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West Virginia enters the fold?
Jan 4, 5:43 PM:

How has a state this close to the nation's captal remained so much on the fringes of reform? Perhaps times are changing, but tell us, oh Wheeling Intelligencer -- who calls the shots in WVA?

Tennessee blocks charter schools
Jan 4, 5:37 PM:

This ain't new, but TN still got R2TT funds. Sad. But the whole story remains to be told -- without a strong charter law they have no reason to be interested. The school board has an exclusive franchise on whether to be interested >

Moves toward merit pay in Georgia
Jan 4, 5:29 PM:

A teacher's effectiveness has the most impact on student achievement. So emphasizing student performance is the right way to go, as this news person points out. Only problem is that he misses the fact that "greater" should be >

Shopping for the right fit
Jan 4, 5:27 PM:

Parents often make choices that put their kids' interest first. There's a concept.

Performance isn’t just less suspensions
Jan 4, 5:24 PM:

Baltimore's creative approach has no bearing on school achievement, which should be the measure of any approach, creative or not. Two strikes for the Post on this one.

We told you so?
Jan 4, 5:15 PM:

Some suggested that R2TT was more about smoke than substance. Turns out they may have been right.

Education reform, Florida-style
Jan 4, 4:56 PM:

Florida's methods offer data and useful lessons for new Governors, but it's not all roses in the Sunshine state. Charters are still plagued by hostile districts and while better than most, standards do not always result in >

Jan 4, 3:59 PM:

Everything old is new again. Rhee-style education platform resembles a "best of" modern education reform proposals. Whether legislators will embrace these will be determined by who contributed to their campaigns.

Charter School for Clifton?
Dec 21, 9:15 AM:

Members of the Clifton Elementary community are pursuing the option of starting a public charter school after Fairfax County School Board decided to shutter their current facility in the traditional public school system.  Another >

Ezra Klein - Wonkbook: Everything you need to know about the Bush tax cut deal
Dec 16, 11:00 PM:

Former D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is launching a campaign organization that plans to spend $1 billion to bring her aggressive educational reform plans to the national stage.

Rhee said the new organization, Students >

Class size limits, charter school caps may change as Texas looks to trim costs
Dec 16, 9:57 PM:

The Texas Senate Education Committee wants the legislature to consider easing limits on  class sizes in elementary schools to save money. It also recommends ending the cap on charter schools in the Lone Star State.


Gray quietly takes first step in creating charter school funding equity
Dec 14, 4:01 PM:

This piece is ruled by speculation and non-original reporting and awkward strings of fact. I'd like to see the original Washington Post article run. At the very least, this piece should rework the lede to immediately tie the >

Education board panel backs plan for RSD schools
Dec 14, 10:10 AM:

Hmmm.  City leaders claim they best "understand the needs of their schools and students."  But, if local city leaders truly understood the needs of students in the first place, the schools would not have failed nor be placed under >



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