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WHITMIRE: The battle to defame Michelle Rhee
May 25, 5:13 AM:

Richard Whitmire picks apart each accusation against Michelle Rhee. Leaves no stone unturned in quest to find the truth in opponents efforts to defame her. Even calls Rhee's former colleagues to get the scoop. Spells out facts of >

D.C. board keeps struggling charter school alive
May 23, 6:22 AM:

Struggling DC charter gets a second chance, but Examiner fails to delve into important story. Tell us more about the community’s passion for the school: where does that come from? How did administration impress school board to >

Charter school fights to stay open
May 11, 2:01 PM:

Students protest charter closure in DC. Dean insists school has improved and deserves 2nd chance. Needs more than 1 5th grader improving reading to make case against closure. Charters must be accountable -- look closer at results, >

More than 600 D.C. teachers at risk of losing jobs
May 10, 11:29 AM:

Focuses attention on union gripes with DC layoffs; forgets to ask what’s best for their pupils. Answer: keeping the best educators in the system. Luckily, program already in place. Now, what will schools do to be sure that >

Charter schools have worked for District children
Apr 27, 6:43 AM:

Marks 15th anniversary of DC School Reform Act. Now 40% of kids attend charters, consistently outperforming public schools. DC reforms haven't been easy. But good stories to tell. Looks at benefits of choice and accountability; >

Nia, Ideal Public Charter Schools Challenge Proposed Revocation
Apr 26, 8:22 AM:

Two DC community-based charters challenge closures. Claim process is unfair, schools with lower scores staying open. Charter board's reponse is to read rule book. Is there evidence to back up claims that larger business-operated >

The charter kickstarter
Apr 26, 5:10 AM:

Editorial celebrates 15th anniversary of DC School Reform Act, noting charters now consistently outperform public schools. DC reformists no strangers to criticisms to reach milestone. Strikes at city officials who ignore spirit of >

Education choices for D.C. voters
Apr 20, 6:31 AM:

Two seats open on DC State Board of Education and both races full. Editorial chooses best candidates based on experience in education. But no mention of their views on school choice, even with 30% of DC kids in charters.


For leftists, some choices are more equal than others
Apr 19, 6:37 AM:

Article questions why Dems support some choices, such as abortion, but opposes others like school choice. If supporting one is about individual freedoms, why is opposition to DC OSP, a freedom to choose which school is best for a >

Activists Look To Increase Play in D.C. Schools
Apr 12, 3:21 PM:

DC charter gets kids out of classroom via new program called Playworks. Lots of details on how healthy play promotes cooperation and even better focus on academics at a time when schools cutting recess in favor of more instruction >

Exposing a Blue Ribbon school
Apr 11, 1:21 PM:

U.S. Ed Secretary Duncan hasn't commented about suspicious erasures correcting wrong answers at award-winning Noyes Elem. Columnist thinks he should. Though evidence is compelling and looks bad, what happened to innocent until >

House approves D.C. school-choice bill, but future remains cloudy
Mar 31, 5:12 AM:

DC voucher bill passes the US House but faces hard road ahead in Senate. SOAR Act reinstates successful program offering scholarships for poor students to attend private schools and boosts funding for DC public schools.


Shame on Michelle Rhee
Mar 29, 2:49 PM:

Testing irregularities under former D.C. Chancellor prompt reporter to conclude that Rhee is dooming public education. Says her success is a "chimera." Lots of disdain over one incident. Did you look into those teachers she fired? >

D.C. to review high rates of erasures on school tests
Mar 29, 6:37 AM:

Investigates potential cheating on standardized tests during Rhee's time as D.C. Chancellor. Doesn't mention pressures associated with high-stakes testing. Shouldn't detract from progress made in nation's capital.  >

Two D.C. schools may lose their charters
Mar 29, 5:55 AM:

Two D.C. charters could be shut down due for not meeting expectations, and a look at the past closure rates makes a case for accountability. But how are other charters doing? What's achievement like at neighborhood schools where >

D.C. charter school to close at end of school year
Mar 23, 2:07 PM:

Four sentences about one of D.C.'s first charter schools closing at year's end because of low enrollment and financial troubles. Capital city actually has nation's strongest charter law, allowing independent authorizer to hold >

Biddle: Let students ride Metro for free
Mar 21, 4:30 PM:

A DC Council member wants free Metro rail or bus rides for students who must use public transportation to get to school. Story notes that most taking the bus or train come from the city's poorest neighborhoods and miss school at >

D.C. school enrollment climbs for first time since '69
Mar 2, 8:10 AM:

DC public school enrollment increased for first time in 41 years, but by less than 1,000 students.  If Mayor Gray's right that universal pre-K program is the reason and the key to future success, there's no info here to back that >

Mayor Gray is misguided on school vouchers
Feb 18, 8:59 AM:

Editorial states D.C. voucher program should be extended because it can only help, not hurt, students. Provides context: poor performance of school system noted. Also, counters argument that successful charters provide enough >

Charter educator gets Teacher of the Year, again
Feb 10, 12:52 PM:

Three years in a row, a charter school teacher is picked as DC Teacher of Year. Needed: Details on his formula for success and chatter on why charter teachers dominate winner's circle.  



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