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Enrollment in D.C. school voucher program surges
Nov 23, 7:02 AM:

D.C. voucher program for low-income kids has 60% growth in enrollment this year. Congress renewed funding last spring and parents had only 4 months to sign up. Conflicting reports: test scores not up, but grad rates are.

SIMMONS: Raise teacher pay without raising bar?
Nov 21, 10:02 AM:

DC Council Chair proposes more money and other incentives for teachers who'll teach in low performing schools. Plan has carrots, but no sticks if no improvement in student performance. Fewer than half of city schools met AYP in >

Court orders District to expand preschool special education
Nov 17, 6:00 AM:

Historically, nation's capitol traditional public schools have miserably failed kids with sp needs. Yesterday, fed judge ruled preschool kids with disabilities are fairing poorly in D.C. and city better do something about it or >

Occupy D.C. schools
Nov 8, 5:51 AM:

Editorial says those wanting more money for DC system are barking up the wrong tree. It isn't money that will help schools, it's changes like getting least effective teachers out of the system. 

Forty percent of children in D.C. public schools now in charters
Nov 8, 5:46 AM:

Enrollment numbers reveal charters enroll over 40% of DC students. Reveals demand for choice here, regardless of whether or not alleged cheating prompted movement. 

Brown proposes getting top teachers to bottom schools
Nov 4, 5:04 AM:

DC lowest performing schools could get some of its top educators under proposal by city council chair. Plan calls for $10K bonus, housing and tuition assistance and income tax credits in exchange for three year commitment to teach >

Education makes a political comeback in Washington
Oct 19, 4:48 AM:

U.S. Senate committee takes up NCLB proposal that's lauded high and low for its bipartisan support. That's nice. But, bill left out teacher evaluations, so Obama displeased; advocates for minority and sp ed kids not happy. In >

FACT CHECK: White House makes leap in estimating 280,000 teaching jobs at risk
Oct 11, 11:01 AM:

President Obama says his jobs bill will keep 280K teachers and other educators on job and off unemployment. AP analysis shows case of funny math based on lots of assumptions. No doubt tough economy hurt ed, but no need to >

Teachers increasingly use home visits to connect with students’ families
Oct 10, 4:50 AM:

Growing effort to use teacher home visits to build strong link between parents and classroom. KIPP and UNO charters already do this. Anecdotal evidence in DC and VA indicates visits pay later with increased parental >

Bill combating D.C. school residency fraud gains traction
Oct 7, 4:46 AM:

DC City Council wants crackdown on MD and VA parents sneaking their kids into city's traditional and charter schools without paying tuition. Big attraction is DC's free pre-K programs. Big problem is $660K cost of unverified >

Why are Maryland, Virginia students in D.C. schools?
Oct 6, 5:11 AM:

DC official wants to give teeth to residency requirements because VA and MD students "robbing" DC residents of "quality seat" in own schools. Out-of-state students should pay tuition if they want to attend. Says something about >

D.C. Schools need ‘residents only’ signs
Oct 6, 4:45 AM:

DC to crack down on MD and VA students crossing state lines to attend schools. Out-of-state students taking up spots, but some argue that it doesn't matter because more students means more funding. Maybe if kids in all areas had >

Judging schools by advanced scores
Sep 12, 11:58 AM:

Compares poverty percentages with test scores at advanced level. Not surprising finding that both charters and traditional publics can produce advanced scores. Details of study not revealed, but call to replicate what works is >

D.C. parents choosing to home-school their children
Sep 7, 5:40 AM:

Staggering wait lists for choice schools lead affluent D.C. families to consider homeschooling. Get clear picture homeschooling is broadening its reach. Combined with rise in online courses, homeschooling may loose reputation as >

DCPS to change its teacher evaluation tool
Sep 6, 6:05 AM:

DC teachers rated highly effective for 2 consecutive years can forgo next 3 evaluations. No sense of why evaluations so important in first place. Tenure has made it nearly impossible to fire ineffective teachers. 

D.C. schools criticized over closure of parent-family centers
Sep 1, 4:49 AM:

DC Schools Chancellor under fire for "temporary" closure of 3 parent and family centers. She says $1.2M/year centers were underused and ineffective. But parents object to losing services, e.g. computers and advice on nutrition and >

Schools offering rewards to keep students in class
Aug 29, 4:58 AM:

Schools across nation seem to be bribing students to attend classes. iPods, laptops and even straight cash are some of offered incentives. They're seeing results, too, and experts note that skipping school often serves as >

D.C. charter schools have a ‘voice at the table’
Aug 23, 6:04 AM:

It's no problem if DC charters surpass traditional schools in enrollment, Mayor says at charter opening. Charter leaders play key role in new school distribution study, which could result in closures and new schools. He urges all >

D.C. commissions a schools analysis
Aug 19, 5:26 AM:

DC mayor hires IL firm, with strong links to charter movement, for study of city schools. Chancellor calls it "game changer", which may shift balance from traditional to charter schools. It's expected to guide significant round of >

Poll: Nation’s schools stink, but own OK
Aug 19, 4:42 AM:

Survey respondents trust their kids' teachers and rate local schools highly, but only 17% gave A or B grades to "the nation's schools". Poll by Gallup and Phi Delta Kappa Ed Association finds support for classroom technology. Most >



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