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Education reform: Obama's education plan another test for political civility - KDVR
Feb 8, 10:08 AM:

Much talk here on cooperation and togetherness from both sides of the aisle on the future of No Child. Wait and see how long it lasts when 2012 comes into play.

Ousted Dunbar operator wants to open charter school
Feb 7, 2:35 PM:

Entity removed for ineffectively running DC school applies to open charter. Lacking details on process, and missing general info on area charters. 

A Win-Win For Students Faces Challenges
Jan 31, 1:11 PM:

Notes the battle vouchers have faced in D.C, even with research demonstrating the success of school choice. Attempts to provide a case against voucher critics that charter schools draw funds from traditional schools.

Rhee's successor escapes her shadow
Jan 31, 12:24 PM:

Reading this inciteful article gives a balanced and detailed account of what Kaya Henderson plans to bring to DC as their interim Chancellor.  It describes just how Henderson plans to maintain and even undo some of Rhee's >

Charter schools boom as parents seek more options
Jan 31, 11:56 AM:

Nice article highlighting the explosion of charters in DC.  Why do charters find DC so attractive?  Take a hint school boards; running away potential options for parents and students won't serve traditional public schools well >

What Vince Gray really said about grading D.C. teachers
Jan 31, 10:43 AM:

Silberman challenges out-of-context comments about D.C.’s teacher evaluation system, IMPACT, to set the record straight for readers.

Should Duncan have plugged Henderson for D.C. schools boss?
Jan 26, 1:09 PM:

It's true; Mayor Vincent C. Gray should probably stop worrying for now. Leave everyone as is, and make due until you can't anymore. Ubblybubbly has the right idea. It's high time to end these deliberations. Let Kaya do her job. >

Rhee's necessary toughness
Jan 26, 12:10 PM:

How can one condemn incomplete progress as wrong in a nation where any progress whatsoever is scarce? Perhaps Michelle Rhee's full-bodied brew of an approach is the very reason she made any changes. Politicians all over the >

D.C. mayor offers most explicit criticism of IMPACT teacher evaluation system
Jan 20, 12:27 PM:

The charter program in DC is one of the most effective in the country. If Gray allows the Teachers' Union to dictate the education policy for the District, it would be very easy for the program to fall back into bad habits. >

New Ranking Makes Case for Continuing Endangered D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, Which Boosts Graduation Rates for Students by 21 Percentage Points
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Photo by Woodley Wonderworks.
Jan 18, 12:36 PM:

Absolutely—choice is good. And vouchers are one way to get there. Parents for School Choice shouldn't be worried about calling them vouchers.

Fact points...

Jan 4, 3:59 PM:

Everything old is new again. Rhee-style education platform resembles a "best of" modern education reform proposals. Whether legislators will embrace these will be determined by who contributed to their campaigns.

Ezra Klein - Wonkbook: Everything you need to know about the Bush tax cut deal
Dec 16, 11:00 PM:

Former D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is launching a campaign organization that plans to spend $1 billion to bring her aggressive educational reform plans to the national stage.

Rhee said the new organization, Students >

Gray quietly takes first step in creating charter school funding equity
Dec 14, 4:01 PM:

This piece is ruled by speculation and non-original reporting and awkward strings of fact. I'd like to see the original Washington Post article run. At the very least, this piece should rework the lede to immediately tie the >



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