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Lynchburg schools administrators share plan to improve academic achievement
Sep 22, 9:01 AM:

After the recent release of Standards of Learning (SOL) scores across the commonwealth, Lynchburg City School officials have rolled out a plan to improve academic achievement in light of the school division’s passing rates. >

Excellence in education
Sep 21, 9:47 AM:

Between grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on educational growth, many administrators and teachers alike have been trying not to fall too far behind.

Multiple schools in the Lebanon Special School District >

Missouri changes enrollment, funding and testing rules for full-time virtual learners
Sep 15, 7:00 AM:

Students no longer have to seek approval from their "home" district to enroll full-time with Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program — or MOCAP — providers hosted by higher education institutions or school districts, >

Parents Can Leave the Failing Public School System
Sep 14, 5:19 AM:

It was cruel COVID-era policies – implemented by teachers’ unions, education bureaucrats, and negligent school boards – that caused test scores to plummet.

New principal aims to bring stability in wake of Harpswell Coastal Academy’s hectic year
Aug 9, 8:47 AM:

 With 25 years of experience leading schools, new Harpswell Coastal Academy Principal Amy Marx hopes to bring even more project-based learning to the newly consolidated charter school.

Thanks, But No Thanks: Why Teachers Don’t Want to Be Administrators
Jul 26, 9:18 AM:

The move from standout teacher to administrative leader may seem like a no brainer: better pay, a private office, more influence. But not everyone sees it that way.

Super Search Goes National
May 9, 5:45 AM:

NV's State Board pres is calling for a national search for state's Super, bucking the tide of folks who want to keep it local. She remains 'adamant" because the state's ed is bottom barrel and the skills needed in Super are >

Missing Background Makes Story Unintelligible
Jul 18, 10:33 AM:

Gaping hole in News Journal's coverage of DE governor's appointment of union president to newly created education post: neglects to tell us what that position is. How are readers supposed to understand story without that most >

Gaming CA Pension System
Jul 11, 8:54 AM:

Extraordinarily detailed report on apparent abuse of pension system that yields big raises for school administrators. A brilliant investigation that lets the evidence speak for itself. And its conclusion seems undeniable: some >

“Talent War” For Top Officials
Jul 5, 6:10 AM:

"Talent war" raging in Houston as public schools and charters compete for top administrators. Places trend in perspective by noting that cornerstone of charter movement is competition. Tries to uncover the motivations behind >

MI: Retirees Returning To Work
Jun 13, 2:27 PM:

At least 15 Jackson County school administrators are drawing pensions and salaries, under complicated re-hiring arrangement. Some parents are angry; but districts say it saves money. Hard to argue with retirees taking pensions >

Karega Rausch Praise Warranted?
Apr 20, 6:07 AM:

Leader of Indy's charter department takes new job as Stand for Children director. So much attention given to Rausch's idealistic quotes that reporter forgets to tell readers about nonprofit, an OR-based company with groups >

Tough Talk On Commissioner Search
Apr 11, 6:43 AM:

Op-ed hammers view that NY unions will have "far too much say" in who's appointed next state ed commissioner, adding that's bad for reform and kids. Explains who's who in political game and predicts hard times for NYC mayor. >

Reasons For Steiner Resignation
Apr 8, 9:23 AM:

Lots of praise for Steiner, who announced same day as Black's departure that he will leave NY state ed commissioner post. Needs more scratching beneath surface to see why he left at such a crucial time for NY. Unclear if his >

Another NYer Resigns
Apr 8, 9:09 AM:

Op-ed on State Ed Commissioner David Steiner's decision to leave his post. Argues "snake-pit," including union, too hard to handle. Admits, though, to not knowing details behind Steiner's leaving, but finding out would give >

Connections: Rhee, Black, Walcott
Connections: Rhee, Black, Walcott
Photo by Wikimedia Commons
Apr 8, 8:31 AM:

Compares two types of school chiefs: DC's Rhee ("generation of upstart reformers") and NYC's Black ("corporate technocrat"). Concludes that neither worked. Says Walcott is the community guy -- just a regular Joe from Queens, with >

NYC’s Next At Bat
Apr 8, 8:15 AM:

Dennis Walcott, mayor's aide, steps from behind curtain to center stage as new chancellor. Paper says he's been running show for Black. Highlights he's "just a guy from Queens." Tone: Nice to meet you Mr. Walcott; now let's see >

Revolving Door For Chancellors
Apr 8, 5:06 AM:

Paper reacts to Black's resignation, saying lack of educational experience made it impossible to handle NYC schools, one of most challenging in US. Makes some wonder what mayor was thinking when making this appointment. Hear >

Bloomberg Takes Blame Over Chancellor Mess
Apr 8, 5:05 AM:

Publishing executive's 95-day stint as head of NYC schools is over. Paper details Black's struggles and mayor's process that resulted in her removal. Curious minds want to know his process for nominating her in first place, which >

Bloomberg Blamed For Black
Bloomberg Blamed For Black
Photo by Rubenstein
Apr 8, 4:58 AM:

Former (as of yesterday) NYC Chancellor Black is said to be Mayor Bloomberg's mistake. Nearly a case study of what went wrong and why, including illuminating behind-the-scenes comments. Despite paper's prodding, mayor remains >



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