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After Charter Schools Close, Parents Race To Find New Placements
Aug 18, 7:14 AM:

750 students scramble to find new schools as 3 D.C. charters close. Most close for financial reasons, and public schools often pick up students. Funding can be tricky with last-minute transfers. Some parents complain about lack of >

Charter board close to picking exec director
Aug 12, 2:16 PM:

Public Charter Board wraps up search for new executive director. Charter co-founder, plus 2 DC Public Schools officials said to be on shortlist. Successful applicant will oversee launch of new standards system, charter approvals >

Rising test scores show what D.C. charter schools can achieve
Aug 11, 6:09 AM:

Celebrates success of charters in boosting student test scores. Adds to growing list of highly successful inner-city charters that, despite poverty of their student populations, get kids learning at high levels. Takes swipe at >

Test scores give mixed view of achievements
Aug 10, 10:22 AM:

Some DCPS demonstrate dramatic improvements toward making AYP, others show significant drops in test scores. Summer programs and tutoring contribute to student success. Charter schools outdo traditional public schools in narrowing >

Questions about cheating could hinder efforts to improve schools
Jul 26, 11:51 AM:

Comprehensive article does good job examining both sides of testing debate in light of Atlanta scandal. Looks at impact on improvement efforts and how credibility damaged if parents/public don't feel scores accurate. Details here >

D.C. Everest school district moves to lease charter school property
Jul 22, 11:01 AM:

All-too-brief report on DC charter's plans to purchase property for school building. Only the basic details about transaction provided here with no background abou the school or its plans for new facility. Explore how this >

D.C. bill would be a ‘tragedy’ for charters
Jul 21, 5:22 AM:

Columnist attacks DC law aimed at improving kids' mental health services and tackling truancy. Fails to explain Act. Only quotes 1 opponent, saying it'll undermine teachers (esp. at charters) and could push them out. This is just >

Schools Dropping 413 From Staff
Jul 20, 12:10 PM:

Over half of DC staff being let go are teachers rated for low performance. Breaks down rest of employees being dismissed. Unfortunately, that's not the point. Use space to break down support and criticism, rather than briefly >

Union Chief Plans to Meet With D.C. Public Schools Chancellor
Jul 20, 10:00 AM:

Union president will meet with DC superintendent to discuss layoffs and exceptions granted to some teachers. Hopeful talks will reveal why those educators were given exemptions. Also worth asking in a follow-up: does allowing >

D.C. charter school slaps founders with lawsuit, restraining orders
Jul 6, 6:09 AM:

Fight for control of DC charter comes to temporary end after court order. Founders had been caught in effort to undermine authority of new board of directors. Scant details on actual nature of subversion, though. Did it have any >

For D.C. students, new hope in revived school voucher program
Jun 28, 5:19 AM:

Editorial scolds DC officials who would deny vouchers for disadvantaged students. Observes popularity of program, but could make a stronger case by documenting the abundant need in district. Talk about success of scholarship >

Teacher Grades: Pass or Be Fired
Jun 28, 5:15 AM:

Rigorous DC teacher evaluation system gains approval of some, ire of others. Thoroughly explains process and provides insight. Makes powerful point that, before, almost all of district's teachers were rated effective, but almost >

Parents rush to apply for D.C. private school vouchers
Jun 27, 1:31 PM:

Very detailed look here at DC parents wanting school choice and program that President Obama tried to kill but that Congress fully reauthorized. Lots of info here, including federal report on effectiveness of program and critics >

SIMMONS: A disconnect on big issues in the District
Jun 27, 1:30 PM:

Op-ed mixes some good points on school choice with clumsy attacks on DC politicians. It's unclear what voting rights have to do with school vouchers (except it's impossible to be in 2 places at once). There's a compelling case for >

D.C. school ratings up among system parents, but doubts remain
Jun 22, 5:02 AM:

53% of parents say public schools are doing good or excellent job. Analyzes changing opinions on Michelle Rhee's reforms, end to culture of complacency among teachers. Back up parents' perceptions with data on academic progress. >

D.C. schools aim for selectivity by requiring teaching candidates to give tryout lessons
Jun 20, 10:20 AM:

Video auditions are raising the bar for teaching applicants at DC Public Schools. Report considers correlation between teacher quality and achievement, with case study of applicant. Compares hiring process in nearby districts. A >

Kaya Henderson coasting to confirmation as D.C. schools chancellor
Jun 17, 5:08 AM:

Focus here on lack of fireworks during city council hearings for Acting Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson despite her close ties to predecessor Michelle Rhee. Worthy of more probing is effort by teachers union leader and Henderson >

Hearings to shine light on schools
Jun 13, 4:57 AM:

DC parents and teachers to get chance to speak during confirmation hearings for acting schools chancellor Kaya Henderson. Key questions here but Henderson isn't responsible for all the answers. Column is spot-on in calling city >

D.C. councilmen don't send kids to neighborhood schools
Jun 6, 6:09 AM:

DC Council members with school-aged children choose private or non-neighborhood schools. Great illustration of parents making best CHOICE for kids. But, many city parents can't choose because Pres. Obama and feds axed voucher >

Ward 6 reformers fear new boundaries will slow progress
May 25, 12:09 PM:

Lack of details in story about parental fears that redistricting could hinder reform efforts in DC area. Are these baseless fears or could there be cause for real concern? Difficulty in contacting key sources for comment clearly >



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