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The Benefits of Charter Schools
Jul 28, 9:53 AM:

Charter schools are completely unique in their approach to education, and they are significantly more beneficial to children than public or private schools.

Pointers look to open public charter school
Jul 28, 9:47 AM:

A group of local residents is making plans to open a public charter school in the area in time for the 2023-24 school year.

New Goldwater Report Reveals How AZ Public School Spending Surged During Pandemic
Jul 27, 8:18 AM:

Unfortunately, these final months of the 2019-2020 school year now look less like an unprecedented disruption to K-12 education and more like the modest prologue to a nearly 2-year saga of previously unfathomable institutional >

Operation Education: What schools are families choosing?
Jul 19, 8:16 AM: Families can choose to send their children to public schools or charter schools of their choice. Parents can also chose most private schools in the state and many are eligible to receive financial help through the Indiana Choice >
After 2 years homeschooling using high school curriculum, boy, 13, graduates college with 3.78 GPA
Jul 19, 8:11 AM: He finished high-school algebra and geometry at 7, took trigonometry at 8, and enrolled at college three weeks after his ninth birthday for calculus classes and beyond, earning an associate’s degree in mathematics at the tender age >
Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy nearly two-thirds of the way toward raising $25 million for new high school in Bronzeville
Jul 18, 8:10 AM: The development, which still needs city approval from Milwaukee's Board of Zoning Appeals, would add space for hundreds more students in the high-demand charter school.
EdChoice voucher lawsuit continues fight, dozens of orgs, schools join in support
Jul 14, 9:19 AM: The legislature’s expansion of the EdChoice program allowed the gradual development of a separate, non-public system of education, one that is shielded from public scrutiny while simultaneously funded by public dollars,” the school >
The state took children from their parents — then failed to give them a ‘real’ education
Jul 13, 7:40 AM:

Michigan is catastrophically failing to provide many of the most vulnerable children in its care with a quality education, delaying some teenagers’ graduation by years or leaving them so frustrated that they drop out of school, >

Public, private, charter and more; school choices can be tough for families
Jul 13, 7:24 AM: Miami Valley families have many choices on where to send their kids to K-12 school. Making that choice between public school, charter school, private school, STEM school, or homeschool can be difficult, but there are tools >
Menasha's Fox Valley Virtual School is here to stay, and ready to grow with a recent $650,000 grant
Jul 12, 8:40 AM: Enrollment isn’t quite where it was during the height of the pandemic, dropping to fewer than 100 students last year, but the 4K-through-eighth-grade virtual school is now a charter school and a permanent fixture in the >
Judge reviewing arguments over Ohio’s school voucher program
Jul 12, 8:36 AM: A Franklin County judge is reviewing the many arguments filed in a court case against Ohio’s school voucher system, known as EdChoice.
Hundreds of families have already applied for new Missouri tax credit scholarships
Jul 11, 7:38 AM: Some Missouri parents can now apply for scholarships for their children to attend private schools or other alternatives to their local public schools. And hundreds already have.
New scholarship program gives Missouri students more school choice
Jul 11, 7:32 AM: The MOScholars program helps more families afford private or specialized education.
Henry Scholarship benefiting families, but opposition persists
Jul 7, 5:24 AM: For more than a decade now, the state’s Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships for Students with Disabilities (LNH) program has been helping children with special needs thrive by paying for them to attend private schools that better >
Northwest Indiana schools get funding to help develop career pathways
Jul 5, 8:35 AM:

Some local schools are getting funding to help connect students with high-wage, high-demand careers. The Indiana Department of Education has announced more than $57 million in Explore, Engage and Experience (3E) grants.

Missouri charter schools to see funding boost under new law
Jun 30, 2:19 PM: Charter schools in Missouri will receive an infusion of at least $62 million in state funding under a new law signed by Gov. Mike Parson Wednesday.
Missouri charter schools poised to see funding boost under new law
Jun 29, 2:54 PM: Charter schools in Missouri will receive an infusion of at least $62 million in state funding under a new law scheduled to be signed by Gov. Mike Parson Wednesday.
A national TED grant will help 4-year-olds across Kansas prepare for school
Jun 27, 8:10 AM:

At least 200 4-year-olds across Kansas are going to benefit from a grant through the philanthropic branch of the TED organization, which will allow Waterford.org to operate its Waterford Upstart program here.

New era for school choice in Indiana begins Monday
Jun 27, 7:59 AM: The Indiana Education Scholarship Account (ESA) program offers maximum flexibility to families who choose to opt out of traditional schooling in favor of funding their own appropriate education programs and services for their >
US Supreme Court decision could affect private school funding debate, court case in Michigan
Jun 22, 8:48 AM:

A U.S. Supreme Court decision Tuesday in a school choice case from Maine could play a role in the Michigan debate over private and public school funding. A divided court held that states offering subsidies to private schools >



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