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New principal aims to bring stability in wake of Harpswell Coastal Academy’s hectic year
Aug 9, 8:47 AM:

 With 25 years of experience leading schools, new Harpswell Coastal Academy Principal Amy Marx hopes to bring even more project-based learning to the newly consolidated charter school.

How kindergarten camps are helping Pittsburgh area students who missed preschool during the pandemic
Aug 9, 8:41 AM:

The start of the new school year is weeks away, but at Duquesne Elementary School a group of students was already in a kindergarten classroom in late July learning how to take turns, raise their hands and line up in an orderly >

School Choice Fosters Pluralism
Jul 28, 9:56 AM:

Parental dissatisfaction with Covid school closures and woke curricula has sparked renewed interest in school choice in all its forms, but the recent Supreme Court decision in Carson v. Makin may increase public support for >

Students from Brass City Charter School shadows health care professionals at St. Mary’s
Jul 27, 8:07 AM:

A group of students are seeing the operations at St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury.

The students were shadowing all kinds of health care workers and are seeing demonstrations first-hand.

Strategic plan unveiled to recruit and retain educators in Pennsylvania
Jul 26, 9:09 AM:

The Pennsylvania Department of Education recently released The Foundation of Our Economy: Pennsylvania Educator Workforce Strategy, 2022-2025, PDE’s strategic plan to recruit and retain more educators across the commonwealth. >

National teacher shortage: One-third of educators plan to leave job, survey finds
Jul 26, 8:59 AM:

More teachers are planning to leave the education field due to dissatisfaction in their job — adding to the persistent crisis of teacher shortages across the United States.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) member >

NYC Public Schools Expect to Lose 30,000 More Students
Jul 22, 10:39 AM:

New York City public schools expect to begin the 2022-23 school year with a drastic decline in student enrollment, according to city data obtained by the New York Post.

State shutdown of Newark charter school leaves families in financial lurch
Jul 22, 10:26 AM:

The recent state closure of University Heights Charter School, a network of three Newark schools that enrolled about 600 students, upended short- and long-term plans for hundreds of families.

Enrollment down in traditional NYC public schools, as charters grow
Jul 21, 7:41 AM:

While traditional public schools continue to “hemorrhage” students, New York City charter schools have seen increases in enrollment, a new study has found.

Pa.’s teacher shortage is now a ‘crisis.’ Here’s how the state plans to bring in thousands of educators by 2025
Jul 19, 8:29 AM:

The state Education Department on Monday laid out a road map for bolstering its number of teachers in the next three years, vowing immediate action to stem its “educator workforce crisis,” illustrated in the number of teachers it >

Eighth-graders at Success Academy pass majority of Regents
Jul 19, 7:56 AM: The roughly 1,000 students at Success Academy middle schools took and aced four of the five Regent exams required for a high school diploma in New York, The Post has learned.
Opinion | Those destroying public schools don’t want you thinking about alternatives
Jul 18, 8:14 AM: Public schools are in a serious downward spiral. The options are fixing them, which hasn’t worked for decades, or letting parents get their kids out.
Schenectady planners OK charter school
Jul 18, 7:53 AM: After ironing out some safety concerns around student pickup and drop-off, a proposal to open a charter school in the downtown area recently won approval from city planners, and now must obtain a certificate of occupancy before it >
Want to save our democracy? Talk — and listen — to someone you don’t agree with.
Jul 14, 9:58 AM: Schools are the only institutions charged with making citizens, which is why we require everyone to attend them. But our schools have failed to teach us how to conduct civil, reasoned dialogue. Turn on cable TV — or listen, if you >
Teachers Union Sues to Keep School Closed
Jul 13, 7:27 AM: During the pandemic, teachers unions fought to keep schools closed and thereby deprive students of a meaningful education. Now, the United Federation of Teachers is suing to keep shuttered a school in the Bronx, as recently >
The Wolfpack combats pandemic learning loss
Jul 13, 7:17 AM: A four-week summer program in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District focuses on project-based learning.
Massive Financial Infusion Needed for Rural Schools, Mass. Panel Finds
Jul 13, 7:09 AM: Commissioners said the Massachusetts Legislature should launch and "fully fund" a new account to reimburse rural schools for the costs of school transportation and create incentives for hiring more drivers, among other possible >
Jill Biden to headline teachers union convention
Jul 12, 8:32 AM: First lady Jill Biden will headline the American Federation of Teachers Convention in Boston on Friday, marking the convention’s first in-person gathering since 2018.
How have Massachusetts school districts spent their $2.5 billion in federal COVID funds? Mostly, they still haven’t.
Jul 11, 7:34 AM: With just over two years remaining to use that money, Massachusetts districts have spent about $737 million, or 28.6 percent, according to state data on reimbursed spending as of June 7.
Budget would leave billions unspent, boost education funding
Jul 8, 9:20 AM: A program that gives tax credits in return for private school tuition would see an increase of 45%, to more than $400 million.



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