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Laid off in Maryland, Pinoy teachers blaze new trail in DC
Apr 4, 12:17 PM:

Internationally recruited teachers laid off in Prince Georges Co. (MD) now helping students in DC. Describes tutoring efforts aimed at boosting test scores, but leaves questions unanswered about fed law violations that prompted >

Vacant D.C. school buildings could house public charters
Apr 4, 5:11 AM:

DC officials to consider leasing vacant schools to charters looking for space. Notes past problems advocates have had in securing surplus space, but doesn't explain what prompted city to begin this "new way of doing business." >

Expulsions, suspensions could face more scrutiny in D.C. charters
Mar 28, 6:01 AM:

DC Charter Board considering policy of closing those that don't report monthly expulsions and suspensions. Question of whether charters dumping some back into city's trad publics raised. But, point put out there without >

D.C. Council pokes its nose into school business
Mar 27, 5:06 AM:

Editorial blasts DC Council members, saying school system has one Chancellor and doesn't need 13 more. Panel approved package of ed bills. No question here of validity of issues addressed, but of past poor track record of >

D.C. Council approves education bills
Mar 21, 5:05 AM:

A series of ed measures just passed the D.C. City Council, including a transfer bonus for top-performing teachers to move to low-performing schools. Paper's view is only one policy is "edgy." Not sure what that means. >

To many teachers, career has failed
Mar 13, 4:55 AM:

MetLife poll finds less than half of American public educators are "very satisfied" with their jobs. Lowest in two decades. Reasons (recession, cuts, politics) deeply probed here. Reax from union and nonprofit. Interesting read. >

Christian Washington, 9-year-old, Taped To Chair At Friendship Public Charter School In DC
Mar 9, 1:13 PM:

Parent says charter educator taped her special needs son to chair in class. Spotlight here on claims made and how resolved. But no mention of whether attempts made to contact teacher directly for comment.

Creative ... motivating’ and fired
Mar 7, 5:55 AM:

Example of DC teacher supposedly unfairly rated by value-added evaluation. Cheating possibility confounds results. Acts as if it's a major deal teacher fired, and ignores fact that she was able to get a job somewhere else.  >

Henderson calls for national standards to guide probes of cheating
Feb 29, 6:07 AM:

DC Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson wants uniform guidelines for cheating probes in schools nationwide. Article explores reasons (constant second-guessing probes and punishment) and looks at current investigation of citywide test >

Amid a Federal Education Inquiry, an Unsettling Sight
{article_pundit} A Matter Of Appearance {/article_pundit}
Photo by Wikimedia Commons
Feb 27, 5:44 AM:

DC Schools under fed investigation into whether cheating occurred to raise test scores during Michelle Rhee's term. Article questions Sec. Duncan being on panel with her. Reax from both, expert views and Atlanta comparison. >

D.C. mayor, schools chief discuss plan to restore city power to create charters
Feb 24, 6:04 AM:

D.C. Mayor exploring city to become charter authorizer. Touches on D.C.'s history of charter movement, union objections and importance of multiple authorizers. Informative.

Education bills get mixed reviews from D.C. schools officials
Feb 17, 6:14 AM:

DC Council Chair's ed bill would mandate students take SAT or other entrance exam and apply to university. Charter leaders say it erodes autonomy. Supporters think it'll help students. Both sides well covered. Links ed to >

Obama's War on School Vouchers
Feb 15, 9:58 AM:

Pres. Obama's budget contains no funding for city's voucher program. Columnist blasts kowtowing to unions, touts high graduation rates and notes likelihood of restoring money. Term "ghetto kids" unseemly in otherwise good read. >

Charter school enrollment up 8 percent in D.C.
Feb 14, 12:06 PM:

DC's charter schools have more students this year than last, jumping 8 percent. City's trad publics dropped slightly. Only basics here with Mayor's reax, which needs further probing along with reasons behind numbers. >

Despite city’s growth, D.C. school enrollment falls
Feb 14, 6:00 AM:

Wash, D.C., traditional public school enrollment dipped by 1%, while charters grew by 8%. All about percentages, no analysis as to why some may feel charters are growing. Second half of article on Mayor's early childhood program. >

D.C. targets kids who skip class
Feb 10, 7:37 AM:

Ad campaign in D.C. to curtail chronic truancy. Little context.What besides billboards/radio ads can bring kids into school. Alt. ed, choice, or parent brigade to make journey to school safer, perhaps.

A grim report card on D.C. schools
{article_pundit} {/article_pundit}
Photo by amboo who?
Feb 7, 6:05 AM:

Report saying DC students won't perform at grade level until 2075 suggests closing abysmal schools. Editorial doesn't dig deeper on why there's pushback on closing failing schools. Opines kids in those schools can't wait. >

D.C. charter school under scrutiny for lack of special-ed students
Feb 3, 5:55 AM:

Charter investigated because it has not enrolled a kid with sp needs for 3 years. School gets opportunity to explain. Juxtapose with the abysmal job traditional publics do for these D.C. kids.

Charters not the only answer in D.C.
Feb 2, 6:02 AM:

Sings praises of D.C. charters. Weaves in research to support themes. Pinpoints hiring and training principals as key to success. Teachers matter, too, especially in mastery of content and class management.

Education: States should do more to reach students
Jan 31, 6:04 AM:

Fed Ed Dept says states applying for NCLB waivers neglected to maintain accountability for performance of all students. Comprehensive look at problem at heart of controversy over law -- identifying and closing achievement gap >



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