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Got Dough? How Billionaires Rule Our Schools
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Jan 20, 10:11 AM:

Barkan claims grant-making foundation are making a mess of American K-12 education. Yet, as America spends more money on public schooling than other developed countries, the achievement of American students remains flat. Charter >

Study explores economic benefits of Catholic education
Jan 20, 10:08 AM:

The Baltimore Archdiocese proves that school choice can provide efficiency and results, according to an independent consulting firm. The Baltimore Sun does not discuss the study in detail, failing to discuss the academic success >

Bridgepoint Education's Ashford University Introduces Two Specializations for the Master's in Education: Mathematics Instruction and Family & Community Services
Jan 5, 1:18 PM:

Both specializations are engineered to underwrite the value of Ashford's Master's in Education, but they serve divergent purposes.

New school chiefs face tough obstacles to reform
Jan 4, 5:02 PM:

Many of the newer state school chiefs are indeed well positioned to tackle the big issues -- and have a big wind at their back to do so. But they will need the backing of state legislators through meaningful legislation -- and >

NCLB Redux?
Jan 4, 4:46 PM:

If creating NCLB the first time around is any guide, bi-partisanship didn't matter. Despite Bush and Kennedy supporting, staffers negotiated the new law into 1,000 new pages, leaving any consequences for failure on the cutting >

Jan 4, 3:59 PM:

Everything old is new again. Rhee-style education platform resembles a "best of" modern education reform proposals. Whether legislators will embrace these will be determined by who contributed to their campaigns.

Guess who?
Jan 4, 3:50 PM:

Can you believe that California teacher's unions are up to thier old tricks?  Parents are in revolt over this new proposal to shorten the school day to 2.5 hours for good reason.  With Teacher's negotiating for an increase in pay, >

Calif. settles case, will enforce school fee ban
Dec 21, 9:11 AM:

A settlement reached between the state and the American Civil Liberties Union means California school districts will no longer charge parents extra fees for textbooks, art supplies and other basic educational items.  There is >

Another Liberal Fights Unions
Dec 18, 1:37 PM:

Excuse me, but you gotta appreciate the irony. The writer of this piece is the Executive Director of Accuracy in Academia but his opening premise couldn't be more inaccurate— he says that liberal Democrats are accomplishing >

730 US schools trying to reinvent themselves
Dec 14, 3:25 PM:

The first part of this article repeats the one I already evaluated--my comments still hold for this section. But the second half of the article improves it by adding examples, quotes, and elucidating collaboration.

[12/08] House Democrats' bill freezes most agency budgets
Dec 14, 12:58 PM:

Cold climate for education funding.


(Note:  Would like more info on effect on education spending.)

Dec 14, 12:45 PM
Tea Party's War On Schools - Yahoo! News
Dec 14, 9:39 AM:

Parental-rights movement is pulling up a chair at the dinner table of Congressional education legislation.



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