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Stop Ranting, Hear The Evidence

Feb 3, 11:18 AM:

A series of questions and assumptions do not make for an effective letter! No one says parents are not important. Of course they are! But so are teachers and good schools. And vouchers help students choose the better ones.

“The Power Of One” Inspires North Carolina

Feb 2, 11:56 AM:

Decent report  on a community effort to help schools affected by budget cuts in N.C. As important as inspiring teachers can be, it is not enough to sustain progress. Any examples of other similar programs to provide a benchmark? >

Enough Is Enough: Give The Kids A Way Out

Feb 2, 10:34 AM:

Kids failing class because of bullying. Teachers not doing anything about it! This short article drives the point home. But if teachers refuse to intervene, shouldn’t kids have the choice to move to a safer sch.?

Can The Goal Be Mediocrity?
Jan 28, 10:45 AM:

Well written. Speaks to the fact Michelle Rhee's biggest "fault" was her refusal to accept mediocrity. Is mediocrity better than nothing?  Is there time to find out?

No More Social Promotion
Dec 31, 6:32 PM:

District requires low-achieving elementary students to attend summer school and pass final test to proceed to next grade. Ends promoting those who don't make adequate process.



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