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Classical education charter schools on the rise in Florida
Aug 12, 10:00 AM:

Seven Hillsdale charter schools are opened, with more on the way

Keeping kids safe: Las Cruces charter school implementing extra safety precautions
Aug 12, 9:56 AM:

In the wake of the Uvalde massacre, children's safety while at school is on the mind of many parents across the country.

Sanford opening new public charter school
Aug 12, 9:21 AM:

A charter school for grades 6-10 will open its first phase and begin its school year Wednesday, Aug. 17, a news release said.

Report shows rapid growth in Kentucky nonpublic education enrollment
Aug 12, 9:17 AM:

It’s back-to-school time across Kentucky, and a report released Wednesday shows more kids are going away from public schools. More than 58,000 students were enrolled in a private school, and more than 39,500 were homeschooled. >

Four charter schools could hit enrollment of 1,500
Aug 12, 9:14 AM:

Enrollment in West Virginia’s four public charter schools could reach 1,500 as the final schools open for their first school year later this month.

Broward district is asking voters to double tax rate to boost teacher pay, school safety
Aug 12, 8:58 AM:

Broward voters are faced with whether they want to increase their property taxes for the next four years to finance raises for teachers, hire more school security staff and bolster mental health programs in Broward public schools >

Seaside School Inc. ranked No. 1 combination charter school in Florida. Details on the scores
Aug 9, 8:53 AM:

SANTA ROSA BEACH — With the opening of the new 2022-23 school year, The Seaside School Inc. (TSS) continues to earn top academic rankings by claiming the No. 1-ranked combination charter school in Florida for the 2021-22 school >

KIPP Memphis Public Schools celebrates first day of classes
Aug 9, 8:48 AM:

KIPP said from the youngest to the oldest learners, students are excited to return to their buildings and start a journey to academic excellence.

Judges Reject Attempt To Halt Tennessee School Choice Program
Aug 9, 8:42 AM:

 Tennessee’s new school choice program cleared a legal hurdle that had blocked its implementation for the past two years.

El Paso Harmony Public Schools invest in educators to retain them
Aug 8, 10:55 AM:

As the national teacher shortage continues, Harmony Public Schools plans to invest in their educators to combat this issue.

Tennessee’s embattled school voucher program gets the go-ahead from a panel of judges
Aug 8, 10:49 AM:

A three-judge panel has given the green light to Tennessee’s controversial Education Savings Account program. The decision came down after a lengthy court hearing Friday.

Virtual teachers prepare for year of online education
Aug 3, 8:11 AM:

Teachers have been logging on for training sessions for the past week, going over curricula and making sure everything is ready for the start of the school year. The only thing that's different is they are not in a school >

Charter schools keep expanding in North Carolina
Aug 3, 8:09 AM:

Charter schools — publicly funded schools that are independently run — continue to expand across the state, with 207 charter schools statewide heading into the upcoming school year. Mecklenburg County has 34.

Interview: MS Dept. of Education reports more parents opt for homeschooling
Aug 3, 8:08 AM:

The president of a local homeschooling association board, joined WTVA 9 News TODAY to talk about the benefits of homeschooling and why more parents are choosing this option for their kids.

Homeschooling High School: Strategies and Opportunities
Aug 3, 8:06 AM:

With careful planning, it’s possible to graduate high school early

Chartered Territory | A look at Lee County’s three charter schools
Aug 3, 7:55 AM:

To some, they’re the future of choice-based public education and offer students and families alternative curricula and more options for learning. To others, they’re a drain on North Carolina’s already taxed traditional public >

Other states have passed school choice programs. Could Louisiana be next under a new governor?
Aug 3, 7:54 AM:

Across the country, a growing number of states are setting up state-funded education savings accounts, or ESAs, to give more students education opportunities outside of public schools. This year, Louisiana would have joined them >

Virtual charter school set to begin classes in 3 weeks
Aug 3, 7:48 AM:

The state charter school board also approved three physical charter schools earlier this year. The first, West Virginia Academy in Monongalia County, began classes this week.

Potential schools file for charters
Aug 3, 7:46 AM:

Prairie View Community School in Chugwater, Wyoming Classical Academy Charter School in Mills and Cheyenne Classical Academy Charter School have applied for charters, according to an update from State Superintendent of Public >

Examining Tennessee’s Landscape of Charter Schools
Aug 2, 10:29 AM:

The Tennessee Nature Academy’s supporters gathered for a party following the July 25 meeting of the Metro Nashville Public Schools board. Sure, their charter application had been rejected by a board vote of 5-4, but this was just >



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