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Boehner hopes to revive DC school voucher program
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US Capitol, That Makes Three, Flickr
Feb 9, 3:49 PM:

Revival of DC voucher underway in Congress covered in SC newspaper. Anti-groups say voucher dollars deplete budgets.  Need to hear about more about real economic problem: Keeping kids in failing schools & losing jobs to Singapore. >

State raises bar on tests to prepare kids for college, careers
Feb 9, 2:09 PM:

Mich. state board increases numbers needed to pass state exams; puts state more on par with national exams. Suggestion that more kids will fail, but eventually step up to the plate.  Other states grappling with same challenges of >

U.S. Plan to Replace Principals Hits Snag: Who Will Step In?
Feb 9, 8:30 AM:

Feds allow failing schools to keep failing principals.  Search also failing for qualified principals to turn around schools.  Few training programs exist. Ed colleges, are you listening?

Education reform: Obama's education plan another test for political civility - KDVR
Feb 8, 10:08 AM:

Much talk here on cooperation and togetherness from both sides of the aisle on the future of No Child. Wait and see how long it lasts when 2012 comes into play.

U.S. Plan to Replace Principals Hits a Snag: Who Will Step In?
Feb 8, 9:17 AM:

National policy to quickly transform inadequate schools harder than realized. Thought-provoking as to what the federal government's role in education should be today.

Researchers fault investigation of Calif. teachers
Feb 7, 5:21 PM:

Dispute on how to assess educator effectiveness. But failure to mention why teachers are being evaluated in the first place -- to increase student learning.

Analysis: Mo. wrestles over federal school money
Feb 7, 3:23 PM:

Missouri contemplates what to do with assistance. Bigger issue is how districts are using money to increase student achievement.

Presidents education plan another early test for political civility
Feb 7, 1:51 PM:

President Obama and Republican leaders are willing to talk, but how close are they from real action? If there is a new bill in the works, what might it actually look like?

Drive for education reform has teachers unions on the defensive - KMIR 6 - Palm Springs News, Weather, Sports
Feb 7, 1:15 PM:

Teacher Unions are under attack but only a tiny fraction of the argument is student-centered. Reforming education through teacher contract modification is only one way, what are the others?

DPS, charter schools reps talking it out
Feb 7, 10:58 AM:

Most interesting fact: the charter schools involved are all winning their suits (or being paid for not suing).  It's called a "difficult situation," and "negotiations." Looks more like a case of the good guys winning. >

iPads come to classrooms
Feb 7, 9:39 AM:

An innovative program that is using the latest technology to add to students understanding and excitement about education. Charter-less Kentucky has a moment. Thorough and instructive.

Chinese immersion charter school rolling out in Cayce
Feb 7, 9:26 AM:

A South Carolina school steps boldly into the 21st century! Covers the reasons it is there, and the excitement felt by everyone involved. Since Chinese kids learn English as a part of the curriculum, it’s about time.

WILLIAMS: Boehner must not abandon education reform
Feb 7, 9:15 AM:

Well said (though somewhat partisan tone). There has been enough talk about the pros and cons of No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top.  Find out what happens when the good work becomes action.

US ed secretary, Va gov discuss K-12 education
Feb 4, 3:13 PM:

No substantial details on No Child Left Behind modifications. Could have given perspective on the dominant role of states in education.

Job for life? Not if they aren't deserving
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Feb 4, 2:04 PM:

Sharp review of the problems with unions. It cost N.J. $220,000 to fire an abusive teacher! Why should teachers get special treatment when all other jobs are evaluated on performance? Great attention to a critical issue.

Analysis: How Can We Reform Science Education?
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Feb 4, 1:00 PM:

Science instruction in the US fails students. Obama recognizes the importance of technology to solve today's problems. That's all well and good, but how exactly will instruction be improved? Give us some data and ideas. >

Parent-teacher night tips for middle, high school
Feb 4, 12:44 PM:

Useful recommendations help parents get the most out of teacher conferencing.  Offers balanced ancedotes from both teachers and parents.

Capital Outlook » What Causes The Drop Out Rate for African American Students?
Feb 4, 12:11 PM:

Blacks'  high drop-out rate: Lists all of what's wrong but it would be more helpful to see some possible solutions offered or examined.

Education Without the Classroom
Feb 4, 9:59 AM:


"As long as a student can prove a transcript, they have every right to succeed in higher education." Maybe, but there's a lot more to higher education than a transcript. What if a student decides against higher ed? For that >
Firing tenured teachers can be a costly and tortuous task
Feb 3, 4:25 PM:

Hats off to L.A.  Times & its investigative reporting on  trials & tribulations of trying to fire tenured teachers.  Ironically, a teacher who cannot teach is hardest to fire.  Bonus points for including school district lawyer's >



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