Career Academic and Technology Academy amid allegations of nepotism rules.  Audit says principal's hiring of relatives may violate law. While case is debated, hope someone's focused on >

Imagine No More Failing Schools
Sep 16, 5:19 AM:

St Louis mayor calls for closure of Imagine charters, saying they're failing kids. He's still strong advocate of charters, soliciting "quality alternatives." Let's hope he takes same tough line with failing district schools. >

Where Did Money Go?
Sep 14, 12:57 PM:

9 months after St Louis charter was shut down by MO, half million dollars of state and fed money is missing. Investigation now underway. Highlights weakness in state charter law, since there's no way to retrieve unspent money. >

Closed Charter’s Textbook Tussle
Aug 25, 8:34 AM:

Trenton, NJ, district and closed charter play "tug of war" over textbooks and other supplies. Around 450 K-8 students are expected to transfer to district schools, as well as some teachers. But lawyers argue equipment belongs to >

Troubled Charter Closes Doors
Aug 24, 11:26 AM:

Orange Co., FL, closes 2nd charter in 4 months, after bankruptcy and years of money troubles. Summit staff haven't been paid for 4 months, and school owes district $120K. Audit found administrators spent cash on air tickets and >

Charter Closes After One Week
Aug 24, 8:54 AM:

CA blended learning charter closes 1 week into the year due to low enrollment. Parent upset that children are now missing school. Doesn't understand how school can close after it's already opened for the year. Officials suggest >

Charter School Won’t Give Up
Aug 23, 9:27 AM:

Troubled Chico Green School vows to fight on, despite losing both charter and CA funding. District revoked charter last week over allegations it violated open meetings law. Charter director admits problems inc. "bad hires," but >

Contention Over Closing Charter
Aug 18, 11:16 AM:

CA students unhappy with Chico Unified trustees' vote to revoke school's charter. Decision effective immediately. Charter previously warned it didn't meet CA curriculum requirements and was actually denied accreditation by >

Students Left In Limbo
Aug 18, 7:14 AM:

750 students scramble to find new schools as 3 D.C. charters close. Most close for financial reasons, and public schools often pick up students. Funding can be tricky with last-minute transfers. Some parents complain about lack >

End Of Bumpy Road For Charter?
Aug 17, 6:05 AM:

For 2nd time in 4 months, Orange Co.,FL, recommends closing troubled charter. Summit has history of financial problems and filed for bankruptcy in 2009. It served 78 K-8 kids with learning disabilities last year. Despite change >

Troubled Charter Faces Closure
Aug 16, 11:01 AM:

CA school in turmoil could see charter revoked after next public meeting. School has been charged with not meeting academic standards and also troubled with personnel disputes. School board says problems have been corrected. But >

Questioning Shuttered Charter
Aug 11, 5:58 AM:

MD parents upset over county's decision to close STEM charter. School will appeal to state board. Concern about school enrollment numbers and implementation of curriculum. Strong enough reasons to take away option 400 families >

Stop Students From Being School-Less
Aug 8, 9:35 AM:

San Diego charter closes. Parents protest because kids left without a school. Charters frequently close for financial or mismanagement reasons despite academic successes. Could charter provisions be beefed up to prevent mishaps?  >

Scrambling To Find New Schools
Aug 8, 9:32 AM:

700 kids must find new schools after troubled FL charter's closure. City and district closed Palm Beach school after it ran up $21M debts. Brevard Co. advises parents on options, and hires more teachers at other schools. Parent >

“Religious” Charter Won’t Appeal Closure
Aug 3, 6:47 AM:

MN charter, accused of promoting religion, decides not to appeal state closure decision. Academy was authorized by Islamic Relief and served mainly Muslim students. Faced longstanding lawsuit from ACLU over violating >

Mystery Charter Closure
Aug 1, 10:13 AM:

Closed charter worries surrounding FL residents about what will become of building. Zero indication of why charter was closed in first place. Only tells us that space must be used for institutional purposes. 



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