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Steamboat Springs School Board talks about tax increase
Apr 5, 9:13 AM:


Discussion to increase property taxes in Steamboat Springs to help with state and local budget cuts. No data on how much budget will be cut next year. What would this money do for district and is it worth it?


What has >

State struggles with teacher license backlog
Mar 29, 10:58 AM:

Backup of teacher license applications means five months wait, with more graduates soon in pipeline. Much ado, but where's the fix? Is the license really an indicator of quality anyway? Look at how it works in other states and >

Broomfield Rep.'s bill aims to open empty buildings to charter school use
Mar 24, 5:42 AM:

CO bill would let charters petition for vacant buildings and appeal to state if district says no. Purpose is to get districts thinking long-term. Presumes charters here to stay, but tell readers why with performance data.  >

House clears bill to shorten teacher license renewal process
Mar 23, 5:32 PM:

CO lawmakers trying to "streamline" process to renew teacher license. Sounds good. But, don't let stand a quote that speeding up the process helps put "qualified teachers" back in the classroom. Piece of paper doesn't necessarily >

Loveland Classical Schools will move into church building
Mar 23, 4:21 PM:

Loveland Classical Schools in CO to open new school in church building. Founders plan to double building's size so it can eventually accommodate K-12, but starting with grades K-9. Important info on curriculum and fact there's >

Use state's revenue bump to cushion education cuts
Mar 23, 5:48 AM:

State budget shortfall isn't as large as expected, and the Denver Post opines money should be used to buffer K-12 cuts. Why instill fear about teachers losing jobs, class sizes increasing, and schools closing without providing any >

House bill allows school districts to raise teachers' PERA rates
Mar 17, 6:02 AM:

CO lawmakers are debating details on legislation about teacher pensions. Bill could require teachers to dish out more for their retirement costs, allowing districts to put more money toward students. Although kids aren't even >

Douglas County school board unanimously OKs voucher plan to help pay for private-school tuition
Mar 16, 6:18 AM:

Voucher program comes to CO county, with unanimous approval by School Board. District actually mentions that the voucher program will save it money. Some parents complain that public schools work in Douglas County and question why >

Concurrent enrollment smooths high schoolers' path to college
Mar 15, 5:27 AM:

Numbers are on the rise for concurrent-enrollment programs in CO. These programs introduce higher learning opportunities to kids, yet almost 30% of the state's high schoolers entering college needed remedial classes. Programs like >

Aurora's Online High School shares federal grant
Mar 9, 6:26 AM:

Aurora Online high school one out of twenty institutions getting money from federal pilot program on digital learning. For a plan based on accommodation, seems odd to have on-site requirement where participants must visit a >

House panel OKs bill creating subsidy for private-school tuition
Mar 4, 7:03 AM:

House moves bill to give tax credits to kids but final outcome uncertain if it stays on party lines.  Rs on one side, Ds on the other, but is there really a partisan divide and how big? Colorado been down this road before. Where's >

District braces for major cuts
Mar 3, 12:34 PM:

Canon City School District in CO is bracing for budget cuts and argues that they are being taken back 10 years, financially speaking. With continued enrollment declines, the only arguments for more money are teacher raises and >

Douglas County school-voucher access wouldn't be uniform
Feb 24, 10:38 AM:

Douglas County CO voucher program criticized by some for use of public funds but praised for expanding choice and saving district money. District sees more than $400,000 in expected savings that could go to schools affected by >

Local schools feel proposed state budget ax
Feb 22, 12:37 PM:

CO Gov. Hickenlooper announces historic budget cuts forcing local districts like Re-1 to curb spending through priority-based budgeting, furloughs, attrition, and teacher-student ratio adjustment. Need data on per pupil spending >

Dems hunt for K-12 answers
Feb 17, 11:44 AM:

CO Gov slashes K-12 spending.  Title suggests only Dems are looking to solve K-12 problems.  Knowing ed proposals from both sides of aisles, not just dollars cut, needed.

Colorado looks at charter school law
Feb 17, 9:28 AM:

Local discussions on changes to charter application process along with state changes being made;  Describes desire to help charters submit better applications, but doesn't explore the potential conflict of interest with local >

Colorado Calvert Academy offers alternative to classroom
Feb 16, 11:05 AM:

Charter tailors blend of virtual and traditional learning according to student -- curriculum aligned with CO standards. Allows for close monitoring of academic progress, but reporting forgets to tell us if school is succeeding or >

Colo. looks at charter school law
Feb 14, 10:42 AM:

State Board looks to update standards for charters.  Where's background on state's charters to begin with and how would this affect new schools going forward? 


Colorado School Headed to Science Super Bowl
Feb 14, 10:29 AM:

Fairview High School won its first CO Science Bowl Title qualifying the squad for the national title. Acknowledging past state champs and states that underperform would help show where science ed is bearing fruit.  >

Loveland charter school application remanded to district
Feb 11, 11:22 AM:

Ed board tells school officials to take another look at a charter school application. No details on what the problems were initially, or about the interest generated.



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