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The Parents Keeping Their Children In Pod Schools
Jun 16, 9:46 AM: A temporary solution to school closures finds new life as an ideological safe space.
K-12 workers are the most burned out employees in America, and it’s a sign the teacher shortage is about to intensify
Jun 16, 9:31 AM:

K-12 workers are more burned out than any other worker in America, finds a Gallup poll of 12,319 full-time U.S. employees. More than 44% of K-12 employees feel “always” or “very often” burned out. Teachers are suffering the most >

School Enrollment Crashed in Fall 2020, the Steepest Drop Since 1943
Jun 9, 7:57 AM:

Schools experienced the largest single-year drop in enrollment since World War II during the first year of the COVID-10 pandemic, new data from the National Center for Education Statistics’ 2022 Condition of Education Report show. >

Parents Flee The Public School System As Charter Schools See Surge In Enrollment
Jun 9, 7:54 AM: Partial blame for the decline in public schools can be attributed to the pandemic; though the trends have been occurring for several years, the report claimed.
Public education, democracy, and the future of America
Jun 9, 7:51 AM: Do today’s Americans agree on the importance of common schoolhouses? Do they hold anymore that public education is fundamental to U.S. democracy?
How Vocational-Technical Schools Are Helping Students Achieve the American Dream
Jun 9, 7:34 AM: The Pioneer Institute is out with a new book, “Hands-On Achievement: Massachusetts’s National Model Vocational-Technical Schools,” which finds that vocational-technical high schools have lower dropout rates and on-par test scores >
These states require personal finance education before graduation
Jun 9, 7:28 AM: Learning about personal finance in high school is now required for about one-third of the country.
What Is A Private School?
Jun 8, 10:17 AM: What makes a private school, well, private? And what does that mean for the school choice movement and the quest for a more pluralistic education system in the United States?
The Parental School-Board Revolt Continues (Opinion)
Jun 8, 10:16 AM: The political fallout from school closings and curriculum battles continues, as school board incumbents are losing at an unusual rate. That’s the news from Ballotpedia, which analyzed recent school board elections in three >
Republicans pressure education secretary on school choice restrictions
Jun 8, 10:14 AM:

Republican U.S. senators on Tuesday questioned Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on the issue of school choice in the public education system.

Jun 7, 9:37 AM:

The Biden administration’s push to tighten the use of federal charter school aid continues to draw heat, with the U.S. Department of Education combing through more than 26,000 public comments on rules it proposed in March. >

Teachers unions causing schools and students to fail (Opinion)
Jun 7, 9:31 AM: Teachers unions claim that right-wing boogeymen are responsible for the horrible state of public education. The reality is that the teachers unions pose the biggest threat to school quality, student learning, and the civil >
How to screen remote-learning apps for privacy
Jun 7, 8:14 AM:

Make sure the apps students are using to learn aren’t learning too much about them.

'Homeschool Awakening': Families Across the Nation Opt Out of Public Schools Like Never Before
Jun 7, 8:06 AM: In the wake of recent school violence and the "woke" movement, families across the nation are looking at the benefits of homeschooling their children like never before. Actor and family advocate Kirk Cameron dives into this subject >
It’s time to get progressive about education
Jun 6, 9:06 AM: Why are progressives, who fashion themselves the arbiters of protecting vulnerable children, so against policies that allow state money to fund the child, instead of the system?
VCs, Tech Firms Want to Raise $1 Million for Bay Area Cyber Education
Jun 6, 9:04 AM:

Facing a shortage of digital defense personnel, a consortium is offering to pay one year of studies for would-be cyber pros in the San Francisco area.

Sticking around: Most big districts will offer virtual learning this fall, a sign of pandemic’s effect
Jun 6, 8:52 AM:

At least half of the nation’s 20 largest school districts will offer more full-time virtual schooling this fall than they did before the pandemic.

Kids’ Free Lunches That Started In Pandemic Now Ending
Jun 6, 8:45 AM:

With funding for free school lunches ending, many families will be feeling the pinch this summer and beyond.

Stress up at school for students and teachers amid lasting pandemic, in Cleveland area and nationally
Jun 6, 8:41 AM:

About 70% of public schools nationally have seen a rise in the percentage of students seeking mental health services since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new survey by the Institute of Education Sciences.

A Wake-Up Call for Public Education
Jun 2, 9:18 AM: Nearly 1.3 million students have left public schools since the pandemic began. Most states have seen enrollment declines for two straight years. In New York City, K-12 enrollment has dropped by an astounding 9%.



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